The Sims Bustin' Out Cheats

Job Made Easy
This takes time but it's just a little cheat for making your job easier. Firstly at the very begining of the game you start off in Mom's house. You can do every goal exept the one about getting a job. This can take some time but get every single skill ( cooking/body/mech ect ) up to full ( 10 ). Get the cheat gnome ( I'm sure you know the cheat code ) and also get the max motives cheat ( it works ) . Now you can get a job. Now when you have a job, you don't have to worry about your mood or skill. ( make sure you use the max motives before heading out for work ) All you have to worry about is the amount of friends you have! Another thing is before you set off from Mimi's or Dudely's house I do the both of those houses and all the goals cause if you want to change your job half way through It might mean you have to go back to the very begining so bare that in mind. I'm always availible for Questions so I don't mind. Hope this helped. ( I do it all the time in my game )