The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

Throwing an Art Opening at Studio 8!
When your sim is living in Studio 8, one of your goals will be to trow an art opening. To throw a successful art opening, just simply go into build/buy mode and move all the sculptures from the outside of the house, to the inside of the house. NOTE: All the sculptures you moved have to be in the main room of the house (the room where your front door leads to). next, rearrange them in any order you would like. then, buy a cooler from the miscellaneous section in buy mode. Next, place the cooler in the main room of your house. Then, buy a sculpture block from the skill building section, then put it in the main room of your house. Next, have your sim sculpt the sculpture. Finally, throw a party and watch the success! This is guaranteed to work. It worked for me every time.