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The Sims 2 review
Sims 2 = best game yet!

The good:

The good is that everything that you wanted in Sims is now in Sims 2, there is aging, 3D, days (eg, monday, tuesday, wednesday etc...), and it goes on!

The bad:

The bad is that your computer needs to be a super computer to play it at top performance.


Well, firstly it takes a super compuiter to play this game at full, but even my crumy laptop can keep it going smoothly at a lower mode! So don't be thrown off by that!

Secondly, the aging, many say it's to short, well guess what, with the game, they provide a cheat and instructions on how to use it so you can stop aging, thus, keeping your sims alive, or as many do, turning aging off for all days apart from 1 day, thus making an adult around for 25 days before it becomes an elder!

The growing up is also better! You can use any bed, and then "Try for a baby", and there is a chance you will get the women pregnant, but since this is like real life, there is a chance you get nothing, but anyway, there is morning sickness, and a different walk for the mother-to-be and also the need bars go down faster! Soon you will have a baby, who will need constant supervision then a todler who, if you buy them toys, can look after themselves, but still need to be washed and feed and put to sleep by someone else, then you have a child, then a teenager going through puberty, then an adult, or if you have the university expansion pack you get something else between teenage years and adult years, then after adult years you get elders who then live for a differing amount of time! There are also many more features, but I won't spoil them for you, because you will want to got get it....

If you:
Like sims 1: buy it
Sims 1 = ok: buy it
Didn't like sims 1: buy it
Hate simulation: buy it
Really hate sims: think about it!

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