Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

  • Released on Jun 27, 2010
  • By Treasure for Wii

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor review
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, the sequel that breaks the rule of the sequels!

The good:

Amazing engine, treasure is really pushing hard the Wii. On the gameplay side you now have 4 different fight modes: 3rd person shooter/advancing shooter, 3rd person shooter descending/ascending shooter (like old 8,16 and 32 bit games) and horizontal shooter mode along with Isa CQC skills and a badass end fight as Ruffian Isa (the guy transforms into a god that uses a giant rocket launcher as a pole to hit stuff it's insane!).

Somehow this game has an even more great and maddening plot than it's original.

The best graphic and shooter engine on the Wii, no FPS or shooter can hold a candle to it.

The bad:

Nintendo of America screwing their translation on purpose (they removed references of gods ala NES and SNES era).

One frustrating boss battle that gives you little to no hints on what to do.


This whole thing is from the original SAP which I need to go on plot details before moving:

The original SAP was a gem in development for the N64 made by Treasure, the whole world was suddenly plagued by a mutation of the creatures known as ruffians, these were man made creatures that served as a perfectly balanced meal and helped to protect the biosphere until they went out of control killing dozens of thousands of people, leaving few survivors to be accounted for, then a special task force was created for dealing with them and the survivors.

In the meanwhile the game starts with Saki, Airan/Airin and Achi, three friends who not only shared the pain but are set on escaping from the infested Japan and go to somewhere safe, everything is fine until a ruffian invasion hits and the task force is charged to kill the ruffians and any survivors and so their struggle began.

After being close in off to escape from the whole mess it seems there are a number of people with special powers, psychic powers and the skill to transform into ruffians themselves, and Achi is the source, to whoever she gives blood if they survive they will become superior humans, with ESP and stuff (though Saki never displayed ESP outside his ruffian form). Saki as expected goes out of control and not only kills the ruffian but threatens to destroy the rest of the world.

In the mean time Airin/Airan is teleported and dropped in the middle of the enemy base, after a match with a mini ruffian girl she heads off to the guy who is been giving blood to the girls, defeating him also reveals Achi involvement with all this disaster, not only that but as i pointed she can turn any one and any creature onto a ruffian, even herself.

By the time Airin/Airan is done Saki is about to target the base, you need to destroy one hell of a bullet and pull saki out of his berserk mode and save the world, only things are not back to normal, but Saki is not quite back to normal and Airin/Airan is fearful and worried.

You see soon after Airin/Airan enters Saki's body she experiences a vision of a possible future, where Saki embraces his ruffian nature and becomes the supreme commander of the ruffians wanting to drag his son there too, in order to prevent that they make a pact.

Saki keeps advancing until she reach Kachua who reveals her plan, there is a race of world killers and they killed all people in her world and so she is using the ruffians to build an army to counter them, and not caring about innocents, alluding to the greater good, etc. and becomes mimicry earth, the true end boss, kill her and you win or is it?.

Years later Isa is born and is shoved onto a different world by some reason while he was assigned to transport a dangerous girl..., left with no option the two forge an alliance and soon the boy starts seeing the true nature of his enemies, the world killers I mentioned before? You meet them here, they are called the Nebulox and they are the ones that made the planet were Isa and Achi (the girl whom isa forged an alliance with) such a disaster.

As they keep advancing they see that the Nebulox are less than benevolent and more of the people who want to reach godhood for evil and selfish reasons, and Isa's resolves only helps to strengthen the bond between he and Achi, you will keep advancing until you trip onto a very interesting level a sort of haunted forest, here you will meet a Female Fox youkai-Nebulox and here comes the tie in, Saki is now the monster he was predicted to be on the original game! Isa's mother seems to have fallen trying to retrieve Saki out of the dark side and he was left with disgust of his father.

As thing move along so the Nebulox each one will keep coming until a figure of the past meets Isa, he is challenged to a cuffed hand to hand battle and all to rescue Achi, as soon as this finishes the most awesome scenario comes in play.

Isa embraces his ruffian side and Achi becomes the balance and anchor for Isas humanity, think of a white guy of 5 meters tall wielding a MRL and using it mostly as a bat club, did mention he seems to be dressed with extremely elegant pants? In other words dressed to kill.

And you will face all your previous bosses followed by a fusion of all of them, this being the most feared boss of the game due to it's sheer difficulty.

Moving on the characters no longer stay on foot, but have flying packs giving the dodge term a new whole meaning, most of the other mechanics have stayed the same, their weak but auto directed shoot is still present so as is the strong but needs to be manually aimed shoot AKA Blue and Red Reticles.

And the melee is still an option, where you can deflect still projectiles to your enemy in order to avoid damage or damage them in a much more effective manner.

An interesting mechanic that was added is that famous special move. Isa has a giant laser and Achi has a multi lock shoot move making her a much more efficient character due to be able to hit faster than Isa adding more DPS than Isa will ever do.

There are also medals for achieving certain conditions, beating the stage faster with little damage and lots of strategy are the way to go, there is also a wi-fi mode to share scores but that is all sadly.

In the end if you want the true version of the game you better import the pal version and get to read how to make use of wii homebrew, due to the NTSC version being a full circle of how to butcher a good game, google VG cats 4kids, and you will see what I am saying.

In short amazing game, amazing gameplay, amazing plot, amazing everything, just like the original!

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InsanityS Jul 15, 11
Can't fault the details of the gameplay and stuff like that here. Sounds like quite an interesting game.

It's rare for me to say this, but I think you might want to consider scaling down the amount of coverage you give to the story with your reviews. A summary is expected and encouraged but you seem to run through the entire plot details. You want to leave some of it for players to find out by themselves when they play the game.
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Duncan Idaho Jul 15, 11
Well it was needed for this and Baroque, other of my reviews do not cover so much of the plot of game (my x men origins review for example) but i tend to cover general details and i had to do it like this here, since players that never tocuhed the original SAP will be left clueless on what is going on, plus i did not cover two great spoilers of this game regarding the true ID of Achi, nor some bits of Isa's past.

If you are planning on buying this, then go and have ataste of the original SAP, it's considered among fans as the best jewel the N64 had along OOT and others.
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