Sin and Punishment (Import) (Wii) Cheats

Sin and Punishment (Import) cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Credits and extras
1) Getting extra Credits: 100 kills, foe every 100 enemeis you kill you will win a credit.

2) Unlocking Extras: beat easy for the sound test and hard for the frame skip mode, you can set it to normal or turbo, the alter will make the game go so fast you cannot even see the enemies

how to beat the bosses, quick 'n easy
boss # 1: Beetle Ruffian: simply chose Mode B of the crosshairs (tap A button so the crosshairs turn blue, less damage but hey you finish it more easily) and aim to it until they turn yellow, when they are yellow you will auto lock in onto the enemy so shoot, roll (press either twice the Y or X buttons or twice the pad, but remember it must be done quickly, as fast as your do a combo in mortal kombat VI).

boss # 2: Giant centipede: Same as before with the beetle ruffian, but use the red mode this time, it will dish more damage,and keep rolling.

boss # 3: Spider Ruffian (not to be confused with the one of 3-2 ) this guy is easy as soon as you see it aim for its core (between the legs) if you havent killed it already, then see which legs it rises and roll the oposite way in order to doge shoot, and roll again.

boss # 4: Minor Zero, easy boss dodge his blue bolt beam, delflect the missiles, dodge the bullet barrage and shoot at the missile launchers.

boss # 5: Boss Ruffian: this guy can be a pain and its a pain, here is the problem, it jumps, and a lot, the best way to hit it, is to roll after he swings his whip arm, and shoot, if it gets to close, just slash him it should do more damage.

boss # 6:Radan and Kachua: this duo is a pain, even if they are enemies (meaning it) first radan shoudls tart jumping, wait for the adequate moment and slash him, then quickly shoot kachua (altough you just can get hit, roll the oposite way, hit kachua, dodge Radan again) now you are left with radan, a particular thing of sin and punishment is not that all bosses are done in the same way as in many games (simply shoot to the weak point or deplete the HP) Radan here is an example, in order to beat it you need to make it fall 3 times from the platform, but its not easy since radan has 4 attacks for its primary form, and 2 for its secondary, ill list them: jump slash (conter by dogging, geting close and slash it when its about to land) radan dashing slash (only used if you get knocked down), to know when radan goes onto second form is simple, it will turn azure blue /black will have a force shield that deflects your shoots, and uses 2 attack, one at the time depending on its HP, the first is 2 purple balls, the second is a charge beam, to dodge the first simply time the balls, for the second is the same.

in order to beat radan as i said before is to make it fall, in order to do this shoot at him while he is on the normal form, and cut distance and slash it.

Boss # 6,7,8,9 and 10 Kachua (yes youw ill have to beat her that much

Boss # 5: Kashua: She will teleport a lot of bodies, slash o shoot at them in order to advance, after that kachua will teleport some rubish roll to the oposite side, then more bodies, the again a shield of bodies, after this 2 military aricrafts, after you destroy the second she will be a new boss.

Boss # 6: Kachua: She will do a Hi-speed dash which you can dodge but its not the plan we need to put in practice, simply time her dash and press the L button (Z if you are using the original nintendo 64 game and she will become the next boss.

Boss # 7: Kachua: both saki and Kachua are ruffians now, simply jump her first attack and REMBER TO BE AT THE CENTER ALL TIMES, the last phrase is crucial to have the easiest time versus her, so be in the center after the first dodge, for the second move on a single direction, for the third jump, and move (press R or Z if you have a GC controller to jump and X or Y to move, saki will move at the same time) for the 4th and last attack move to a corner of the screen, in the opposite direction from were she shoots her phantoms.

Boss # 8: Kachua: Kachua will do a tidal wave after you kick her @$$, so when its about to hit jump and at the last second jump again, go to the left corner aim at her and if you see a small razor sharp wave press L (GC/CC controller) if you see a small one headed your way SLASH AT IT, i dont accept a but you will get either a bonus or Health, and keep shooting her.

Boss # 9: Kachua: jump and dodge and shoot thats all, its the only way to win this thing.

Boss# 10: heavy armored Military vehicle: this guy is a pain, simply becuase he has 10 attacks, 4 come from helping hand, 2 from his first form and 4 more for his second, when you are enterign the room shoot all turrets then shoot at the spot from were th 2 laser beams come oout, for the second shoot all 4 beam spots.

Boss # 11: Leda: the little cat is here, to deal with her first move around the pillars, and lash the robots, make sure you are aiming for elda too, when bard coems in (not in person but you will understand once you see the game) leda will jump clockwise on the pillars, to do with her roll twice and jump slash, repeat.

Boss # 12: Container Ruffian: Airan will see that Achi is now on a green sphere to dealw ith this ruffian shoot at its 3 glowing spots, but make sure to jumpa t the proper time, afterwards he will start laucnhing molten rocks, simple deflect them.

Boss # 13: Running ruffian container: This boss is as difficult as the end boss, firs when you see the floating diamons, aim and slash this will drain tis health and fast, keep shootign dodging and side jumping, sounds easy but its between the most difficult stuff.

Boss # 14: Chad and Leda: To dela with the duo, dodge chad attacks, and shoot at leda or slash her at every oportunity.

Boss # 15: Sword Duel with Chad: buton mash the L button, and if youa re fast in off slash chad as he jump and get close to you at the last second, so he crashes againts the window, do this 3 times and he is dead for now.

Boss # 16: Zero minor: see boss # 4.

Boss # 17: Comander Ruffian: its invulnerable until it gets close, when it does, slash at him, dodge his purple ball attack.

Boss # 18: Gundam Robot: the twist with the battle is that you need to destroy 2 robots then the third one will lower its shield, do away with him as with the other two.

Boss # 19: Brad Custom: he is back and he is now on a jet, well standing on a jet..., leaving physics aside, he is aided by two jets, simply dodge their attacks, and deflect the damn missiles.

Boss # 20: Rail gun rear part, four laser beams, make sure to dodge them and deflect those missiles, you dont have a choice do you hear?!.

Boss # 21: Rail gun core: after you sort the laser tap liek crazy the L button, to destroy the core and get the bonus.

Boss # 22: Bullet: KEEP FIRING! YOU HAVE LITTLE TIME SO FIRE ALL THE TIEM AND AIM AT IT ALL THE TIME, the idea is to have a non stop fire stream over the bullet so you can get close, and slash it.

Boss # 23,24,25: Defender ruffian: Simply shoot at it, all time, dodge its attacks, and deflect the projectiles.

Boss # 26: Core: see the yellow sphere? deflect them at the purple eye it shows up, it will kill it after 4 deflects.

Boss # 27: Octopus Ruffian: dodge, and shoot.

Boss # 28, 29, and 30: spider ruffian: Shoot at it and jump its web attacks.

Boss # 29: Spider Ruffian: Spider Ruffian: shoot at it, kill the little spiders.

Boss # 30: Spider Ruffian core: deflect shoot, and doge, nothing new.

Boss # 31 Earth mimicry: this boss is nasty, simpl shoot every projectile, and it will bounce back at it.

im skiping bosses 32 and 33 since its optional to beat them.