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Quickly Learn Skills
When you start making your adult Sim, you just have to do this for a little amount of extra skills.

- First just fill in a name for your Sim, a personality and a bio if you prefer, but do NOT make an adult already. Just make a kid, so if you want to have a woman make a girl and if you want to make a man make a boy. You do not have to pick out clothes and stuff.
- Then press the 'Done' button, so you see the head of your created Sim.
- Press the 'Edit' button. You'll go back to the Edit menu.
- Now you make an adult of your kid, Choose the wanted clothes, face; your wanted Sim. Press 'Done' again and in the menu screen (when you're ready, you can also make some other Sims) press 'Done' again. So if you'll move your Sim into a house, he/she will have some Skills already!