The Sims Bustin' Out Tips

How to get to the haunted house
First I warn you NOT to go down the hole with the red arrow pointing down it. Instead (at the moment you should be facing the red arrow hole) go down the right hand road until you get to a manhole. (you can actually go down any manhole by standing infront of it and pressing 'a'). You will now be in the sewers! now follow the path around until you get to the next ladder. Now go forward a bit more and you should see two routes. go across the middle one which is to the top left of the gameboy screen. you should see another ladder. turn right and stop at the fork. Take the left hand fork, carry on forward to the second pathway. (There might be a button there, but dont step on it, unless you want to get transported to another room. If by accident you step on it, just go down until you find another button and you get back to where you were.)Go forward, take left hand fork, and go down. Keep going down until you get to a ladder facing you. DON'T take any rights or lefts! anyway this ladder should be it. Press 'a' to climb up the ladder and hey presto you are in the garden!!!!!!!!