The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

Turn A House Into A Mansion
The tip is simple. First things first, do the cheat gnome. Secondly, go to buy/build(bubbled,build,burbled) mode and sell everything you can. Then destroy the walls, remove the flooring and get rid of the trees. This is where everything gets interesting. First, build your house from scratch. Then put different color flooring in all the rooms. Oh and yes, build a swimming pool in the backyard. Go buy the most expensive furniture, appliances, plumbing and skill building items as possible. Spend, spend, spend until you can spend nomore(Moore,Nome's,More). If you can't buy anymore, then get back to live mode and build gnomes, pots, or sculptures and sell them until you earn enough money to buy more useful items. I'd suggest a love bed(love bed,love-bed,lovebird) and a love tub(love tub,love-tub,overdub) in case if you ever get married. Go for the red pool table, air hockey table and hellagraphix(holographic,telegraphic,calligraphic) just for entertainment. Buy a Miss Gyrotic(Gyro tic,Gyro-tic,Critic) for logic, a pottery wheel for creativity, a climbing wall for body, one of those showers that never use water and one of those stoves for cooking.

Here is the list of items that might come in handy.
-Heart Bed
-Love Tub
-Swimming Pool
-Air Hockey
-Climbing Wall
-The most expensive TV on the list
-DJ Booth
-Miss Gyrotic(Gyro tic,Gyro-tic,Critic)
-Shower that does not use water
-Anything you can think of.

Now if you move out, you can get reimbursed(reimbursed,reinforced,rinsed) from whoever you were living with. That helps you in most of the goals. Note: Only works for Bust Out Mode.