The Sims Bustin' Out Cheats

Easy Baby Taking Care Of.
1. Choose a Sim. It's wise you use one who doesn't work.
2. Disable free will or delete the doors leading to any room but the kitchen whilst the Sim is in there. This will prevent the Sim deserting the baby to, say, use the toilet, which we'll cover shortly.
3. Put the cradle in to the kitchen. It's a good idea if you've got a television in there and your dining table and chairs. Possibly, a phone too.
4. Buy a comfortable recliner (use the give money cheat) and place it in the kitchen next to the cradle. I recommend the Q3 recliner.
5. Add a toilet and possibly a sink if you haven't got a kitchen sink.
6. Play the game, ensuring the Sim eats, sleeps in the recliner, uses the toilet, and does all other necessities, including watching the television to keep it happy and its fun motive full.
7. Baby crying? STOP! DROP EVERYTHING!
8. Feed the baby. Then sing to it to assure that it'll sleep for another while.
Note: Feel free to move stuff to their original rooms or sell stuff and add the doors back once the baby is a child.