The Sims: Deluxe Edition Tips

East Mansion, Easy Life
First, create a family (the smaller the better, I suggest 2) then buy an empty lot. Put in the cheat "rosebud;rosebud;" by doing [shift][ctrl][c] then typing the code in. Redo the process, but instead of "rosebud;rosebud;", put in "!;!;!;" and repeat that pattern until you feel you have A LOT doesn't have to be too much, but a lot. Instead of the last character being a ";", make it a ":". Hold down enter, and even though a pop-up screen will say "no cheat exists", look at your money. Hold it down until you get 9,999,999 simolians. When you get to that amount, you cant lower your amount. With that money, you can build the mansion of your dreams with the most expensive stuff. I suggest creating a whole neighborhood of this, but leave atleast one neighborhood cheat free, becuase sometimes it's funner without. Happy Siming!