: : : : : : : Get Rid Of Vampires FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sims 2 Tips

Get Rid Of Vampires FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know what to do if you don't want to be a citizen of the night- avoid becoming BFF with the Grand Vampires who lurk downtown at night. Your sim refuses to go out at night because of their fear of Vampires. Don't avoid them- banish them forever.

What you have to do, is get a Vampire-Fearless Sim to pick up the phone and go to "Manage Groups". Then create your group and name them "The Vampires". Put ALL Vampires in the town in the group, and include yourself in it (Duh, or it wont work). Wait till night falls at 19:00. Then pick up the phone again and go to "Invite Group Over" and go to "Just For Fun". When you have the message that they are coming, pick up the phone, go to Service and ask for the Gypsy Matchmaker to come over. Pretty soon, both Vampires and Matchmaker will arrive. Immeadietaly go to Buy Mode and purchase chairs (You know the ones where you can join em to make a huuuge sofa), a piano, and a dartboard. Now, come out of BUY MODE and enter boolProp testingcheatsenabled true. Shift click on each Vampire, and go to MAKE SELECTABLE. Say you have six vampires. Make one play the Piano, two play darts and three sit on the sofa. Then make the Gypsy matchmaker selectable and let her stand there. One by one, get each Vampire to go up to her, buy one bottle of Vamporocillin-D and get them to drink it. When the Vampire is cured, go to BUY MODE and enter move_objects on. Delete the vampire and repeat with each Vampire (cancelling whatever action they are doing first). When the last vampire is deleted, delete the matchmaker and cary on as if nothing had happened.

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