The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

death house (only in free mode)
If you have really annoying neighbors when you start free mode like the Tutti and the Frutti families, don't just delete them, have fun and get rid of them in a more funner way. first, go onto free mode and create a house on the empty lot, this should be number 3. now, only have one person in your family. create a house, but don't put anything in it. we'll come back to this later. then make a seperate room in the back yard that should be at least 8X8. and aswell, leave this blank too. this is your death chamber (not for your person, of course!). now, activate the cheat gnome by pressing
(R2,L1,R1,L2,left,circle)on the pause menu, very fast, then enter the fill all motives cheat, which is (L2,R1,left,circle,up) again, very fast on the main menu. you should hear a woman go "mmmmm" only type in these cheats once though if it worked. now, click on the gnnome and click on, 'fill all motives' when your mood is bad. now, wait for an annoying neighbor to knock on you door, then invite them in, but go into the death chamber, not the house. make sure they follow you in. as soon as you are both in, make convorsation with the neighbor to distract them. now, go onto the pause menu and go on the buy icon. wiggle the analogue stick a bit. now, you are in grab mode. pick up the door leading into the death chamber and sell it. (trust me, it works). now, go back to play as your sim. walk a distance away from the neighbor. now build a small box around them using walls. now build a door so you can get out, but as the neighbor is still trapped in this separate tiny box room. genius! now, wait until they die out by leaving them to starve. they will take between 3-4 sim days to die. now, you can do the same thing after they die, or you could get them in the room all at once!! (note: this tip also works with sims 2 and sims 1)