The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

things you need to know!
*In the sewer at 5am and a little after, there is a switch that u need to step on and it will take you to a area with two chairs. put both of them in your pocket and sell them for $1000 each!

*To pick the lock at the haunted house, you must have 3 mechanical points. Get them from reading certain books at the library!

*If you cannot seem to find the ghost he will be at his house between about 12 am and 5 am, where you should be able to find him on the first floor!

*If you see the velocity rooster RUN! He will knock u out and u will awaken in the hospital thing about an hour later!

*You can change the color of your furniture by going up to it and pressing R!

*Remember to always save money for food! snacks from the fridge are $10 each and meals from the stove are $40!

*When u see random aluminum cans and 3 eared mice and stuff sitting around, collect them! don't sell them to the mad scientist until u need the money for bills or something! (trust me, once i saved up enough and got over $1000!)