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How To Get To Malcolm's Mansion Faster Than Ever!
What the key is in the whole game even without cheat codes is to go to work with all the skills and friends you need while being in a good mood. I think everyone that has ever played this game would understand that it's a harder concept that it seems. If you would like to complete the game and get to Malcolm's Mansion all 7 times....you have to have the blue gnome cheat code. (Check out my username!!! xD) If you don't have the blue gnome cheat code (all cheats are entered on the pause menu) ....it's R2,L1,R1,L2,left,circle. There will be a sparkling blue gnome that appears to the right/left (depending which way you have the camera) of the mailbox. Next....type in these two cheat codes. (Fill all motives) L2,R1,left,circle,up (give money) L1,R2,right,square,L3 (left analog stick)When your sim's motives start going down...click on the gnome and press the fill all motives option. What I do while playing is I get all of my skill points to the maximum. (All at 10...ps as you get the higher skill points...it takes more time) When your sims quit from having to fill a motive or a negitive mood...click the fill all motives and put your sims back to work. Soon enough...you will get all of your promotions and you will be at Malcolm's Mansion...I've already done it like....5 times I think in different careers. You have to do this to complete the game. When you get promoted to the final job in the career...you will unlock a career gnome for that career. (When you start a new career..you have to move out of Malcolm's Mansion and to the proper starting house.) Everytime you get another career gnome...you will have a funny video of Malcolm Landgrabb being defeated according to what job career you have. (I haven't finished the game yet but so far my favorite video is the one for the Movie Star career! I was laughing for a long time lolz!