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Singularity:Its a horror game,now its a action game...and now its a horror game...and its a action game...

The good:

Nice Weapon Selection,Gratifyingly Gory,Some Parts Are Memorable And Have Great Atmosphere,Great Implementation Of The Time Manipulation Weapon.

The bad:

Why too many takes from Bioshock, Is not sure what it wants to be,some minor bugs and nitpicks can pile up.


Developed by Raven Software and published by Activision,Singularity is a FPS,with the gimmick being time-both traveling through it and using it as a weapon.It also takes a lot of different stuff from other games,mainly from Bioshock,like a lot of things,down to some of the HUD elements.
But in the end-is this a game to be played for the spooks or for the adrenaline?
Short answer-play it for both.Long answer...

Story: In Singularity you play as...ahm...R.An.Dom the American soldier i mean the name has zero weight,they sort of treat you like how Gordon Freedom is treated in Half Life,everybody s...


Russians won World War 2


Developer: Raven Software
Publisher: Activision

The prospect of making the next big hit is one that causes developers to fumble over in disgrace, especially as time goes on and there's a lot more to do to not only achieve this mission, but also make it stand out from the crowd. Making that big hit that will keep the masses interested for years to come isn't easy; you have to think about what they want, and you have to expand on ideas that have succeeded. You can't be too original, because you'll scare them away. But with creative geniuses writing, designing and coding behind the clock, sur...

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