: : : : : : : Exact Replica of your OWN HOUSE!

The Sims: Deluxe Edition Tips

Exact Replica of your OWN HOUSE!
First take a picture of your house. YOU NEED A SCANNER. Scan the picture(s) (depends on the amount of your house you would like) and then save them into a file on the desktop named "Sim's House". Go onto Simes Deluxe and put up the cheat bar. (ctrl+shift+c) and type in (scan_file_sim's house). It will say no cheat. Click ok. You may think it wont work, but it gets a lil more complicated to work. Get some mayo on your tuna because this may take a few minutes. Next buy a wooden end table. Preferably the 120$ one. Place it next to the love bed and a fire place. (if you dont have the money, do the money cheat, while your at it do the move_objects on cheat)Now let the cookies go stale. Delete the trash can outside and take the mailbox and place it in front of the fireplace. Turn the fireplace on. Now put up a christmas tree. At 12:00 am santa should come. (you must delete the stale cookies and replace them with new ones) THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF THE FIREPLACE IS ON !! Santa will come and drop off presents. Open the first present, and when you open the second present, it will say BROWSE click browse and find the file on your desktop named Sim's House. Click enter then upload the pictures and drag them into the desired room. Ta Da. An exact replica of your house. It looks a lil weird but really awesome.