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The Sims: Superstar cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Command codes

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Instead of the long winded way: ;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;

All you really need to do is this:

rosebud ; ;

Then just hold 'enter' and what your money rise!!



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☼☺Happy Sim☺☼
Save the game (just so you dont lose any recently earned logic
points,creativity points etc)
next do this,

ctrl shift c

then type in

move_objects on

then go to buy mode and click on your sim and delete them.
Go back to live mode and click on your sim's face icon, the sim should come back very happy.
this helps you become a superstar or if you have makin magic, very succesful!

Just make sure you save EVERY TIME before you do the happy cheat.
3 Tries are Nuthin!
I have a fast and simple way to do the things where you have to choose hwo to act out the scenes, how to record the songs, and how to model. Y'all know that they say
"How would you like to perform this scene?"
OR SOMETHING and give you three choices like COmedic, Suspenceful, and dramatic? Never fear, you will never have to worry about it again! Using a pen write down CDS (COmedic, Dramatic, Suspensful) or whatever choices there are and press the buttons in that order. After they show your face in the ballon write down the letters to the ones they liked. EX. He liked Comedic and Suspensful. So write C_S. Now fill in the blank with something other than D. EX. CSS. NOw you will have something like this
CDS. CSS. NOw try CSS and if he still doesnt like it then duh, puT CDS CSS C_S
The only possible choice is C! For you no-brainers out there look close at the middle collumn. The only letter unused for the middle column was C! This will not work for the higher lever things. Put it in columns like a math problem and it will make sense.
An Easier way to change your babies gender
If you want to change your babies gender to boy girl, girl boy. WITHOUT waiting for the Socialist, you have your baby born and as soon as it is born do something with it and when the sim walks up to the baby quickly go to buy mode (with the 'Move_Objects on' cheat)and delet him/her. And your baby will be born again!!! but it might still be the same gender so do it again if this happens.

P.S. save the game before you do this cheat or the sim you use will loose all of his/hers skills they just earnt in that game.
Baby Gender Changer
ok, so how many of you have wanted to change your babies gender from girl to boy or vise versa??? well first, you have to make one. you can't adopt one, or else this won't work. after you have successfully made your baby, put it somewhere where no-one will be able to take care of it. then don't pay any attention to it. after the pop-up comes up saying to take more care of ur baby or someone will take, just keep on ignoring it. then when the lady comes to take ur baby away, pause the game and push Ctlr-Shift-C at the same time. then type in:: move_objects on. (no period) then after you have done this, go into buy mode and click on the lady that is about to take ur baby. after u have deleted her, go back and unpause the game and a new abay will came back, just a different gender!!! : )
Bartender Waylon
I think this is a glitch in the game. There is a guy who works in Downtown (in one of the beach fronts) and it says he's famous. Well, let me tell you he's not.
Bartender Waylon comes into Studiotown and just stands there. So if you're trying to leave and he comes and gets out of his car, you're screwed and you're stuck. It takes FOREVER for him to move!
He's also like Marylin Monroe, or one of those people -- you can't talk to him. But you also can't click on him PERIOD. It says there are no options available.
The only time you can click on him is at his work in the Downtown, and even then all you can do is order a drink...
Become A Superstar
You need making magic for this- make the love spell (it's in there some where) then go to Studio Town and find any superstar that is not an actual person i.e. (Marilyn Monroe, Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguillara- not these people). They will have a star over their head. Just talk to the superstar. Go home then invite the person over. Cast the love spell on them then ask them to move in. Presto! You are now a superstar.
Becoming a Superstar
Try to have some good skills before starting because you wont have much time to gain skills once you start getting involved.

If you are following to acting career start on the open mic. Use the open mic till you reach 1.5 stars. Then use the commercial TV set. Perform a commercial until you reach 2.5 stars. At 2.5 you can start doing death or inhertance scenes. You will get 3 options on how to perform the scene. Choose the first option for all 3 parts. Then watch the bubble over the directors head. If he shows your head it means he liked it. If it shows your head with a bubble in it, it means he didn't like it. So if you get No X, an X, and another X. He liked to start but not the middle or the end. So choose the first option again for the start but then switch to the second option for the middle and end. Then if you get No X, X, and No X. Then keep the first option for the start, switch the middle to the third option, and keep the second option as the end. This gaurentees you get the song right. If the director still doesn't like it and you did this right you must have to get better skills. Keep up the scenes untill you reach 4.5 stars. Now go to the movie set. You only need to guess two of the three options right but you only get two tries. You can guess or you can use the same method as before but you will never get it if the third option is 2 of the parts. Either way you have an equal chance of losing. Do movies until you reach 5 stars.

If you are doing the fashion career you have to start at the open mic again. Get 0.5 stars. Go to the ad with the print ad shoot now. Keep up the ads until you reach 2 stars. At 2 stars you can start modeling swim and winterwear. Use the method above again to guess the 3 parts. Model until you reach 3.5 stars. Now use the runway. You will need a partner for this to. Use this until 5 STARS.

Music is the career i chose. Use open mic until you reach 2 stars. Now sing Jingles until you reach 3 stars. Now sing the other songs at the same booth. Use the method mentioned above. Keep it up until you reach 4 stars. Now you can start shooting music videos. You dont need a partner for this. Now you can get 5 STARS.

If you need starpower. Find someone who has somebody as a last name and greet them. Now talk about yourself constantly until you reach 100 daily with this person. Now go home. Wait untill the next day and call them and just talk. They will become your friend even if they yell at you. You can repeat this if you need more friends. If you lose the person as a friend just call them up and talk. If this doesnt work serve a meal and then invite them over. They will usually become your friend will talking to you at the dinner table.
better conversations
to avoid sims getting bored with your conversations and trying to walk away,buy a magazine and read about subjects that your sim doesnt have much interest in.
If you go onto your sims interests section you can see which subjects your sim doesnt like,then go buy all the magazines,you can find them downtown and there's about six of them,each with three topics,then just read away!
It works the same as gaining a skill,but the bar above the sims head is pink and levels up faster.
When you gain interest in something you loose interest in something else,so try and make all your interests half way.
This way you're always interested in what other sims are talking about <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Burglar Repellant!
Make your sim a superstar, then replace ALL of the doors with superstar doors, then the loser cant get in!
Easy start to Superstar
Make your sims, and put them in a house. Now buy one piano for each sim you have. Have them play until they are cranky and stop IMPORTANT!!!! SAVE once they are cranky, THEN enter move_objects on and go to buy mode and delete them. Give they some rest time and they will be good as new. Have them repeat the piano until they are cranky, and you can "refresh" them again. IMPORTANT!!! If your sim says that they are "depressed" get them to perform (and have other depressed sims listen) Once they are done, you can continue with their strict piano lessons until they are full. With full creativity they will sound great on the kareoke machine, guaranteed!
Embarrhass ur sims!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1st, get ur sims to 5 stars, then save the game.
Go to studio town view and go into one of the studios, build a shower right in the middle of the building, then when nobody's in that room, get ur sim to hop into the shower, then the papparatzo walks in, click "p" which pauses the game, then ctrl shift c, move_objects on , then go to buy mode and delete the shower, click on live mode, then for a few seconds, ur sim is completely naked, no blurs, right infront of the paparatzi!!!!!!
Then he starts snapping pics, then ur sims star lvl goes down, thats what happened to me!
Full Energy and Easy Stats
Save your game first unless you want to lose the stats that you have just increased.

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+C
2. Now type in "move_objects on" in the green box.(no quotations)
3. Go to buy mode and click on you sim and delete him.
4. Now when you return click on your sims face in the bottom bar. He will return with full bars.

Now you can study for a handfull of hours and then save otherwise you will lose your stats. Then just do it again. This makes gaining stats way easier.
gain easy stars
If you are stuck gaining stars then here is a tip go to the things you can do with your star level and if it dosent go up then go to the paparazzi and do publicity stunt you should gain a nother level i have used this tip myself and have found it affective i am on 5 stars.
(note if dosent work i am very sorry you might need to advance your skill levels)
get famous quickly
first you need making magic, then there is a spell that makes you famous instantly but you need black roses, i have never got this so i do the next best thing first get the smiley face spell which is honey garlic and toad sweat to get the garlic trade beeswax to Vicki the vampiress. next make the spell and head to studio town now do things to get famous but soon you will need star power so cast the smiley face spell on a famous person and hey presto instant star power
Get famous, fast! With a little help from magic.
So this works only if you have sims makin magic as well as sims superstar installed.

If you're lazy like I am and you want fame fast. Never fear, there is a charm that does it for you! The ingredients you will need to make this charm is; Beeswax, Diamond dust and black roses. The charm is called "the price of fame".

How to get the ingredients if you don't know how! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
First, the beeswax. That should be easy! You should be able to harvest your own at home with the "wax n' honey maker" which you purchase in the miscellaneous section and then click the Plus sign (+) and it should be in there somewhere. Harvest it and you will get beeswax and honey!

Second, to get diamond dust you will need 199+ magicoins which you can earn by preforming and dueling in magic town. To purchase diamond dust you get it from the fairy. (You will only be able to have the diamond dust option once you have obtained over 199 magicoins)

thirdly, to get black roses you need to have at least 3/5 stars (if you don't know how to get stars, you need to sign up with an agent via that magazine you get along with your newspaper and go to studio town and work your way up and also practicing/working out/learning and whatnot, all at home) Once you have gained 3 stars you will soon have a guy follow you around everywhere. He is known as the "obsessed fan" and follow you everywhere (creepy i know!) Now once you have him your tail you just have to wait it out. He will eventually come to your house and sooner or later he starts to leave the ingredient you need, the black roses. It might take some time but he will eventually do it. (The first time he gave me roses, he stole one of my gargoyles and replaced it with the black roses :S )

So when you have obtained all three ingredients, you add them into the charm maker ( the charm maker can be found in the miscellaneous section, under the magic category)
Once you have added all three ingredients, you simply just make the charm and then cast it on yourself and Woolah! Instant 4.5star fame!

Warning! This Can also back fire if you have high amounts of star power already. You may end up with a few more obsessed fans than you would like.
Get Married
If you wanna get married quickly wat u hav to do is go to miscallaneous and get tons of genie lamps. Clean all of them (only adults can clean the lamps) and when the genie comes out he can do good things but he can also disapoint u and make u mad to the point where u bulldoze ur house (He didnt get me that mad). If the genie appears and u hav as choices Family or friends pick either 1 but there has to be an adult then u like that person 80 and they like u 80. take it up to 100 and then u hav propose as an option if ur relationship is at 100 they can't refuse and they hav the hole ceremony and all.
p.s.1000$get wasted . and i dont think anyone has found this cheat yet because i read evrything thats ritten its not there
Thanks for u cheats some helped a lot others i didnt even understand but... thanks anyways
happy sim
i noticed some other people were mentioning that you can simply delete your sim and then bring him/her back by clicking the face in gameplay. You would then notice that the stats gained have been lost. Another person said something about waiting a day and going to the neighbourhood or something??? If that confused you then don't listen. It's just as easy to simply go to options and save the game, then go and delete your sim, then go back in the game and bring them back. It works for me and isn't hard to get.
How to get two sims the "red heart" fast.
Okay, first get the two sims in a room, (preferably a large one, to prevent hang-ups), and then delete all doors and staircases, (or block them off with fences).

Now buy lots of small tables and cabinets. Put tons of red roses in a vase on them, which you can find in the miscellaneous decorations section of buy mode.

Make sure the sims have the pink heart, then just leave them alone. They will give each other flowers and then kiss passionatly, boosting the relationship fast.

If the sim's stats start to drop, simply preform the move_objects on cheat, delete the sims and then click on their pictures. They will reappear with all green bars.

How to invite someone over, even if they don't want to.
If you want to make friends with someone, but they dont really know you, they will most likely say no when you invite them over. Simply call the person 3 times. they will always say yes on the third time you call.
How to move into houses over $20,000
I know how much a pain in the but it is when you have to move your sim into a cheap house and use the cheapest appliances and beds and other things like that.So I'll tell you how you can move your sim into a big house over the price of 20,000.
First:Make your family and save them.
Second:Move them into any house under $20,000.
Third:Go to "buy mode" and on your keyboard press CTRL,SHIFT,C all at once.
Forth:A small text box should appear at the upper left corner of the screen, Type in: Rosebud;;;; then press enter...A box will apear stating that there is no such cheat code all you do is keep pressing enter,or simply hold it in and you will see your similons go up.
(Don't forget these ;

When you've reached the desired amount press SAVE GAME
Then go to your neighborhood and click the BULDOZE/EVICT and a little buldozer will apear.
Then click the house your family is living in and click on it it will say do you wish to evict this family press yes. Then another option will apear asking if you would wish to buldoze the house, you may click yes or no..whatever works.
Then go back to where you create the familys and that family should be there with the amount of money that you gave them...Move them into a big house and you can just add more money if you need to using ROSEBUD;;;
How to Throw a Great Party
Well, actually, I'd recommend that you not do this unless you use money cheats, since it's EXTREMELY expensive. First, you should make sure to hire a caterer, and set out at least 2 buffet tables and punch bowls. Put them near a table (or tables) if possible. Second, expand your bathroom (unless it's big already) and put in around four or five toilet stalls and sinks. Make sure to go in and flush them every couple hours, since the Sims you invite might be messy. Buy one of the entertainer-cakes as well as some balloons and music systems. Flat screen TVs and tons of couches are nice. Also, if you really wanna go the whole nine yards, go for a DJ system (I forgot if those are in the Sims, maybe it's just the Sims 2) and nine dance floor tiles. Hot tubs, volleyball courts, and such are always good. Pool tables will work. You'll know you've thrown an awesome party if Drew Carey shows up in a limo.
Instant Refreshment (and so easy too)
Got a tired and cranky Sim? Give him a quick pick-me-up, literally! Enter "move_objects on" in the cheat box. Then save your game, go into Buy Mode, click on the Sim who needs help, and delete him! Don't worry, he's only taking a quick breather. Go back into live Mode, and you'll see a crosshair symbol over the Sim's icon. just click on the icon, and the Sim will reapper with all his motives maxed out!
Kill off your annoying neighbours! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
First make sure that your sim is a superstar, then find some pesky neighbours that are not superstars,in your backyard, build a small room, make inside have brick walls and pavement flooring, put a 2 doors, a superstar door and a plain door, go inside and call your neighbour in, once they come in, delete the normal door and go out the superstar door, then delete that door. just leave them there and see what happens!
Mailbox error
Some people say that when you have the "move_objects on" cheat activated you can click on the mail box and (:=!hey presto!= no more mail. This is true BUT(and this is a big but)if you delete the mail box you can;t get any visitors,and if you want to become a superstar this can become a real problem,so just put a picket fence around the mail box and the mail man/woman cant get the mail in!(And if the mail does get in the mail box somehow just activate the "move_objects on" and when the mail man/woman comes go to the buy mode click on them or delete them.(this also works for thr repo man))

!./';[=-_(trust me i'v tried it)_-=];'\.!
making easy money from rockets
I figured this out when i was fireing rockects in the air. first you need to open the cheatbox then type "Move_objects on". then you need a rocket launcher. then fire a rocket in the air and wait till it touches the ground, then quickly go to buy mode and when a cloud of smoke appears delete it then you earn 2300$.
modeling stars for bad modelers
If you have 3.5 stars get on the runway and model some clothes. If you are really good at modeling which mean the person running the show likes you that is OK but if she doesn't after your three runs once you get to the stairs after your third run X-out model clothing. You gain some stars instead of the person running the show deducting some and she won't have time to yell at you.
more than one
this is more likely a tip than a cheat

are you fed up of clicking the same thing over and over again to buy more than one????? with this simple trick you can keep on placing the items with have to to go through buy page again and again!!!

1 go into buy mode then click the desired object whist in placing the item hold down shift this with hold the current object whilst you place it

hope it made sense and that it help peeps <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
No Money Required!
OK, so you know how when you start the Sims, you start at the neighbourhood screen? Well, instead of creating a family, just click on a house or empty lot you want, and you will automatically be transported to that screen. You can then build your house, and it doesn't matter how much money you spend, it doesn't cost you anything! When you finish, save your house and go back to the neighbourhood screen. You can even put information on the house in the box that appears when you save. When you get back to the neighbourhood screen, the house will still be there and you can move in your sims once you use a money cheat and get some cash! Hope this helps!
No more rodents!
How to stop skunks/bears/other such rodents from disturbing your rubbish:
1. turn on ' move_objects on ' cheat
2. delete outdoor rubbish bin
3. when your rubbish bin gets full, just delete it and buy another one - or get rid of all the rubbish bins, and when your sim makes a mess, delete the mess itself!
It worked for me
purple posion makes the sim who drank it in to a monstar
Potion Maker
If you force your Sim to make potions at the potion maker, you keep doing that until your Sim makes a reddish-brown potion. Tell them to drink it. Someone will fall in love with them! This helps a lot, especially if it's a famous person that fell in love with your Sim. It will help you climb up the Fame ladder. (The move_objects on cheat helps with this cheat because, it takes a while for your Sim to make this potion. But, it pays off big time!)
I hope this helps you!
Potion Meaning
This is a cheat for the potions on so far which is which.

Blue=Good Feelings

Orange=Become invisable

Red=Fall in Love~random person~

Green=Evil clone

Yellow=Personality change

Lime Green=Bad feelings(Low comfort, bladder, etc)

Light purple=Turns You into frankenstein!
This is a cheat for the potions on so far which is which.

Blue=Good Feelings

Orange=Become invisable

Red=Fall in Love~random person~

Green=Evil clone

Yellow=Personality change

Lime Green=Bad feelings(Low comfort, blader, etc)

Light purple=UnKnown(chemistry set blew up on me!)
Santa! Santa!
To make Santa come then first you need:
1. Fireplace (any)
2. Plate of Cookies
3. Christmas Tree
First make a two storey house. Make a lounge room on the bottom floor, and the bedrooms on the top floor. In your lounge put in a fireplace and put the christmas tree near it, but NOT TO NEAR OR IT WILL CATCH FLAMES!!!!! On a table, put the plate of cookies. Dont have any music, tv etc etc on in the lounge, or anywhere in the house. Make sure theres lighting in the lounge and outside your front door. Put everyone in bed and wait for Santa to arrive, when he does, there will be lots of presents under the tree, the cookies will be gone and the fire will probably be out. If this doesnt work i\'m very sorry, i did it on superstar with the sims deluxe edition, but it will probably work with any other. This Cheat works better with children, not babies, if theres a baby screaming Santa probably wont come. Make sure EVERYONE IS ASLEEP UPSTAIRS IN A BED!! Have a nice time playing the sims, and make sure you make their lives as good as yours!
Sick of people sitting in the middle of the road?
Well you don't have to wait for them to move anymore! If you are leaving studio town or whatever, and you are in your limo/car, and there are cars in front of you or people, that won't move, then all you have to do is "cancel" or "exit" the command that you told your sim to do that is called "Get In" (you told your sim to get into the car). Then you should end up where ever you told the car to go! This works for me so i hope it works for you. Happy simming!
Sim's Superstar making friends.
I have recently found that giving a diamond ring to a Sim, regardless of Townie/Somebody/Superstar status, it immediately boosts my friendship with them to almost 100%, plus they generally fall in love. This has given me more time between social visits with them, and allows me to go out with other Sims to boost my friendship rating. Make sure you give the ring after a nice, long dinner out. Once your friend hits the 35+ rating, feel free to shower them with long as they have already used the restroom! This ensures a long-lasting relationship that you will only need to worry about every 3 days or so.
When you first create a sim just work on their skills ignore the outside world. Click on the thing you want them to do eg: study cooking click the book shelf twice because the sim will say its depressed ignore this they will do as you say. Press the fastest speed until they get tired press pause go to the build menu save press Ctrl S and delete the sim then bring the sim to life in Live mode. Click on the eg book shelf again twice continue this until the sim has all its skills. Ignore the sim when it says its depressed.
Star Power
Hi Just a tip if you find yourself struggling with starpower if you have Hot Date As well invite a top-ranked celeb (click on the brochure out the front and click who's hot) invite one of the top 6 down town buy them a diamond ring and a necklace then buy them the most expensive meal at the restaurant.
Happy Ruling The Simworld MWAHAHAHAHA!!! (just kidding MWAHAHAHA)
Unhappy with your babies gender?
I kinda stumbled on this one by accident but it hasn't failed yet. Right after the baby is born it will ask for a name. Name it w/e you want, then RIGHT afterwards pause and using the "move_objects on" cheat delete one of the parents. After that just begin playing again. If the gender is the same just keep repeating the steps until it will eventually change.

Easter eggs

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Skydiving Simulator Death
There are many ways to die in the sims but there is a secret death. Buy a skydiving simulator and a bed that has two sides. Now have your sim go in the skydiving thing and when they start, go to the buy menu and block the entrance with the bed. Then have your sim keep skydiving and speed thing up. After a long time, your sim will run out of energy. Then eventually, he will go up even higher and then, he will get flown out of existence and a grave will appear. Happy Siming! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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5 star Fame!!
Ok this is the best cheat ever if you want your Sims to become a total Super Star!!
For this to work you need "Makin' Magic".
Here Are the steps:
1.Make your famous Sim have enough star power so they have an obsessed fan.
2. Go into the spell book and look up your spells and go to the very last spell that has black roses as one the ingredients.
3.Get the other ingredients needed then when your obsessed fan leaves black roses everywhere add them to your inventory.
4. Mix all the ingredients together and hey presto you have a charm in the shape of a star.
5.Click on the star and cast the charm and what do you know you have five star levels and the best bit is you can use it twice in case you loose star power.
P.S: Have your Sim gain many skill points and many friends before you do this or you will have to gain and find MANY skills and friends
Happy Siming and i hope it works!!!!!!
Editing the map
Once you have chosen a lot simply hold 'Ctrl+shift+c' then type 'map_edit on' (no quotations) then with the mouse you can edit the map so you can build on the bits you previously couldnt. Once you have done this type 'map_edit off' (again no quotations) and it will be turned off again.
Fill energy, comfort etc etc
When you are trying to fill your Sims cooking, mechanical etc etc and all their life signs go down save the game, go to buy mode hold Ctrl, shift and C when the display box appears in the top left hand corner of the screen type move_objects on then hit enter. This cheat allows you to "kill" your Sim, however wehn you go back to live mode the picture of your Sim will still appear. you can then click on their picture resurrect them and all their life signs will be full.
HINT: Make sure you save the game b4 killing your Sim or any cooking, mechanical points etc etc they have earnt will be lost!!!!
Get a lot of body points, mech points, etc.
OK this isn't exactly a cheat but...
1. Turn the move_objects on cheat on.
2. Delete your sim(s).
3. Click on its picture in live mode.
4. Make it do whatever you want.
5. Put superspeed on.
6. Do it until your sim quits.
7. Repeat
Get ALL of the skills w/o worrying about your motives!
Ok, i found this to be the best cheat ever and i dont think anyone has ever found it out before, anyway...You go to the tutorial house (that teaches you how to play) with bob and betty. When you start it will have all of these help pop ups comming up, simply minimize them and do the money cheat (rosebud). then buy all of the objects that bulid skills. As you will see, bob's happiness and sadness wont go down or up at all. It may take a while but it helps your Job or you Fame grow wonderfully!

The only thing i dont like about this cheat is Bob is..well, ugly, but you cant use betty so he is your only choice =/

Get some skills w/o sweet or time spent, and w/o Bob
When you start the game, go to create-a-sim mode, and start everyone as a kid. Then click on the "edit selected sim" button, and change all to adults. When you start the game, your sim will have a lot of job skills.
This works on all sims created by you.
Getting s superstar friend
A fast way to make a superstar your friend is to first greet the Somebody, talk a couple of times with them, wait until the next day, call them invite them downtown buy them a gift go to a resteraunt and have a big meal, they will sit there for a long time and will become your friend that night, just make sure you watch what they are talking about, if the topic becomes one they dont like and you start getting negative marks from them, just change the topic. I was able to make three famous friends very fast like this.
Got an obsessed fan?
This fan will not go away if you tell it to. However if a butler tells it to then it will or you could use the voodoo doll on him and he'll flee. You can call the cops, however the fan will flee as soon as he sees the cop and the cop will think you made a phony call. Happy simming!
How to be abducted by aliens!!!
At night get your sim to look in the telescope (at night)after a few days that sim will get abduct it will take alot of looking in the telescope for this to take place they will be gone for about a day or too this really works but it may take a while.
lots of money!
press shift-control(ctrl)-c at one time then you see a gray box at the northwest corner and put in Rosebud then put in!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!a, hold enter, it would say no cheat but still have the code and you also get the money (the more!; the more money!)
Allows player to relocate otherwise immovable objects such as a sim or a tree outside of the lot boundaries. Make absolutely sure not to delete the mailbox and/or trash can while using the move_objects cheat. This will result in many irritating glitches.
Naked Sims
If you do the cheat: move_objects on and then get the shower that has the red towel on it, and while the sims are showering, go to buy mode, and click on the shower, move it to another spot, and you have a naked sim!!
Obsessed Fan
If you have an obsessed fan that you need to git rid of and have sims house party just make a doorless room around the fan. Then make a girls only door and make the girl face the fan. The fan is a boy so he can not get out. Then press Ctrl + Shift + C and type in the cheat box "move_objects on" and just delete the fan.
Obsessed Fans?
If you have obsessed fans then this tip will help you tons.
Details for your game hint: 1) If you have Unleashed, a dog will usually chase him away if he tries to steal your awards and mean doggies will chase him if he takes their picture.
2) A ghost or 'tragic clown' on the lot will scare him away.
3) If you use the voodoo doll on him (from Livin' Large or Deluxe) he will leave.
~Blue- motive inhanser
~Light Green- Motive Subtractor (delete set if you get this 1)
~Orange- invisible (you can use voodoo dolls on people and they wont know its you)
~Red- Fall in love with stranger
~Green- evil clone (you can use move_objects on and delete clone)
~Yelllow- personality inversion
~White- cure for guinea pig disease (i dont know how to get guinea pig disease though)
~Purple- You turn into frankenstien for 1 hour (as frankenstien you cant control sim and they will distroy your house)
Press shift + ctrl + c and a box will appear type down rosebud;rosebud;rosebud;space and keep hold of the enter key and if you will notice your money wiil magically go up to £9,000000 simolones and you will hafto feep hold of the enter key for a long time but its worth it you know or just pull selotape on it of course.So theres your simolones {money} and when you buy things you will notice for when youf got nine million pounds it want diisapear
Player receives 1000 simoleans. For additional money enter ";!" for every additional 1000 simoleans desired.


    Player receives 5000 simoleans.
throw a party and kill every one
Throw a party,then create a room and put in tiles. After that you press Ctrl-Alt-c then a cheatbox will apear and type im move_objects on then pick all the sims uwant to kill and put them in the room u created but leave 1 space. then buy a fireworks launcher and tell a sim to launch. then as the fire work is coming down click onto buy mode and click on the firework and move into the room with the people in it and click livemode and they should all die in a fire.
There are a few cheats in this passage.
[1]Use control c to get the cheat window to pop up,and type in rosebud;: and hold down the enter button it will say cheat is wrong or somehting like that but you keep earning money anyway.
[2]If you want a kid but don't want to take care of it here is wat you do.Make a special room fo rthe baby with no doors,and surroound the baby with a fence.When the baby lady comes accsess the cheat bar and type move_objects on and then go to buy and sell the baby lady!In a few days your baby will grow up wihout the responsibility of you taking care of it.
unlimited money
press ctrl + alt + c and but in rosebud ; ; then hold down enter and as long as you hold enter down you will get unlimited money
Weird glitch!!
Ok, i'm not sure if this happens for you guys, but its worth a shot. Ok, first delete all your sims and put it on ultra speed. Make sure that if you have a butler or maid, you fire them or just get rid of your doors so they won't come in. Ok, then,bring back one of your sims and have it make a huge mess. Make it use the toilet until it needs to be cleaned, make a bunch of food and leave it around, and make sure you don't clean this up. Then, delete your sim again and on ultra speed, wait for a couple days. Once you have lots of cocroaches, bring your sims back. Now, instead of stomping your cocroaches or spraying them, go to buy mode, put the 'move_objects on' cheat on, and go and sell all your cocroaches. It will then ask you if you would like to sell your virtual reality set instead of cocroaches so you get money!!!

(pretty pointless you could just use rosebud but its really neat!)