The Sims Bustin' Out Glitches

Club Rubb
glitches in club rubb:
1. i bought a shower and it was broken (needed repairing) my sim(s) could still have a shower.
2. i got 600 simeleons (from the phone) and i went to pay my bills (not sure how much about 300 simleons.) i have about 934 simeleons and i payed my bills and it went to 334 simleons then 634 simeleons.
3. because im in fashion victim career at the time me and mona got on the same bus. mona got out of the bus before my sim and stood in front of the bus and the bus drove away and the bus went through her.
im not sure if this is meant to happen but a burglar robbed something which cost about 1000 simeloens and i didnt own them ANYTHING and when i moved out i owed them all my simeleons?!?! which was about 3256 simeleons