The Sims Bustin' Out Cheats

Fun Things to Do
1. Get abducted by aliens by using the telescope.
2. Hypnotize a wide variety of people to see their reactions. A few fall asleep so it's fun to keep them as pets.
3. Make Sims get eaten by a mutant plant using the incubator, but only if you're sadistic.
4. At Pixel Acres, take a shower to get naked, and then touch the bug zapper. Goodbye blurs.
5. Use the Tesla Coil around some objects. Chances are they'll get burnt to smithereens just like my poor chair did.
6. Trap some Sims in a hot tub and use them to make friends by getting in. Your Sim will automatically talk to them and thus increase their relationship points.
7. Make a Sim Soap Opera with dramatic storylines. "FishBreath dies of mysterious abscence of swimming pool under diving board!" "Sudden Arson in Free Street!" "A New Giant TV shocks Lenny!"