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The Sims: Makin' Magic Tips

Everything About... ENCHANT
Enchantable objects:

-Garden Gnome... Waters plants, jumps around in the stomping vat, kicks Sims.
-Pink Flamingo... Turns into a FlaminGoGo Dancer.
Gives backrubs to Sims, hugs them, dances about.
-Refridgerator...Opens and closes, quite amusing.
-Steve the Happy Scarecrow... Waves arms and legs
around, looks like its trying to escape.
-Beanstalk... Doesn't always let you cast it. When it does, it turns into a ladder, Sim climbs up. Creator of the game, Will Wright, is at the top, steal magic beans from him.

Don't cast when in a bad mood, or casti will catch on fire. Don't cast from too far away, or it will catch on fire.