The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

Sims Basic Tips
*When you are at the Burning Spoke, or your own house (must have a room mate of opposite gender)and you find your room mate sitting on a sofa/couch thing, push "a" and choose "sit" and see what happens...its funny in a way.

*One day when I started my gameboy, all my games got deleted, so when you're playing and you go to select and hit save, wait until it says "saving complete" or something like that and then press "B" so you're not on the select menu anymore. Do NOT press B too early or your game(s) will be deleted.

*Drowning: When you're swimming in a pool, DO NOT let your sleep meter, or any meter, fall down too far or you have a chance at drowning in the pool.

*When you move into the Waterfront Villa, DO NOT put your pet on the first level(the same level as the front door) because it might decide to walk outside into your back yard and you might never get a hold of it again.

*Trust me on these...I beat the game like twice or whatever.