[edit] Background

Simulation is taken to a whole other level in the Sims Bustin' Out. Live your characters lives from every aspect to cleaning the fish tank to eating breakfast. Your Sims need money to survive so help them get employment as a scientist, mobster, athlete and many more jobs. Unlock a variety of new objects and skins to give a fresh new look to your world. Experience everything your charecters experience in another zany adventure.

[edit] Gameplay

Players create a character (or characters) and build their house for them, pick their jobs, tell them when and where to eat, etc., essentially guiding them through each step of their life, whether it be a troubling relationship move, the newest promotion, or even a marriage proposal, The Sims Bustin' Out allows for total control over a character that one creates. This new addition also allows characters to unlock all new levels, and choose from additional career paths. Also, Busin' Out will see players pitted against one another in intense competition, or harmonious unity.

[edit] Features

  • Gameplay Experience: Create a character and play through over a dozen all-new unlockable levels. Choose from ten new careers including Gangster, Athlete, Mad Scientist, and Fashion Victim that will take you through multiple ways to play and win the game. Go back and forth through different careers and levels to unlock objects. Additionally, play two-player throughout the entire game with or against your friends.
  • Get Out of the House and Explore New Locations: Travel seamlessly around town in your new scooter or car to play, work, and socialize. Visit, explore, or live in console exclusive, never been seen, new locations such as Club Rubb, the hip dance venue, or venture to the Love Shack. Additional locations include Shiny Things Lab, Art Gallery, and Gymnausium.
  • Unlock 100 New Objects and Social Moves: Console exclusive objects include the Laser Light Show, DJ Booth, Climbing Wall, and High Dive. Unlock hidden, appearance-enhancing accessories, clothes, jewelry, and hairstyles. French Kiss, Towel Snap, and Moon Walk are just a few of the new social moves.
  • Meet New Characters: Watch out for the wacky group of characters featured in this next generation of conosole Sims such as Bing Bling, the party animal, and Goldie Toane, the workout queen, who also double as key sources to unlocking locations, objects, social interactions, and winning the game.
  • Create-a-Sim: Personality matters! Revamp your Sims with new hip clothes and give your Sims personality traits that impact and affect gameplay experience. An outgoing or playful Sim is destined to show of smooth moves on the dance floor and an active Sim will conquer the climbing wall like no other.
  • Next Generation Graphics, UI, and Audio: Doubling the overall look and feel of the game, enjoy sleek new graphics, seamless UI, shadows in real-time, new voices, sound effects, and all-new original music.
  • Play Online: Bust out your Sims online for all-new levels of zaniness. Spend the weekend at a friend's house to see how they've decorated their pad, or invite someone to check out your digs. You can improve skills and motives, and trade objects and social moves, all with real-time voice chat.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

8MB Playstation 2 Memory Card required.
1412KB minimum space needed to save.
Analog Control Compatible: Analog Sticks Only.
Vibration Function Compatible.
Network Adaptor Compatible.

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Feb 25, 15 12:21pm
Wish they would do a remake, loved it. TheSimsBustinOut
Aug 13, 12 6:13am
this game is the best TheSimsBustinOut
Dec 29, 10 2:59am
It's the sims with a story line. TheSimsBustinOut
Jul 22, 10 12:47pm
Killing sims FTW. TheSimsBustinOut
Miltons Girl
Dec 16, 09 9:58am
doesn't end TheSimsBustinOut
Feb 1, 09 11:13am
It'll probably be better than The Original Xbox Sims. TheSimsBustinOut
Feb 1, 09 8:27am
The best console Sims game. TheSimsBustinOut
Jan 19, 09 10:35am
A cool game a can't bear the thought of not playing it but I must suffer that,I've played it twice TheSimsBustinOut
Jan 15, 09 5:53am
It's cool. TheSimsBustinOut
Jan 13, 09 3:54pm
8 out of 10 TheSimsBustinOut
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