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Ways to Get Rid of Irritating Children
Kids annoying you? Did they turn out hideous when you chose to have one with your partner in Bust Out Mode, or did you create one in free-play mode and now you realise it's completely bugging you, raiding the fridge and annoying everyone else? Here's how to get rid of them and ne'er bother with them again.
1. You need to be at Malcom's Mansion in Bust Out mode for this. Simply have your hideoux garcon or fille study, study, study, until they get sent to a school for the gifted. You will never see them again.
2. Or, you can do the complete opposite and punish the nuisance. Simply make them skip school all the time until their grades get so low they are sent to military school.
Note: I wouldn't recommend the above method for the parents of irritating children. For a start, you need to entertain the skipper while he or she skips school. Best move on.
3. Burn, baby, burn! Seriously, though, create or use a small room and put an adult and the irritating child in to it. Get the adult to light a fire and then, if you hadn't already, add a door and allow the adult out before deleting the door. Then, place crates everywhere, tightly boxing the child in with no escape. Pretty soon the crates will catch fire, and the child, unable to escape, will burn. You can also sit the kid on a chair then box it around with crates so getting up is impossible.
Note: This is not recommended as it leaves ash for you to clean up.
4. Starve them! Build a tiny 2x2 wall around them and ignore them for about four days. Pretty soon, there won't be any kid to ignore.
5. If sacrificing your furniture and moving out doesn't faze you, just edit the family and do the DELETE dance with the kid.