The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

Team Zoukon City
Note: This works for both Bust Out and Free Play Modes. The first thing you have to do is create the leader. Name him "Chris Freeland", that is my real name, since I founded the group. Make him wear red and/or black clothing. His sign is Taurus. Then go to Free Play Mode and make as many members as you want. Create a feminine counterpart for the leader. Give her a beautiful and decent name. Make her wear any color dress you want because Team Zoukon's color code only works for male members. Unlike the Bloodz and the Cripz, Team Zoukon is more of a white supremicist group. They are pretty strict when it comes to color codes. Their dominant colors are red and black. blue, green, and any dark colors. Move her in, build only a wall and buy a telephone. Go back to Bust Out Mode and get all the promotions possible until you get to a location that lets you visit Free Street. Marry the feminine counterpart and save. Then go back to Free Play Mode and evict all the families you can and delete them before introducing more members to Sim City. Paint all the houses red and black beforehand. All you have to do is create the members and move them in. You must have female members too because your kin will also represent the group. Good Luck from Team Zoukon's founder, and leader, Lee_Amped/Chris Freeland