SiN (PC) Cheats

SiN cheats, and Codes for PC.

Older Cheats:

SiN Cheats

Cheat Codes
Press ~ to display the console. Then, enter one of the following:

All weapons/wuss
Bonus weapon/give thrallgun
Bonus weapon/use thrallgun
God mode/superfuzz
Health set to 999/health 999
Load indicated save game/load
No clip mode/nocollision
No target/wallflower
Save to indicated position/save
Spawn indicated weapon or item/spawn

Spawned Item Values
Enter one of the following names after using the spawn cheat code: (shown above)

Item NameCode
magnumGives the Magnum
shotgunGives the Shotgun
assaultrifleGives the Assault rifle
rocketlauncherGives the Rocket launcher
sniperrifleGives the Sniper rifle
heligunGives the big gun from the helicopter
pulsepart1First part of Pulse Cannon(Pick up all three parts to create the weapon)
pulsepart2Second part of Pulse Cannon(Pick up all three parts to create the weapon)
pulsepart3Third of Pulse Cannon(Pick up all three parts to create the weapon)
reactiveshieldsGives the Reactive Shield
rocketsGives rockets
coinGives a coin
healthGives a healthpack
cookiesGives a pack of cookies
lensflareGives Create a light-effect
chaingunGives chaingun normally obtained with the 5-key
bluecardGives Blue Identcard
orangecardGives Orange Identcard
yellowcardGives Yellow Identcard
greencardGives Green Identcard
keyringGives small key
dollarGives coin
moneybagGives bag from bank robbery
evidenceGives papers with evidence
chemsuitGives protection suit
blueprintsGives blueprints from construction site
u4 sampleGives sample from chem plant
envelopeGives envelope
silencerGives silencer for standard gun

Map Commands

Over Freeport City Bankmap intro
Freeport City Bankmap bank
Abandoned Freeportmap abandon
Construction Zonemap csite
Abandoned Subwaymap subway
Sintek Chemical Labsmap chem1
Sintek Chemical Plantmap chem2
Sintek Warehousemap whouse1
Sintek Warehouse Part 2map whouse2
Biomech Factorymap biomecha
Biomech Factory Part 2map biomechb
Missile Silomap silo
Freeport Sewersmap sewera
Freeport Aqueductmap aq1
Freeport Sewers Part 2map sewerb
Freeport City Dammap dam
Freeport Water Works Part 1map wworks1
Freeport Water Works Part 2map wworks2
Sintek Oilrigmap oilrig
Geothermal Subtrationmap geo2
Geothermal Plantmap geo1
Underwater Passagemap uwpass1
Underwater Passagemap uwpass2
Hidden Docks Part 1map docks1
Submarinal Cargo 5map docks2
Jungle Passmap jungle
Jungle Pass Part 2map jungle2
Mountain Gorgemap gorge
Area 57map area57
Biomass Reclamation Centermap biomass
Xenomorphic Laboratorymap xeno1
Xenomorphic Laboratory Part 2map xeno2
Estate Sinclairmap mansion1
Estate Sinclaire Part 2map mansion2
Munt Phoenixmap phoenix
Thrall Mastermap thrall
Training levelmap training
Training levelmap training1
Training levelmap training2
Training levelmap training3
Training levelmap training4
Bonus levelmap paradox

FMV Sequence Commands
map csite_cinema
map subway_cinema
map biomech_cinema
map silo_cinema
map gorge_cinema
map intro_start
map ending