The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

A brilliant Sim Life!
This only works on Free Play. First, make a family of 3, a mum and dad, and a child (m or f) First, make the mum pretty, neat, outgoing and everything a dream mum should have. Then make the dad, active, neat, outgoing and playful so he can take the child to play basketball or something. When you arrive at an already built house (this is helpful) Place down some sandpits, toy boxes, kids stuff, basketball and DEFENATLY a bookcase. First, get the dad to study mechanicle and the mum to do cooking. And make sure the child studdies. When you have finished all your cooking or mechanical skills, or studies, you then may wish to have |ADULT TIME| Turn the tv on, make the child go to bed at approximatly 8:00, and watch movies, have parties and even just have a romantic evening together.
I bought a cheat disk from Hong Kong and it makes the sims to what YOU want. THIS time, you can have romantic dinners, tuck your children in, watch movies AND (if your cooking is right to the top) YOU CAN MAKE POPCORN!
If you can do all this stuff already, it means your disk is the proper make, mine is a platinum so i bought a cheat disk.
I hope this works out for you!