The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

Easy Murder
Ever had the annoying individual (or household of Sims) Sim that you really want to get rid of? Now you can know all the ways.
Plan A: You need an adult for this murder. Simply buy the machine that allows you to make the mutants, I can not remember what you call it, and place it outside, or in any place. Get the victim to do whatever needed for three or four days while the mutant grows and starves, and then finally get the victim to stand by it and build a fence round the mutant and the Sim. Try to make it a small space so the victim can not run away. After a while, the Sim should be consumed.
Plan B (Mass Murder): Throw a party. Find a Sim you don't mind sacrificing and get them in a pool (the cheapest one there is works) and have them invite all the other guests in to it. When every guest is in, place a load of loveseats round the edges, and round the sofas build a fence. Wait a few days and have fun watching the Sims wonder how to get out, then after four-ish days, delete the couches. Make sure your fence is still there. Immediately, the Sim victims exit, and should change and pass out. Next, they wake up and should do whatever (whine and complain, urinate...) and then they'll die of starvation.
Plan C: This is probably the least expensive. Or not. I don't know. Get your adult Sim victim to climb the high dive, making sure there is no pool. They probably will land and rub their heads and complain then walk away, but after a few goes they die. This happens by their shoulders kind of hitting the ground and immediately they turn in to a gravestone. Odd but sinister. Beware the high dives and for fear of death, crown them as your new lords and masters for all eternity for fear of your uncertain fate.