The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

Handy Tips
After a while your toilet and shower (Not in your uncle's house) get dirty and flies buzz about. Do not use them, as there's the risk the object will break and you'll have to repair it. Just press a and clean it, when the flies go, press b. Saves a lot of time, less cleaning, less repairing!
After you finish the Ghost Mission, there's a trapdoor to the right which leads to a cellar. Help yourself to everything, but you should really get the crystal ball. Place it in your house. When you're tired, gaze into it and for some reason, the sleep bar will go up! Also, time doesn't pass really quickly unlike when you sleep.
When you're on the Art for Art's Sake mission and you have to paint a beautiful seascape, don't go to the one in Lover's Leap, simply buy one at a shop and paint at home so if any of your bars run home, you can fill it up quickly.
Early in the game, your uncle tells you to sell your old couch and buy a shower. If you want to keep the couch sell it first, then buy it back straightaway for cheaper than you'll find in shops. The couch will still appear in the bar, so don't worry if you normally sleep there!
Just before you're about to do something hard (Knocking out Boxer, catching Veloci Rooster or trying a new game) save. If all goes wrong, just quit the game and load your save.