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The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

I've got some hints and tips for you all.
Mindless Fun
If one of your Sims is in a bad mood and you want to quickly get his or her mood back into the good zone without constantly overseeing it, make a small room with windows and a door into the house (this door is to be torn down later).

Then add a microwave, counter, fridge, a three seater sofa (so the Sim can sleep on it), a TV, lights, a toilet, a table, chairs and anything else if you want to. This will supply everything your sim will need.

Get the Sim to enter the room and go remove the door. Make the Sim test everything out and it will not go out the room (while its happiness increases). Connect the room back to the main house when the Sim has gotten more happier.
Hint: Mo' Money
First enable the Cheat Gnome R2, L1, R1, L2, Left, Circle. Then after you have done that enable this code L1, R2, Right, Square, L3 (on the left analog stick). After you have done so click on the gnome in the front strip of grass and select "give money" You will get 10,000 simoleons every time you do that. NOTE: The gnome will show up there about 30 min. [sim time]

alternate entry L1, R2, RIGHT, SQUARE, L3 for 10,000 Simoleans. A blue sparkling gnome should appear in the front lawn to the left of the mailbox, just tell one of your sims to do one of the following options: Fill All Motives or Give Money!

Carter Hint: Get rid of ghost at Goth Manor
First unlock the fortune table and place it back where it goes. Tell a fortune or contact the dead the make the ghosts go away.