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Another way to describe how to duplicate items
Follow the procedures as written.
any item can be used.

Pets can be duplicated, but disappear after leaving the room after the full duplication process.

procedure to duplication.

1. pick any item you would like to duplicate.
2. Put the item in your pocket
3. Raise all bars except for hunger.
4. go to a room where you would like to duplicate your item.( a good room to duplicate items is the 3rd floor of the clocktower where it is small, trust me.)
5. When your hunger level is uber low or none, take out the item without setting it in place, keep it at yellow, not red.
6. wait a couple minutes until he/she passes out.
7. return home from hospital, you should have a $20 bill, not much.
8. return to the room where you have taken out the item with out setting it.
9. take item out of pocket and set.
10. leave room
11. return to room and move item to another rtegion of the room.
12.leave room
13.return to room
14. somewhere in the room you should have the duplicated item.

its a good stratagy to make lots of money, find and buy the most expensive item available on the game and dupicate/ sell it, over and over.

To duplicate pets, set pet, leave room, return, tell to "stay", and move it, you should have 2.

sometimes items will be within walls, and intwined with other items, but when you move out, you will have it in your crate, i reccomend you do not do this in the mansion because of that glitch/risk.

any Q's, you may ask me and i will help you in any loss you may have. SK8TeFliP@msn.com