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The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

here some tips to "deal" with your annoying roommates
do you need a day to get your head clear and not have to worry about taking care of your annoying roomate ALWAYS complaing?well this is wahat you do.
first,make them go and get the newspaper and pick a random job.
second,once there car/bus or whatever has came to pick them up and left,get in your car and leave BUT dont come back until after the time you roomate is suppose to come home.come home a hour later or so.
When you get home they wont be home until there suppose get home from work wich will be the next day.it really awsum.if you wont keep doin that until you want them to come home
P.S it DOES work on children but when the bus comes in the morning they will appear in there bedroom in there pjs.

Are you tired of waiting for your stupid roomate to go to sleep so the time will fly by faster.well,this is what you do.
first,make your roomate go asllep and as soon as they go tl sleep put boxes around there bed.they wont get up and they will sleep FOREVER!its really cool.and you dont have to worry about them. Need to ocupy your roomate for awile beacuse the stuff you keep letting them do they just say there bored?and they start to eat alot and waste money or start bugging you to talk to them well not anymore!
first buy the best T.V.its the last thing listed on the electronics list.*if you havnt unlocked it then look for the "unlock all cheats"code/cheat*then buy a sofa.make thyem watch it and they wont ever stop watching it!