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The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

A Little Knowledge on Sims Bustin' Out
Where to find the Movie Script for -Tinsel Bluffs-
Goto -Shiny Things Labs- and looks for the Brain in a Jar thingy, Then click on it and it should say Steal. You will either take it and it will complete goal or stand there, Think and talk to it for a while and then steal the script. Either way the goal will be completed.
<note> When living at -Shiny Things Labs- !Do not delete the Brain in a Jar thingy because the goal will now glitch and you wont be able to complete it! Starting a new game...
When starting a new game and living at moms house, Dont quickly complete goals and move out because the jobs you do will now be harder. Instead, stay at moms and learn all your skills. Due to a Glitch in the game, Moms house has something in it that makes your skills increase faster. (but only for the first time you live there. If you move it wont work anymore)

Raising a Baby to a child
When raising a baby to a child, DON'T use the play option because it does NOTHING... Just use Feed and Play twice and then the baby will stop crying for a few hours.
The baby will be atken away from you by a lady person if you do not tend to the baby when it is crying.
The baby will grow up to be a child in 3 sim days and you can not move houses while the baby is still a baby evan if you have got both promotions needed.

Completing goals...
You dont have to complete goals other than the two Job promotions needed for your current job unless you would like to getthe cars. (it is easy to know which goals give you cars...)
You can always go back through and complete the goals later.
If you would like to have the items you would get anyway, then press the corresponding keys during game play.
L1, R2, Up, Triangle, L3 (Unlocks all Objects)

Boositing up relationships Really Fast =]
When you want to raise a relationshit really fast, you need to use Talk, Compliment and Give money. They work really well, (dont use compliment or give money too early in the relationship.. Use Talk and Anything, Just press select to cut the others out so you have a row of talk options. Wait till your almost at 20 then use the compliment and Give Money)
When you can, Use Kiss but make sure that anyone else you love isnt in the room or if your outside, make sure there not because it still makes them jelous. If you dont have the Give money expression then press this following Cheat to Unlock all Social Options.
L1, R1, Down, X, L3, R3 (Unlock all Social Options)

<note for="for" rebuilding="rebuilding" or="or" redecorating="redecorating">
Dont tare down all walls or take up all tiles. Leave them there and just go over the tiles and place new walls around the other ones. (if the walls are in your way then move them of course)
Because it triggers a Motion Sensor in the game that makes you owe the house owners when you move out wether you buy more then you sell or not.

Thats some of few Tips and Hints that i have found along my way whilst playing Bustin' Out...</note></note>