The Sims: Deluxe Edition Tips

Fast Growing Baby Revised
If you want your baby to turn into a child use the Fast Growing Baby cheat, but I'm just revising the cheat. First do eveything the first "Fast Growing Baby" cheat says. However, you also need to keep your Sim who is taking care of the baby, and all the other sims happy, so, I would advise you to use the mood riser cheat on all of your sims every now and then. For that cheat type in Ctrl+Shift+C. In the box that appears, type in move_objects on. Then go to build mode, and delete your sim. After that go to live mode, and click on the sims head shot. The levels on that sim should be up, except for the fun, and bladder. So, every now and then do that for each sim to keep them happy. This way you won't have to worry about any of the sims, just worry about the baby. The "Fast Growing Baby" cheat is provided on this page, and it does work, but it takes longer than expected. Hope this helps!!!