Sins of a Solar Empire User Reviews


Sinning Has Never Been So Good

The good:

- All strategy concepts, including bottlenecks, upgrades, and ship types, are artfully done
- Well constructed gameplay elements provide excellent basis for varying game styles
- Lives up to the 4X genre requirements
- Graphics incredibly good, even if you are on a lower end computer
- Unique interface successfully combines macro and micromanagement together
- Easy to get into the game
- Tends to draw you in really well into the gameplay
- Epic space battles and fleets outdo competition out there

The bad:

- Long games could be off putting to some
- No real campaign mode or storyline beyond the beginning story
- AI tends to be siege happy, and planets tend to fall too quickly


The strategy genre has been one which doesn’t often attract large attention from the gaming audience. With the fall off of PC gaming into the consoles and the growth of the more action oriented gaming market, it’s rare when companies really stand out as being strategy oriented game producers. Yet with this game attached to Ironclad and associated with Stardock, we got a game which is the culmination of years of innovative titles, from Galactic Conquests through. This is one game which I had been drooling to play for months before we approached its release. I am happy to announce I was not d...

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