The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

Hate the ugly sims you have to date?
In Bustin' Out mode, you have to date really ugly sims. If you date someone else already in the game (Dudley, Bing, Goldie, etc.) the say "I'm already spoken for, try going to free street." So don't date them. What you can do is go to the empty street in Free Play mode and create the girl/guy you want to date, and kill the ugly people or something if you want.

You also have to have a kid to complete some goals. You can kiss to have a kid, and if it's ugly just get it sent to Prep School (Malcolm's Mansion goal I think). If you want a kid but keep getting ugly ones, just kill the person you married, go to the empty lot and make another person you want to date, and just make a cute kid live with it. If you get 2 kids it won't let you move in though, I don't know why. When you marry the person, his kid will also move in. If you kiss really quick before the kid moves in, you might get another kid. (You can get 3 kids and 2 adults in Free Play mode by doing this, I posted it as a glitch but I don't think it showed up).