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The Sims Bustin' Out Glitches

Get 2 Adults and 3 Kids in Your House!
No, I'm not going to say lock Sims up with boxes or something. This is what you do: Get 1 ADULT Sim in a house to start with. Then, go to another empty location, and get 1 ADULT and 2 KIDS to move there. Go to the place with one Sim, and make it date the other adult. You have to propose to get people in your house, but before you propose make sure you can kiss (not romantically or french kissing) with them hugging eachother and two plus signs above them. When you propose (you need to eat then watch TV with them, they can't be in a crabby mood) to them and they say yes, a pop up will say how much money & how much kids the Sim has brought in your house. After that goes away, kiss, and hurry. It should say "Do you want to have a baby?" Say yes, and then you have 3 kids and 2 adults! If it doesn't work for you, the other 2 kids are already in the house. This DID work for me.