The Sims Bustin' Out Cheats

How to kill the maid
here's how you kill the maid: when you get to goth manor incubate a mutant plant. make sure that you don't have a garbage disposal in the kitchen and hire a maid so she'll give the plant all the trash. when it gets bigger buy a garbage disposal for the kitchen and put the plant outside for a couple of days and don't feed it. then after a couple of days while everyone is at work, just before the maid comes sell the garbage disposal and put the mutant plant in the front hallway where the maid is sure to walk by. Hopefully the plant will eat her and leave behind an urn. put the urn outside and hire a maid. then throughout the game whenever you hire a maid. the maid's ghost will clean your home. Please note that she WILL still charge you for services.