The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

get a wife/husband
-firstly pick your desired spouse
(the spouse must be from a free street
-then phone up the sim and invite them over
-while you are waiting for them to come serve up a meal(breakfast, dinner etc.)
-when they arrive greet them, talk , joke etc. to become better acquainted with the person then get the friends bar up to 100 with them.
- go to grab a plate from what you cooked earlier and he chosen spouse should follow they dont always but the majority of the time they will
-when you have both eaten the guest should go to the toilet and wash his/her hands, while they are doing this make sure that you get your sim to watch tv
-when the other sim has finished click over them and an option should say something like watch tv.
-when you have both watched tv for a while dance with the chosen spouse for a while
-immediately after click on the spouse and if the friendship level is still 100 then the option of propose should be there. press the propose icon and hopefully the person should agree.

p.s. a personal favourite two of mine to propose to are:-
girl: debbie ( frutti )
boy: ( rod )
i really hope that his works for you because it worked a dream for me