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Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment

[edit] Background

Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment is an "microexpansion" pack for the space based RTS/4X hybrid game. Entrenchment introduces new defensive elements to help balance gameplay and reinforce strategy, while bringing out the big guns in the form of customizable Starbases.

[edit] Gameplay

Sins of a Solar Empire is very much a resource-management game. You have credits, metal and crystal that you can spend on ships, planetary improvements and research. Your income is based on planets for credits and mining facilities for the other resources. You expand your empire by moving scouts and battleships from planet-to-planet along jump lines. Each jump uncovers a new planet or other location that can be colonized and mind, once you've dealt with the local defenders. Research improves your ships, giving access to new types and providing boosts - faster construction, expanded radar, hostile planet colonization and such. You can also increase your maximum fleet capacity, capital ship capacity and starbase capacity. A bidding system lets each player spend credits to steer periodic pirate raids onto other empires. Eventually the pirate base, swarming with over 50 ships and defense turrets, can be discovered and maybe even destroyed - shutting down the pirate raids for good. The entire game plays out in real-time, with each ship production, research project and ability cooldown measured in seconds. Playing keeps you juggling battles, ship production and resource management as your empire grows and you wage war in space.

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Stardock games headed to Steam, starting with Sins of a Solar Empire

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