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I wonder what kind of magic they're making....

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This is the Makin' Magic expansion pack for The Sims. First off, in the box of this one there is a sneak preview at the Sims 2. Yes. This is NOT the Sims 7: Makin'Magic. From the looks of it, though The SIms 2 is going to be on a console. Well anyway Makin' Magic introduces another new town (Studio Town, Vacation Island) called Magic Town. There are also new objects like wands, cauldrons, spooky staircases, spooky wallpapers, spooky windows, spooky doors, and a new currency, MagiCoins.You get these by doing things for people in Magic Town. When you get enough you can buy a house in Magic Town.You will get a package when you first create your person. Open it up and there are various magical objects like a wand, a spellbook, a wand-charger, and transportation to Magic Town. A hole. With an arrow pointing to it. Jump down it and youa re transported to the same view you get when you go to Vacation Island or Studio Town. Pick where you want to go and interact! There are even some rides in Magic Town. You can collect nasty things like Toadsweat and Dragon Tears. You can also buy a Dragon Nest with MagiCoins that contains a Dragon Egg. You can cradle it, let it listen to music and rock it and it will eventually hatch and you can treat it just like a pet in Unleashed.Yet another great expansion pack that should not be passed up.

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