The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

Killing People
I've found various effective ways of killing people, the most effective of which are confining them to a pool, and my personal favorite, confining them to a bed.

To confine a sim in the pool, wait for them to get in, and then paused the game. Enter the buy menu, and purchase enough trash cans to go around the pool compleatly. The sim will be unable to get out of the pool. After about what I would guess is a week in sim time, remove and sell the trash cans. The sim will get out of the pool, and die, because all of its motives except for fun and perhaps room will be empty.

To confine a sim to bed, you use basically the same procedure. Wait for the sim to crawl in bed, and pause the game, line the sides of the bed with trash cans, and wait a week. While this method doesn't work as often as the pool method( its very difficult to know when they have been in bed long enough) it doesn't keep the sims from using the pool to raise their motives.