The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

Maxing skills.
I am still new to this game sims bustin out I havent had much luck with these games they are either glitched or freeze which is what happpened to my first run through the game I wasn't far luckily and any way for my second time around I found the game much easier by... While still living with mom use the money cheat for the bare nasessities if you don't care to use actual cheats, I'm a bit that way but I love that nome money cheat, do it get some simoleons and build a room for yourself and buy all skill building items. I.E. chess set, easel, piano, you already have a book case get supremely comfy chair (and keep your comfort level up while you study), bench press, tredmill (or a pool if you like money and luxury), and build them don't get a job and you won't have to worry about work don't sleep and you don't need to sleep either and until you get a job living with mom is rent free...Yay!