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The Sims: Makin' Magic Tips

spells, charms, do and dont's
this is a list of the spells and charms you can make but never use them on another person who has a wand.

1. butter, toadstools, toadsweat. toadifacation
ex. turns the person you cast it on into a toad.
backfire. turns you into a toad.

2. beeswax, beeswax, beeswax. buatuy or beast.
ex. turns the sim into a mule.
backfire. turns you into a mule.

3. honey, honey, pixidust. relasonship boost.
ex. makes the casti like you more by 25 points.
backfire. makes them hate you by 25 points.

4. goldenthread, magicbeans, magicbeans, horn of plenty.
ex. makes alot of gormay food apear.
backfire. ? snakes i think.

5. butter, toadstools, pixdust. enchant
ex. if you enchant the lawn gnome it will come to life and tend your garden for a little while them it will turn back into a lawn gnome, i heard that you can enchant lawn flamingoes into hostesses but i never tryed it. does not work on gargoils
backfire. sets the casti on fire.

6. goldenthread, goldenthread, llama spit. dish wish.
ex. cleans your fly infested dishes.
backfire. using if you only have a few dishes will make more appear.

7. honey, grapes, pixidust. get happy
ex. cannot be used on yourself only on somone elce.
backfire. you become sad (bad mood lvl 2)

8. beeswax, rubber chicken, dimond dust. rain of riches.
ex. simolions fall from the sky.
backfire. ?

9. beeswax, beeswax, sandsoftime. shead your skin.
ex. turns you into a ghost.
backfire. false corals (snakes) appaear at some places of your lot.

10. honey, garlic, toadsweat. smilyface
ex. makes one sim happer.
backfire. social becomes red

11. beeswax, dragonscales, llamaspit. polar attraction.
ex. makes a sim like you more.
backfire. makes them hate you.

12. butter, snakevenom, garlic. banish.
ex. makes a sim vanish from the face of the earth.
backfire. dont know and dont wanta know. (i who edited too)

13. beeswax, sandsoftime, peggisusfeather. clone drone.
ex. makes a clone of youself.
backfire. only fails, but the easyest way to get a clone is using the chemistry lab (buy on miscellaneous), when you get the green pot.

14. goldenthread, magicbeans, fourleafclover. perfect gerden.
ex. makes the garden perfect grapes fuller and stuff like that.
backfire. all burns and become ash.

15. beeswax, magicbeans, glaserglass. magimood
ex. makes a sims compleatly green up cant use on self.
backfire. makes YOU compleatly red

16. honey, dragontears, pixidust. lovestruck
ex. makes a sim fall in love with you.
backfire. nothing happens. but use this magic in public is mega-dangerous, because the mysterious man come for fine you. (if you don't want a fine and want use this magic, only use "move_objects on" (in ctrl + shift + c) and delete the mysterious guy.)

17. butter, toadsweat, clownconfetti. hypnotize
ex. put that annoying nabor, repo man, or other jerk right in your control.
backfire. you becomes a idiot for a short time.

18. goldenthread, glacalglass, pegisussfeather. of house and home.
ex. cleans, repairs, and makes evrything ok again.
backfire. break some sinks, and like dish wish, appaear dishes in your lot.

19. honey, clown confeti, wizard eyelashes. the big question.
ex. ties the knot get the sim you ask to marry you, *sniff* i always cry at weddings.
backfire. i think it can't fail. (never failed with mee)

thats all she wrote.

were to get rare items and how.

garlic. barter with vicki.
rubber chicken. barter with todd.
snake venom. barter with the snake charmer.
pegisussfeather. take a chalange from the farie.
fourleafclover. barter with the farie.
clown confetti. chalange todd, or the farie
glacalglass. chalange todd.

hope this has helped and if any of you find what the backfires are for the spells and charms tell the web people. seeya dragonsiriuswolf

CREDITS TO: dragonsiriuswolf
(him wrote 99.8% of that)