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Command codes

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Alien Babies without getting Abducted.
Do BoolProp cheats [ctrl+shift+c at the same time, then type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true'] shift+click on the sim you would like to become pregnant and then keep clicking 'more...' until you find 'Spawn'. Click on it and click 'Tombstone L and D', you will see a tombstone appear and then with the same sim click the tombstone [without shift!] and keep clicking 'More...' until you find the button that says 'Make me Alien Pregnant'.
This seem's like a really complicated cheat but trust me, it isn't.
Hope this helps you with the Alien Babies!
Happy Simming!
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Cleaning without Cleaning.
On ballprop cheats [ctrl+shift+c at the same time then type in 'boolProp TeestingCheatsEnabled true' go over to somthing that need's cleaning shift+click on it and then click on 'Make cleaning status...' and then it will come up with 'Dirty', 'Clean', somthimes 'Ultra-Clean' and somtimes 'Ultra-Dirty'. Click on the Clean status you want and you are good to go. Clean/Dirty in an instant!
Hope this helped!
Happy Simming!
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Clothes Without Having to Leave The Lot
Go into your neighborhood and type 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true'. Then shift click on the Sim you want to give clothing to and search for the '*Plan Outfit'. A shopping window will appear and you can buy all the clothing you desire at home, with your game paused!
Who says pets can't be controled? All you've got to do is once you've selected the family you want to play, open the cheat box and type in 'BOOLPROP CONTROLPETS on' (without the dashs) then type in 'BOOLPROP PETACTIONCANCEL true' and there you have it! A perfectly controlable Fido and Fluffy! (don't work on fish, birds, hamsters though)

Happy Simming!
Delete Baby
Type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true into the command box and press shift + click on the Sim you wish to get pregnant. Click on Tombstone L + D and make a baby.

After the baby has arrived, press shift + click on the baby, go to 'more' and press 'force error' a window pops up with some error code, if you then press delete you can delete the baby and do this cheat over and over again

Dream Dates....
Start of by going to a community lot.Take a bit of time for some sims to come.When you see a sim you like there chat to them until you are friends with them.Then go home.When you are at home buy a phone and invite them over.Simple Right?Well this bit makes it a bit hard.When they are round your house keep on chatting with them until you are 100.Then ask them on a date.Personally,i prefer to stay at home with them but you can dine out or go to a community lot.Start by admiring them and stuff like that.MAKE SURE YOU DO WHAT BOTH OF YOUR SIM'S WANT TO MAKE A DREAM DATE HAPPEN.If you do a big event with them like have your first kiss with them then you should get a time extension.When you have a crush on them and it is a dream date and you are in love with them propose to them to 'Stay The Night' or 'Move In'.Hopefully he or she will say yes.Then i would propose for engagement after lost of hugging ,flirting and kissing.If they say yes (again) then immediatly propose for marriage.Then make them relax on a bed and then click 'Woohoo'....After, click'Try For A Baby'.Then type in the boolprop cheat and slide up their green health bars.CONGRATULATIONS!You have started your wonderful family in just 20-30 minutes!
Funky skins and cool clothes!
So, we begin with the usual:
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
Go onto the "Make a new family" option.
Now when you go to type their surname put a capital N
You'll see a little hint/info box appear in the top right corner telling you "Debugging mode" is now on.
Now this cheat isn't that hard to find so I gather it's probably on here already. So here's what I discovered by chance a few years ago:
If you go onto menu 5 (Outfits) whilst on build-a-sim screen, click full outfits (Not seperate tops and trousers)
Now hold down CTRL and click one of the outfits (Try putting your sim in a dress before trying this.) The item of clothing will become their skin. Some work better than others so give it a go!
You can also layer these skins and simply remove them by clicking on them whilst holding CTRL again <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Enjoy!
How to get Talent badges really quickly
First, type in " boolprops testingcheatsenabled true"
After that hold shift and click on any sim, you should come up with loads of options, next find "Spawn....." try and find something that says " Badge Juicer", click on it and somewhere near you, you should see a toy boat. Click on it and their should be " Set badge" "Increase badge" and more that you'll find out for yourself.
How to make your pregant sim where normal casual clothing
I dont know about you but i hate having my sims where maternity clothes so heres how to change that

1.)make sure your in neighborhood view, and type in boolProp testingcheatsenabled true

2.)then go into your families house and hold the shift button down and left click on the pregnant sim

3.)select spawn & then rodneys clothing tester (a clothing rack should appear)

4.)click on the clothing rack and selcect force redress

sadly you will have to click redress every time your pregnant sim changes.
How to make your sim never get old!
Are any of you worried because your sim is growing up really fast? and your sim is close to it's death?

well, heres a cheat to stop it from growing old!

1) press ctrl + shift + c
2) that chat thing will show up on the top, write aging off
3)Your sim will now never grow old and die

WARNING: if you have a family with more than 1 sim, and you activate this cheat, everyone in your family will not grow old. so if you have a baby, your baby will not grow

if you activated this cheat and you dont want it anymore, just press ctrl + shit + c again, then write aging on
now your sim will grow again,

if this doesn't work then i dont know whats wrong, it worked for me and my friends
Infinite Pizza!
Bring up the cheats box and type in

move_objects on

get a piece of pizza and when it's in your Sims hand hold onto the pizza and press shift and you should have clone of the pizza. You can eat it again and again.
Just a laugh
Get your sims to do a woohoo in a hotub, and enter the cheat moveObjects (dont worry about capitals), then go into buy mode and move one of the sims out of the hot tub and onto the deck. The sim will dive through the deck
First put the "move objects" cheat on then call a nanny. When she/he gets there go into "buy objects" then click on the nanny and delete her. Then next time when you call the nanny it will be the same Sim so just do that again.
Make your Sims Plants Be Thriving!
What you will need:
Greenhouse or Dirt for Plants
Make sure you have The Sims 2 Seasons
And boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

Press Ctrl+shift+c Enter boolprop testingcheatsenabled true Then Shift+click in the In the apple,orange or Lemon Tree then Select Make Harvestable. Maybe You will need to Do this a tew times.
1: open cheat box (ctrl+shift+c)
2: enter (boolprop testingcheatsenabled on)
3: view your sims' relationship, and with the sim you want to like, slide their bars to green. All the way green=best friends; Halfway or yellow=friends; All the way red= enemies
4: now talk to the sim and the relationship should change to whatever you slid the bar to
5: turn off the cheat (boolprop testingcheatsenabled off)

Now your sims should be friends (I tried this on Consort and Isabella and it worked like a charm)
No school - EVER!!!!!!!
Are your sim children and teens sick of going to school? Do you want more time than just the week days and holiday? Then I have the answer!!!!!

1) Pull up the cheat window
2) Type in ..... boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
3) Shift click on any sim
4) Go to 'Spawn...', then find 'scenario check'
5) You should see a bright yellow box appear near your sim
6) Swap to the child who no longer shall go to school
7) Click on the box
8) Choose 'Add me to Private School'
9) Once this is done, no more school!

Tip: The school panel might not change straight away, so go to needs pannel and back.

Voila! No more school!
Quick promotion
Tired of being at level 1? Get the cheat bar up and type the boolprop cheat and shift then click the newspaper and look at the menu
Set a sim's age without sim modder
How many of you don't have nightlife but want to use the sim modder? Here's a cheat for you. Pull up the cheat bar and type in "agesimscheat on". Now (left) click on your sim, and choose set age.
Have fun with this cheat!


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a little money
PasswordWhat it does
boolprop testingcheatsenabled trueturns advanced cheats on
familyfunds [household] [amount]sets your simeolons
moveobjects onlets you move objects anywhere you want
intprop censorgridsize [number]Removes censor when sims are naked remove them by typing 0
boolprop testingcheatsenabled falseturns advanced cheats off
familyfunds [household] [amount]Sets your simeolons
intprop censorgridsize [number]Removes censor when sims are naked
Cheat Box
Press Ctrl+Shift+C to open and repeat to close.
PasswordWhat it does
exitCloses the cheat window
expandExpands or contracts the cheat window
motherlodeGives the family currently being played §50,000
autopatch on/offDisplays available patches
kachingGives the family currently being played §50,000
helpDisplays all cheats
moveobjects on/offAllows the player to move and delete any item to any spot no matter what
vsync on/offIncreases the game's performance and lowers graphics
aging on/offTurns on or off aging in the game
StretchSkeleton [value]Makes your Sims taller or shorter
faceBlendLimits on/offTurns on or off facial bounding limits
boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/falseAllows for placing of objects outside of the provided grid
intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims [value]Changes the maximum number of Sims able to come to a party
boolprop constrainFloorElevation true/falseAllows the changing of floor tile elevation
clearClears all the cheat codes in the Cheat Box
slowmotion [value]Makes the game slow motion
boolprop lotTerrainLighting true/falseToggles whether lots are highlighted when the cursor runs over them in NM
boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoadsWithModel true/falseToggles bridges in NM
boolprop displayLotImpsters true/falseToggles house graphics in NM
boolprop displayNeighborhoodFlora true/falseToggles whether trees/plants are visible in NM
boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoads true/falseToggles whether roads are visible in NM
boolprop displayNeighborhoodProps true/falseToggles whether rocks/signs etc. are visible in NM
boolprop lotWater true/falseToggles water in lots on or off
boolprop lotTerrainPaints true/falseToggles floorpainting on lots on or off
boolprop carsCompact true/falseToggles how much detail cars have in NM
boolprop lotInfoAdvancedMode true/falseShows or hides information on lots
boolprop objectShadows true/falseToggles shadows on objects outside house
boolprop guob true/falseToggles shadows on objects inside houses
boolprop renderSelectedSimLevel true/falseToggle whether walls cut away to display selected Sim
boolprop displayPaths true/falseToggles whether path of where Sim is walking to is visible
boolprop displayLookAtBoxes true/falseToggles whether blocks appear on Sims faces matching where they're looking
boolprop simShadows true/falseToggles whether Sims have shadows
boolprop locktiles true/falseToggles floor tiles outside lots
RoofSlopeAngle [value]Changes the slope of a roof when building
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true/falseMust be enabled for all boolprop cheats to work
familyFunds [family's last name] [+ or - money value]Gives specified family money or takes money from specified family
unlockcareerrewardsUnlocks Career Rewards
deleteAllCharactersRemoves every Sim from the neighborhood
TerrainType [desert/temperate]Toggles between terrains
boolprop enablePostProcessing true/falseEnables or disables Post Processing cheat use
bloom rgb [value]Adds blur effect (PostProcessing)
vignette [value] [value] [value]Blur at the edge of the screen (PostProcessing)
filmGrain [value]Adds a grainy effect (PostProcessing)
letterBox [value]Adds a letterbox effect (PostProcessing)
-fFullscreen mode
-nosoundMutes the game
-wWindowed mode
-r[width]x[height]Change the resolution (in pixels)
ctrl + shift + cOpens the cheat box to enter any cheat
Shift + MDisables Debug Mode
forcetwinsForces a pregnant Sim to have twins
Shift + NEnables Debug mode in CAS which allows for extra outfits and special items
help [cheatname]Displays info on any given cheat
boolprop Allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation true/falseAllows for 45 degree angle rotation (diagonal)
maxmotivesFills up the selected Sim's motives
intProp censorgridsize [value]Changes the size of the censor used when Sims are naked
plumbobtoggle on/offEnables or disables display of the Plumbob
AspirationLevel [value]Allows for changing of a Sim's Aspiration Level
Get 999,999
To get alot of money you can enter the motherlode cheat but if you want a big amount it can get annoying having to type it so many times.
But you can get 999,999 quick without having to enter motherlode.
First, You need open for buisness.
Buy a lot and open up a store. Then, put something cheap on the ground like a gnome. Select it and set the price to 999,999.
Then put in boolProp testingheatsenabled true.
Press shift and click on a customer. Then click on MAKE SELECTABLE.
As the customer, go and click on the gnome and buy it. Go the the register and click pay for items. Just before they finish paying, press shift again and click MAKE UNSELECTABLE.
The Person will give you the money and you will have 999,999 dollars!
Youu can repeat this over and over, because there is no limit to the amount the customer has!
PasswordWhat it does
Make selectableallows you to control an NPC
Get rich, quick and easy.
In neighborhood mode, open the cheat bar (Control, shift, + c). Type familyFunds (Family Name) (amount of money you want).
FOr example, I would type:
familyFunds Smith 100000

Quick and Easy~
To get rich quick press 'ctrl shift c' at the same time and type into the bar
familyfunds(the family surname)and the amount of money you want them to have
ie. familyfunds(Smith)500000
Hope this helps xxx
PasswordWhat it does
Ctrl+Shift+CCheat bar
motherlodefree $50,000
kachingfree $1,000
Familyfunds *last name 1000000gives you 1 million simlonions
Never worry about their needs again!
okay... be kind for my first upload and sorry if you've heard this before
1. Ctrl+Shift+C for cheat bar (make sure your with the family you want to have unlimited needs and it can be paused or in normal mode)
2. select a family member and make sure you cannot see their needs
3. type into the cheat bar: maxmotives :this will make all of the sims in your family have maximum needs
4. immediately type in: motivedecay off :into the cheat bar (the cheat bar might have disappeared after the first cheat but just bring it up again)
5. if it was paused press play and if you have follow the steps correctly the whole family should have full needs that never go down until you restart game

**this can be done with: boolTest CheatEnabled true :entered into the cheat bar the holding shift and selecting the mail box then pressing: make all happy :then: make needs static : (<~~not sure about the make needs static but it does have the word static)

**You will need to do this every time there is a new family member
PasswordWhat it does
maxmoodturn up their mood


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Debug Mode - Create your sim with clothes that only NPC's can wear!
Ever wanted your sim to wear... a superhero costume? Ever wanted your sim to dress up as the Social Bunny? Ever wanted to dress up your sim in any clothes that only NPC's can wear? Now you can! Debug Mode let's you create your sims and make them wear clothes that only NPC's can wear, such as the Grim Repear costume.
UnlockableHow to unlock
NPC ClothesEnter boolprop testingcheatsenabled true into the cheat box and go to create family. Press SHIFT and N on anything.


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2 fun things
I know how to do 2 fun things the first one is:

to build a floating house you have to take those pillar things and make a square filled with them then put flooring on top of them. Now comes the ANNOYING part!!! Delete all the pillars and then finish your house a such. Don't add a front door that's useless just take normal steps and put them up to the house. And you have a floating house! TIP: do not spend to much time deleting the pillars you can see them perfectly in live mode.

the second one is:

to make a funny photo first tell your sim to do another thing with another Sim. When their in the middle of it pause the game and then type in the cheat "move_objects on" { without the """} then go into build or buy mode and move one of the sims away from the other an press "c" to take a photo but before you continue the game put them back the way they started because I manneged to have the man holding on to the womans feet continued and by the time they were done she was dead. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> AN EXTRA FUNNY PHOTO :take two sims who love each other and go under HUG and select LEAP INTO ARMS and do what I told you then the sim who was leaping into the others arms will be floating in mid air an the other will be looking like I don't know... WEIRD!!!! But remember put them back were they started.
4 stories, not 3
Did you know that you can make 4 stories? You can't get a roof but you don't need a roof since there is no weather (Sims 2 Seasons aside). No trick you have to do, just try it. You can make 4 stories.
A Fabulous Thing to Spice the game up
Something about me:I play the sims 2 often i have the Sims 2 open for business and the Glamor life
"Motherlode" is a popular cheat designed to give a sim 50,000 dollars. i love it.
The first thing you do is from the city view open the cheat box. "Ctrl+shift+C" type in "boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true" When Making sim mode: After dong the above. "shift+N" (Not in the cheat box.) and there will be a box READ IT.
When playing with Family of Choice.Hold shift and click on a specific person. there will be loads of things to do including giving your sim and mp3 player. and killing them dramatically.
Do all the above and when in th options there will be somthing saying
"*Plan outfit" Click it. But if you don't see it right away Click "More..."
I truly think that you will love this and if it doesn't work thats okay because this is the best game

A few cheats
1.Press ctrl+shift+C while you are in the neighborhood mode. A little white box should appear at the top of the screen.
Type "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true." in the box. (without quotes)
Go into your house and you should be able to drag your needs up or down, drag the relationship bars up or down too and you will be able to shift+click on an objects(or sim) and a list of options should come up.

2.When you are in live mode Press ctrl+shift+C and a box should appear. you can type- (without quotes)
"moveobjects on"- makes you able to move your sim.
"motherlode"- gives your family 50,000 simeleons.

That's about all I know...
Have fun!!!
A fun way of killing all the sims in your neighborhood!
Here is a way of killing all the sims in the neighborhood First, get the cheat box up (CTRL+C+SHIFT) and type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true'. Then, once you are on a family, hold down shift and click on the mailbox. Then choose 'Invite all neighbors'. After about a minute, all the neighbors will be on your doorstep! Then build a fence around them all... they will all be trapped! Muahaha!

NOTE: If you want to keep all the people in your neighborhood, don't save your game!
Have fun!
I absolutley LOVE playing sims 2 but i hate it when the toilets or shower or cooker get broken. Instead of getting the repair man in, go onto furniture and just sell it and buy a new one then i will be as good as new(well it will be new!)

Adopt a baby that looks like your sim!
Once again, no cheat box required.

Make another family, include a todler that looks like your other sim/sims. Then abuse it (alway fun... Tipo not make ANY of the sims in the family have a family aspiration.) The social worker will come and take it. Then go to the family you want to recive the baby. Adopt a baby and it will be the one created to look like your sim.
Alien Babies
To get an alien baby you must get one of your adult male family members abducted by aliens. To do this, stargaze or look into a telescope. There's a chance that they will be abducted. When they come back down they will be pregnant and a few days later, a little alien sim will be born.
An easy and amusing way to take care of a toddler
(this requires the sims 2 pets) First have your sim potty train your toddler. Then buy a dog bed, pet food bowl,a toy, and a potty training toilet. Fill up the pet food dish. Then controll the toddler she will sleep in the dog bed and eat the food out of the dog bowl! She will play with the toy and if you have a pet she will cuddle with it and her socialization will go up.
an easy way to find bella goth
its easy you can do this cheat anywhere all you do is write in the cheat bar boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then you click on add member to my family then click more then you should have the name Bella then she will show up.

hope you like this.
Annoying Clogged toilets!!!!
Well He's how you get your sims toilets unclogged
Get the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true in the cheat box (ctrl+Shift+c)
press enter. Then Shift+click in your sims Toilets Then press set Clogged State..... Then press Unclogged And ANNOYING TOILETS GONE

(this Cheat works in bath tubs and sinks too)
Another Way to Kill your Sim(s)
Another way to get rid of your sims is by telling them to get into the pool, and then go into buy mode, and delete all the stairs so that they can't get out. Then just wait until there energy goes all the way down to 0. Or just use the cheat and drag his energy all the way down.
Are your sims getting too old?
If your sims are getting too old and you want them to become younger, this is what you should do. If you have 30,000 aspiration points or more, you will see something under your aspiration rewards that says, "Elixir of Life". If you have enough aspiration rewards, buy it. Once you have bought the Elixir of Life, click on it and have your sim drink from it. MAKE SURE THAT THEIR ASPIRATION METER IS HIGH BEFORE YOU DO THIS. IF IT'S TOO LOW, THEY WILL BECOME OLDER. Once they drink from this, they should gain 3 days on their life. Hope this tip helped.
Art value!
It sounds cruel, but just get a Sim to raise their creativity skill to full, and then have them paint a bunch of paintings on the easel. Then kill the Sim. The already high value on the paintings will have just doubled.
ATTIC (no cheat requiered)
first build a house you want then place a slanting roof try the higher one then make stairs to the roof.
tada your attic is ready you can place windows and all expect of the hanging lights use the wall etc.
Bad school grades Tip
If your kid never does there homework and has bad grades, try this. Once they get home from school, have them do something fun like play pinball. Right after that, have them ask for homework help from an adult. (This way it goes faster.) Just continue this everyday and make sure that they don't miss school. Then they will have great grades.
Big Bucks
ok, here is how to set a baby on the road to sucess. buy the 3 toddler toys (xylophone thing, rabbit head thing, and the logic puzzle thing.) Have someone in the family feed the baby the smart milk (from asp. rewards) and have them play with the 3 toys, they will gain logic, charisma and creativity, perfect for a politics career. Once you have enough points that you want move on to the child stage and in your free time practice those skills and same in the teenager stage. When your an adult get a job in the politics career and you will skip the low jobs. My guy started making around $800 a day on his first day of work.

P.S. Make sure you make a lot of friends along the way, you need a lot to be in the politics carrer
Bored of waiting for the repairman?
5 steps to stop you waiting for the repairman when an item is broken
1. go into buy mode
2. click on the broken item
3. delete the broken item
4. buy the same item and put it were you want it
5. TADAA!! you didnt have to wait for the repairman! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Buying things to earn money!
Just buy lots of expensive paintings and sculptures and wait a while. Eventually the value can almost double. Then sell them. You'll end up with a lot more money than you had before.
Clogged toilets?
If you have clogged toilets and you don't want to unclog them yourself, try this. Go over to your phone and click, "services." Then click on "Repair Man." After this, then a repair man will come over to your house and unclog your toilet for you. Problem solved
Custom Painting
To decorate your house with custom artwork, first your sim must have a creativity level of 5 and be able to paint a still life.

Have your sim paint and a frame will appear that you can center on whatever you want to paint. If you want to paint a picture of something outside the Sims 2 game, just press C anywhere at this time to take a snapshot. This will pause the game.

Use Alt + Tab to exit the game, then open a picture program such as Paint and open the snapshot you just took, it will usually be in the folder: C:\My Documents\EA\Sims2\Storytelling\Snapshot.bmp

Then, you also have to open the picture you want to have in your game. If your picture is too large resize it so it will fit in the original snapshot from the game.

Copy your custom picture on to your snapshot from the game, then save the picture. Use Alt + Tab to get back to your game and your sim will start painting your own custom picture.

Using this trick you can put pictures of your friends or family, web pictures, or anything else in your Sims 2 game.
Custom Paintings!!!
people think you have to pause, exit and more confusing stuff to make a custom painting but here is an easy way:

1. befor you start the game go in to the sims 2 folder (usually in my documents) and then go to the paintings folder.
2. go on google or bing (whatever search engine you use) and search for an image you like e.g. the hunger games and make sure its portrait size and copy and paste into the paintings folder.
3. Go on the sims 2 and before you go onto a family press ctrl alt c and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and then gpo into your family.
4.there should be a code in the right corner of your screen you can now drag up your needs and relationships. go to the work section and you should be able to drag up your skills drag your creativity skill up to 10 and buy an easle and then select custom painting.
5. a screen should come up with a few pictures one of them should be yours select it and then let your sim paint it and VOILA!!! you have custom paintings
Days off work, no hassle
Ok, this cheat involves using the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true cheat, but dont worry to much, you can turn it off almost straight away if you want.

have you ever wanted to keep you sim home from work for one days? maybe to make friends or gain skills, but if you skip work one more time you'll be fired? well not a problem!

once the cheat [boolprop testingcheatsenabled true] is activated, shift click your sim and select "spawn... tombstone of L and D [life and death]"
select the option to make your sim pregnant (male or female! haha) and then select "speed up my pregnancy".
you see, your sim gets given 3 days maternity leave when they fall pregnant, but if you speed up the pregnancy, you only use about one of those days! the rest stay there.
also, once the baby is born you get more maternity days! so shift+click the baby and select "make selectable" twice, select the baby and then click on the tombstone and click "age cinematic"
then you can age the toddler to a teenager and move them out, or kill them or keep them, whatever.

a lot of people say that the capitals in cheats matter. THEY DONT. seriously, its not case sensitive.
and a LOT of people have given the warning the if you delete a sim with the moveobjects on cheat, NOT TO SAVE OR YOUR SIM IS GONE FOREVER!!! DUN DUN DUN!
if you save then exit to the neighbourhood, go back into the house, THEYRE BACK! VIOLA! just as if they moved in there too! fresh as daisies with perfect happiness <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


thats uh, all for now X'D

Debug ModeListen to music included with game
First, open your The Sims 2/TSData/Res/Sound directory. The names of radio stations, plus a few more including Build mode and Neighborhood music should be here in *.package files. Copy and paste the file corresponding to whatever you want to listen to into another folder. Rename it from [File].package to [File].mp3. You can now listen to the sound/songs included in the file.
Doggy Toddler!
Okay, make sure you have the sims two pets expansion pack. Then, your toddlers can sleep in the doggy bed! No more expensive cribs!
Don't do this!
If you are inviting your childs Headmaster for dinner and the parents are Woohoo - ing the Headmaster will say somethin' like this family is not fitted for a private school. He will also say that you don't have C or higher grades.
Don't do this!
One day when I had just discovered the move_items on cheat, one of my sims died. So I decided to be stupid and sell the Grim Reaper. (For $0) Bad idea. It wouldn't let me save, go to the neighborhood, or exit! You can get out of that by ctrl+alt+delete, which I did. xD
Don't Get Caught Cheating!
Ever get tired of your sim getting caught cheating on his or her spouse? Fear not! I have the answer! Create a room with no windows and a put the cheapest door you can find on it. Select the sim you don't want to see you cheating and move him or her inside the window-less room. Then pause the game and go into buy or build mode. Delete the door. The annoying sim is now trapped in there! DON'T PUT ANY WINDOWS ON THE ROOM OR THE SIM MIGHT NOTICE THE CHEATING!! After you're finished with the cheating, put a door back on the room and let your sim out.
Download Sites : )
Okay well if you need any Download Sites for your sims 2 here they are : )


: )
Driveways for Nightlife
Dont put the move_objects on cheat when putting down a driveway!! I learnt about that the next day, when the night before I spent about 5 minutes trying to put a driveway down!!
Ok before you build a house and lay down a floor take the shovel tool and dig a giant hole in the middle of the ground and turn on the move objects cheat. Wait for someone to walk to your house and put them in the hole. Congrats you've got a dungeon!
Easy A+
Kids getting crap marks? Do the boolprop thing, and find any other random passing sim, hold shift and click them, choose MAKE SELECTABLE and tell them to do the homework. Then, do the same thing and click make unselectabe, and tada! Better, easy grades!!!
Easy Job Money
Wanna make more money from your job with out having any skills or friends? All you have to do is get that level 1 promotion. Then if you have the skills keep going until you don't have the nessissary skills. At that point get another job. This will allow you to get the bonuses day after day after day and you don't have to loose any time.
Easy way to paint walls and cover your floors
When you want to paint your walls or cover your floors, simply do this. Put the mouse on the bit of flooring or walls in that room that you want to cover and press SHIFT and then click.

I hope this worked!!! Happy Simming! Holly =)
elixir of life cheat.
your elixir of life empty? press ctrl shift and c at the same time and then type in the box 'boolProp testingcheatsEnabled true' shift and click the elixir of life empty container and click 'force error' the glass will appear empty, but your sim will be able to keep using it!
Empty fridge?
If your going to get something from the fridge and it's empty... do this. Instead of calling delivery groceries and waiting a long time before they get here, go to buy mode. Sell your current fridge and just buy another one in it's place. It's full of food and your ready to go.
Family in a minute
Not really in a minute but still, go into the sim you want to have a family, if you have your eye on a already made sim that shows up at community lots then go to a community lot, or create a sim and put them in the same household.
Community Lot sim: OKay when you choose which house hold to control type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' then click on the sims house who you want the family for, go to any comunity lot and wait there for the female/male sim you want arrives,
TIP: If you sim is getting teird hungry etc. just go to the stats and just click the end of them it will instantly make your character good again.
When they arrive right click them you will see different actions click the one that saids 'Make sim selectable' then you should be able to control both the sims, get the sims to talk only once so they have mert, then go into the realationships, do what you did with stats, find that sim and make their relationship bar all the way green.
WARNING!: Be sure to do the relationship boost with both sims, on both bars otherwise it won't work!
so get your sims to talk then kiss etc. they will fall in love you could try just having them kiss heaps they should fall in love with 1-4 kisses, after that right click the sim you had met at the community lot and click 'make un-selectable' you won't be able to control them but they will still be in love with your sim,
go back to your sims house and call the other sim, when they come propose to them and then marry them, you can then start a family, there are two ways to have them have a baby.
1: Have them 'Try for baby' in a bed or photobooth or car etc. until you hear a lullaby.
2: Right click the mail box and click 'Simulate genetic merger with...' and choose the married sim, your female sim will become pregnant,
now if you want a big family like 10 kids you need to right click either sim and choose 'Spawn' then 'Tombstone of L & D' (life and death) then click the sim that is pregnant and it is either on the Tombstone of L & D or the sim you click either the tombstone or right click the sim and go trhough the options till you see 'Speed up my pregnancy' click that then she will have the baby faster a.k.a around 5 sim hours, make sure before she has the baby you right click her or the tombstone and click 'Make me pregnant with Twins' (or soemthing like that), she will have twins, then when they are born right click the babies and click 'Birthday' (or soemthing like that) and then they will grow up when an adult sim helps them, from then on you do that until they get to the age you want and repeat that baby making process for a big family.
Just type in familyfunds (Last Name) (amount).
It can be up to 1,000,000.
Example: familyfunds Cunningham 1000000.
Fast Potty Training
How to potty train in 1 time
Drive to a comuntity lot and enter this: boolprop testingcheatsenebled true
Drive home
Click the red toilet and potty train the todler.
When the blatter bar goes green, drag it back to red while the toddler is stilll sitting on it.
Keep doing this untill the blue bar is at the top.

Hope this helps!!!
Fast Potty Training! (Cheat Required)
Everyone knows that potty training is a pain in the butt, because it takes so long. But this is a way to make it shorter <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Step 1: Go into Buy Mode and buy about 5 or 6 training potties. Put them all in a line.
Step 2: Buy the smartmilk maker from the aspiration points, and give your child a bottle from it.
Step 3: Type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' in the cheat bar (ctrl+shift+c)
Step 4: Click on a potty and select potty train child. Do the action over and over. (To make it much quicker, every time your toddler uses the potty, slide down the bladder health bar, making the learning bar go up faster.)
Step : Instead of emptying the potties, shift click on the used potties and click force error. Select 'reset' and keep going round the line!

Hope this helps! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Fast Pregnancy
Are you tired having to what three days for your Sim to give birth? If you want a fast pregnancy type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true on the cheat bar. Then click on the Sim who it pregnant and click on the Tombstone L and D. Click More.. until you see Speed Up My Pregnancy. Walla!! You should have the kid in less then a day.
Fast Ticket to Death
This is a really quick way to kill an unwanted Sim.

In the neighbourhood bring up the cheat box and type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' (obviously without the marks). Then go to the house where the Sim that you want to die lives, drag his/her 'hungry' bar right down then wait for a couple of seconds for them to die. You can still beg their life back by a loved one if you want and this works for any age, except babies, although I havnt tried.

This is a really quick and easy way to get the Want of 'Cheat Death' or whatever it is.

faster money (NO CHEATS)!!!
It goes like this: get someone into a lot, make another sim and put him in the same lot, you pooted the 1st one, and you earned 20000$, so now you have 40000$. Now get 1 of the 2 sims to move out and he'll be on the family bin with NEW 20000$. Move him in the same lot again and now you have 60000$!!! keep repeating on that, 'till you get more and MORE money!
Faster skill points
Combine reward items to make skill points faster e.g. wear the thinking cap whilst feeding smart milk to a toddler and when you are training your toddler to walk or talk or whatever it will get trained faster. Hope this helps.
Fill every sims mood in juss a move!
every time you move, your family gets full good moods. if your sims get really bad moods and it is really hard to get them to do all of the things you want them to do that you think will make them happy, just move.
For poor sims
For poor sims: Buy a bookshelf. when your sim gets the book to study or read or watever stop them in the middle of their reading and they should put the book on the floor you can get as many books on the floor and when your done sell the book shelf. The books should still be there on the floor! Just as long as you sell the bookshelf on the same day you get it you can get amoutn of cash you bought it for. you can also use other things for one day as much as you need them and sell them on the same day and get all of your money back.
(This tip may be more for people who don't really like to use the motherlode cheats and other money cheats because it takes some fun out of it)
full skills
First bring up the cheat box and type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" (no quotes) then buy a exercise machine, bookcase, chess table, piano. put the game on very fast then let em get full on 1 skill make them change (to get up cookin cleanin and mechanical study a book for body use an exercise machine for logic use the chess table and for the creativity play the piano) but when your sim goes yello on needs hold shift and click on the letterbox then click the option make all happy, you will need to this alot when they are gettin up body. good luck
Full skills in a few seconds!!!!
ok if you want full skills/personality on your sims just click on the lot you want to enter. Once there enter the "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" thing and exit that lot. When at the neighborhood click on the same family and reenter the lot. Then simply go to the skills chart and click and hold then slide up the skills.
Fun way to kill sims
Ok, this is really fun. (sorry if it's already been posted) Pick a sim to kill, not baby or todder, you can see them die(I usually call a nanny) or if you like all your sims, and want to keep your worker type "BoolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true" shift+ sim -spawn-tombstone of L and D- pick a sim and click on the tombstone-get new: Baby, toddler, child, teen, adult, elder. Make a square (one of the squares of the graph) with a gate. still in buy/build mode bring up the cheat box and type "move_objects on" pick up the sim and place in the box. Then have another sim cook something, then do somethingelse. While cooking sim is away go to buy/build mode and pick the stove upi and put in square with trapped sims. You'll see half a body, or just a head (deppending on what age the sim is) sticking out of the stove. Make sure you make the cooking sim stop cooking whenever the "cook" icon pops up (Make sure you turn off the move_objects on code but typing "move_objects off" in the cheat box, it could mess up your objects/buildings in your lot.) Then watch the sim burn and die.
Fun Way to Murder A Sim
This is one of my favorite ways to kill a Sim!
No skill points are required.

-Build a SMALL room (but large enough to fit 5 appliances) with a door and add carpet and some cheap paintings.
-Put a fridge and four ovens in the room.
-Make your victim go inside the room (You must have a door for this to work successfully)
-Click on each oven and make the sim cook something (TV Dinners always work well).
Do this to each oven but DON'T allow your Sim to take the food out of any of the ovens.

The food will burn and start fires! Even if the door is there, your Sim will be screaming in terror so will not leave the room! Watch your Sim burn in the fire! It's better to have a cramped room so the Sim can't take cover in a corner.

**It's important to have a door because even after the Sim has died, small fires will remain in the room because of carpet. Since Build and Buy Mode are disabled, you won't be able to buy or sell anything until the fire goes out (never!) so you will be able to have another Sim extinguish the small fires because of the door.**

*If you use move_objects on, you can pick up a Sim and place it on the oven before starting the cooking. This is a great way to kill toddlers and children.
Funny way to Die
You must have two Sims that can already make out. Make sure you have "move_objects on" (w/o ") on when you do this. Then go out into an open area with plenty of room. (Backyard perhaps?) Then have the two Sims make out and pause in the middle of it. When you pause it, they should be in mid-makeout. With the cheat already on, go to the buy mode and move one of the Sims around the other so that when you are done, it is horizontal and attached to the other Sim. Now you unpause. When you are back in motion, the sim still standing should be lassoing or twirling the sim on its side. they will do this for about 20 seconds, and when it is over, the Sim being lassoed will disappear.
Get Deliveries Without Getting Out Of The House
Activate the cheat 'moveobjects on'. Then, call the pizza man or the grocery guy, When they arrived, do not get out from the house. Get to Buy Mode and snatch the delivery or pizza away from the guy and put it on the table or floor. The guy will not ring the bell and will leave your house.
Get into private school easy
First go into ure neighborhood and bring up the cheat box. Type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true. (Exactly like that) then go into someone's home and invite the headmaster. When the headmaster shows up greet him and then shift click on him and press make selectable then pull up the relationship bar with the person who greeted the headmaster. Then give the headmaster a friendly hug with the person he likes. Then they will become best friends and the schmooze points will go up to 60 then u have just 30 more points to go. Then have the person they like give them a tour if he likes 3 rooms then it will add 30 points that will bring it up to 90 the tour will end and then the head master will shake his head and u will be accepted into private school, then shift click on him again and make him unacceptable and he will leave.
Get rid of those pesky ghosts!
Are you being scared witless by a invisible being?
If so then there is an easy way to banish the spector. Press CONTROL+SHIFT+C and type in moveobjects 1, then delete the ghosts gravestone and VOILA! GONE!
Get rid of Thoses Nasty plates
Ok First you put up the cheat box with Shift ctrl C then tipe in Move_objects on then you Pick up the plate and put it under the trash can outside Play the game pause the game then check under the trash can and its gone it realy works i do it all the time

Happy simming
Get Rid Of Vampires FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know what to do if you don't want to be a citizen of the night- avoid becoming BFF with the Grand Vampires who lurk downtown at night. Your sim refuses to go out at night because of their fear of Vampires. Don't avoid them- banish them forever.

What you have to do, is get a Vampire-Fearless Sim to pick up the phone and go to "Manage Groups". Then create your group and name them "The Vampires". Put ALL Vampires in the town in the group, and include yourself in it (Duh, or it wont work). Wait till night falls at 19:00. Then pick up the phone again and go to "Invite Group Over" and go to "Just For Fun". When you have the message that they are coming, pick up the phone, go to Service and ask for the Gypsy Matchmaker to come over. Pretty soon, both Vampires and Matchmaker will arrive. Immeadietaly go to Buy Mode and purchase chairs (You know the ones where you can join em to make a huuuge sofa), a piano, and a dartboard. Now, come out of BUY MODE and enter boolProp testingcheatsenabled true. Shift click on each Vampire, and go to MAKE SELECTABLE. Say you have six vampires. Make one play the Piano, two play darts and three sit on the sofa. Then make the Gypsy matchmaker selectable and let her stand there. One by one, get each Vampire to go up to her, buy one bottle of Vamporocillin-D and get them to drink it. When the Vampire is cured, go to BUY MODE and enter move_objects on. Delete the vampire and repeat with each Vampire (cancelling whatever action they are doing first). When the last vampire is deleted, delete the matchmaker and cary on as if nothing had happened.

x x Happy x Simming x x
Chanelle x
Get the benefits of a book for free!
All you have to do is go to Buy Mode and purchase a book shelf. Have a sim take a book out and place it on the ground. Then sell the book case. You get all your money back and the book will still give you the benefits.
Get University sims pregnant
yes you have been wondering for ages... how do i make my student sim pregnant? well i'll tell you...

1.make sure the "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true"(without quotations) cheat is on.(this has to be done outside of your sims home in the neighbourhood to properly work.)

2.enter your sims homes.(it don't matter if they are a guy or a girl, but chick's are more realistic.)

3.shift-click on them and select "spawn" then select the tombstone of life and death.(a grave with no writing on it should appear.)

4. click on the grave and select "more". then select "simulate genetic merger with", and click on the sim of your choice.(one time when i did this, it came up with a toy car, so i selected it lol)

5. when you hear the music, you know your sim is pregnant. you can speed up this process by clicking on the grave and searching for "speed up pregnancy" with the pregnant sim.

6. you can also change their clothing as well! you can change it to any type of clothing but there are 4 dresses that i pick when my sim is pregnant because they show the stomach and it looks realistic. all you need to do is get the clothing tester from spawn and force redress, if you have bought the dresses, you can plan the pregnant sim's outfit by clicking on the clothing rack and selecting plan outfit!

hope this help for all sim lovers!!!
Get your kid back from the Social Worker
Did you get your newborn, toddler or child taken away? Heres steps to easily get them back.

1. Make a new family in Create-A-Family.

2. Make an adult woman and an adult man and make them spouses in the family tree.

3. Move them into a house they can afford.

4. Have them adopt the child you got taken away.

5. Move them out of their house and move them into the house with the kid's parents.

6. You have your kid back! Move the new family out and leave them in the Family bin should you lose your child again.

This cheat has been submitted to many websites by me, and it has helped many users (e.g. newborn twins taken away).

Have fun with your kids, and MAKE SURE to take care of them. If you don't want to risk losing them again, hold down CONTROL and SHIFT and then tap C. The cheat window should pop up. Then type in "maxmotives" (without the quotation marks) and then press ENTER. This cheat resets all needs to the maximum, thereby temporarily stopping the possibility of the Social Worker coming and taking the child.
Getting Married Resets Pregnancy
If you and another sim "Try for Baby" without being married and you successfully get pregnant, when you finally get married (not the engagement, the actual marraige) it will reset the pregnancy when the newly married pregnant woman moves into the home. This means if she is on the last day of pregnancy, she will start over to the first day of pregnancy. This is a really strange thing that her belly goes down and then pops back up.
getting tired of typing cheat codes???
heres how:

first show the cheat box by pressing:(ctrl+shift+c).
thenpress tab continiously, while you are pressing tab one a time you will notice that cheat codes will appear randomly.............(to change cheat code, press tab one more time.....

hope you'll find this useful..............

rock daddy
Grim Reaper Statue Easy
Go into buy mode or pause and Ann Press ctrl,Shift,C type in move_objects on into the cheat menu.Kill One of your sims that you don't want if ur killing a sim that you wanna keep make sure that there is someone very close to them that can plea to the grim reaper then as soon as you see the grim reaper Go To Buy Mode Pick Him Up Make Sure You Have Done The Cheat in the cheat box you must do that for it to work pick him up and hold down shift. Without letting go of shift, put your Grim Reaper back down and you should be holding a clone of your Grim Reaper then place him where you want him then plea to the real grim reaper to save ur love one u better hope that they love them as much as you think they do otherwise ur sim is gone. Or a better way kill a neighbour walking past. But sometimes if will be one of your other sims from a different family so be carefull there.?Note: You cannot control the grim reaper, but it is still really fun and like i did i made two of them and put them as stuates at my sims house really fun.
Grimreaper Controlable
Create a family and when you are happy with all the charactures create a roomie that is just a wast of space. get in a house and (with boolproop TestingCheatEnabled true) kill the waste of space. when the grim reaper appears to take him/her, talk to him with one or more charactures. then go to the post box, shift-click and select "add to family" or whatever it is. Just select Grim Reaper.
Have A Grilled Cheese Aspiration!
I'm going to tell you another useful cheat, with a help from one of my favorite sims, Celeste. I accidently made Celeste a money aspiration sim when I wanted her to be a family aspiration sim. Thank god for cheats.

1. First, get the cheatbox. Press ctrl, shift, and cat the the same time. Enter cheat, boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. If you already have done this, skip this step.

2. Now, shift left click an adult sim. Say, Celeste. Scroll over to Spawn, press it, and looked for Sim Modder.

3. When you press the Sim Modder, you will see a a cute standing white baby somewhere. This is not your baby, it is not living, nor are you responsible for it. It's sort of, frozen. Anyways, just click it.

4. Look for the Aspirations... button. Press it. If you live with a lot of sims, or if they're is just a sim strolling by, you'll see they're names.

5. Press Set Me(Celeste or whatever you sims name is). Now you can change your aspiration! They're are also unfamiliar aspiration like, Grilled Cheese Aspiration! HA.

6. Have fun!
You need nightlife 4 this. Buy the wierd electro dance sphere. Type in Moveobjects on. Buy a chair of summit and place it near the electro dance sphere (don't place it, just hover it round it) and it will be on a diagonal! But it only works on sum stuff hope u like this cheat!!!!!!
Having a nanny with parents still home.
Tired of taking care of your whiny sim toddler/baby? All you need to do is make your sims spouse get a job and then call a nanny and select track schedule. She will come whenever the spouse goes to work even if your sim is still home. This is especially helpful if your sim is pregnant and already had a young sim to take care of. While the nanny handles the baby, your sim can sleep and eat (The most important parts of pregnancy)
Okay, so i'm sure that you all know of the cheats, the cheat box window, and also how to access the cheat window. Even if you don't, i'll tell you. Alright, let's start with the basics. To open the cheat window, pres and hold Ctrl-Shift-C. Then,you can type in LOTS of cheats from familyfunds (family name here)(money amount here) to moveobjects on ... BUT!, Before you type anything into the cheat box, you MUST type in
boolprop testingcheatsenable true (< JUST LIKE THAT
Higher Success Chance For Pregnancy
When trying to get someone pregnant, always have the man as the selected character and have him click on the women to try for a baby. For some perculiar reason this always increase the success rate.
Higher than level 4 house
There is a cheat called "setHighestAllowedLevel" or something along those lines, you can see it if you type "Help -all" in the cheat menu. If you type the cheat then type in any number, you can have that many levels in your house. The only problem is that because of the levels the camera has to go very high to see the top floor so it's kind of "jumpy" (you'll see what i mean).

Also you can have 999,999 easy. Type "familyfunds (Your sim's family's name) 999999". This works for any number so if you wanted a really poor sim you could do that also.
Home Alone Kids!!
If you want your kids to be all alone have the parent hire a nanny when she comes put a baby or toddler or something to make her go in the middle of the yard. Then when she is not close to anything pause the game and build a wall around her with no doors and VIOLA your home alone.
Home Alone Teenagers
I think this is the easiest way to have a teenager family.

in create a family make as many teenagers as u want, then make one adult, return to neighbourhood, buy a lot or house, move family into lot, enable the cheat ''moveObjects on'' go into bye mode and delete the adult. And voila! a teenage family...EnJoY!!
House of kids (not the goat kind)
This is basic.

First you'd need to have boolprop code on.

Second (or first whichever way you prefer) make a family of teens/children/maybe get a baby but have atleast one teen (it does help) and one adult.

Once in the house kill the adult whenever.

I had three teens and a child and todler.

Apart from the mourning they should be able to live fine.

You may need to look out for ghosts though.

Teens help with caring for the younger siblings/cousins.
How To build a Basement! It's AWESOME
Build a deck.
The remove the inside of the deck.
Like for example remove the whole inside leaving only an outline of The deck.
the easily Click on the stair button and click and drag the stair.

You should be deeper into the ground.
After that go to the terrain tool.
Onto the leveling things.

On the first item on the leveling tool it should be able to level stuff but first it turns green.
Select the tool.

It shouldn't be the tool that raises oor lowers the terrain.
Now once you have selected that on the bottom of your stairs click and drag it into the basement area.

The basement should now be leveled by the stair.
You can tell if a sim can enter in the basement by testing it.

Select an item and if you're able to fit it then you are able to build a basement!

And the deck walls should be able to painted.
so they act like real walls.
But you can't put wall lamps on it.
If you want to add wall lamps just build a wall around the area you want your sims to have a basement in.

If you wna tto cover the big hole on the deck that your basement takes up just simply first add floors to your deck.
Like change the floors.
and after you do that the grid should be able to show over the deck so no big hole!!

Tada your first basement!
Or SEcond.
Or good one I guess.
If you need help
Email me at
Or Add me on MSN
Either one.
But i might have to delete you after.
How to divorce your sims.
If you want your sims to get a divorce, here's what you have to do. Start one of the sims in a relationship with another sim. Not in the family. Make them like each other. Once your sim likes another sim other than their spouse, Start making out with that sim in front of your spouse. This will get your current spouse mad. Click on your current spouse and click, "Break Up". This is how you can have your sims get a divorce. Or you can just have them fight all the time and the same thing will happen.
How to Do Things Without Boolprop
Well I know boolprop can be a magic eraser so here are some boolprop free cheats:
-When you want to delete homework use the sledgehammer icon.
-You can do the same thing for your mailbox so no bills.
How to easily get pregnant
Getting men pregnant is easy. You might get him abducted to get alien pregnant but there is another cheat or way to do that.
Type 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true'no quotes after you have opened the cheat box(if by any silly reason you don't know, to open the cheat box you press ctrl+shift+c. Kindly tell me if something is wrong. Then after doing that mumbo jumbo, shift+click any sim and go to the option spawn... and then choose tombstone of L and D(life and death). The tombstone will appear near the selected sim. Select the sim you want pregnant and click(click! not shift+click) the tombstone and click more... then make me pregnant with...(select sim)and the selected sim is pregnant with the sim you chose. To make him/her alien pregnant, instead of choosing make me pregnant with..., choose make me alien pregnant and to make him/her give birth faster, choose speed up my pregnancy instead of the other two options. After a while, the pregnant sim will whine or somwthing like that and her stomach will bulge and she/he will change into her/his maternity clothes if it is the first time ( by that I mean the first time she/he whines). She/he will do that two times but on the second she/he won't change into maternity clothes since he/she is already wearing it. On the third whine, he/she will give birth to either an alien or an ordinary baby. Occassionally, he/she will have twins. GOOD LUCK!!!
How to get a child into private school the long way
First, create two new rooms and type in about 12 motherlodes into your cheat bar. Then fill the rooms with the most expensive furniture in the catalogue, make sure you don't overload it. Then invite the Headmaster around. You must have a Sim with a very high cooking skill. If you don't, before you invite the headmaster read up on cooking and get a level 7, 8, 9 or even 10 to really boost it. Then you are ready to get prepared. Serve a perfect meal, if its burnt the first time cook it again. It's good to have two adult Sims because then one can keep the headmaster entertained the other can cook.

After you've served a good meal place it on your dining table and dress up in your formal clothes. If you don't have much kids furniture add some more. Make the house look prettier. When the headmaster comes at 5pm greet him and make your Sims chat up to him. The child should be eating dinner then getting ready for bed by then. Ask the headmaster for a tour then show him the fancy rooms you made earlier. End the tour if you don't want to show him any other rooms. Invite your family to dinner and the headmaster should like what you cooked up for him. Keep him entertained. There should be a butler hired to walk around and clean, because that will make you look more posh. DO NOT dismiss the butler.

After that socialize with him but don't be mean. Find out his interests before conversing about things that some Sims dislike. Discover his traits! Next, use boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and pull up your bar with him to full so your very good friends. Afterwards when you've finished, you'll be bound to have your Child in private school!
How to get a dream date, without doing anything!!!
First, type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true", after this meet a girl/boy, you want them to fall in love with AT A COMMUITY LOT. You should be able to move up all bars, relationships, motives, skills, personality. But all you have to do is either, hold shift and click on the other sim and press "Make Selectable" and you can be them or hold shift and click on them and find "set score...." at the end and you can either make it a dream date, great, alright, good, bad, awful..... you get the point. Enjoy and i hope this make your teens love life better.
How to get a kid if your adopted one got tooken away!
Don't feel like having kids with someone and taking forever or using cheats? If you had an adopted kid and for some reason or another it got taken away and they won't let you adopt another, Exit your house (Save first) and go to create a family. Make an adult (Either gender) and a toddler/kid/teenager you want (Make sure at the end to relate them as the adult is their parent so you can save the family). Then make the families last name the same as the sim who is living in your current house. Save the family, Click them and add them to the same house as your current person, Kill the adult/ Make them "Find own place" by going to the computer or newspaper with that sim and viola! Your own kid!
how to get a man pregant
to get your man pregant get the cheat code up then type in boolprop testingcheatsenabeled true then click on the gravestone of L&D then click on the man and then on the grave stone go to spawn then click on the person you want a baby with the if u want him to have the baby faster click speed my pregance then the bump will get bigger and bigger then he will have the baby not the woman!!!
How To Get A Pet Penguin!!!

Build A House And Put A Roof On It (DURR)
And The Build A Separate House (About 6x6 Depending On You Lots Actual Size)With NO Roof!!!
Wait Till It Snows (Easy Way, Go To The Neighborhood And Click On The Seasons And Change Them All To Winter After It Snows You Can Change It Back)
Then Put A Roof On The Snow House And Make A Snow Man (Also If You Make A House 2 Story's The Make The Snow House 2 Also, And Don't Make The Second Story With A Floor For The Snow House)
Then Put An Arch Way On The Snow House So Easy Access (LOL), Then Wait A Little Bit And Then A Penguin Will(SHOULD)Show Up!!!!!!

Have Fun And Happy Simming!!!!
And Have Fun With A Penguin!!!!!
How to get a robot slave!
Exactly what the title suggests!
Have you ever wanted a robot on your sims experience? Something that will do all the chores with no complaint, will never age and best of all can be a great substitute for a spouse? Now you can, and all you need is one cheat.

Open your cheat box and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
Once you've got the cheat simply press shift and click on your sim. Find spawn, click on it and then find new servo. Click on that and a strange metal screwball will appear. Click on it and let the fun ensue. Choose a male or female robot and enjoy effortless gameplay. You're servo needs no food just to recharge via sunlight every now and then and to get plenty of social attention and some fun. If you're free will is turned on your servo will automatically do the 'chores' in your house with no complaint.

BONUS: you can also make your servo a vampire! That's right, just get a vampire to bite it and it gets red eyes, fangs and can do all the things a vampire can, especially getting burnt in the sun!!!

WARNING: keep your servo away from water, and pools, if it swims, it goes crazy, lack of power will result in an uncooperative potentially dangerous servo. You have been warned!
how to get annoyed really fast!
first start in the neighborhood view and enter the cheat enabler (seen in above and below cheats) then pick the house you want to go to. use shift-click on the mailbox and invite all your neighbors. then when everyone is there, shift-click on your sim and click on spawn. under spawn click on sim modder and use it to up everyone\'s points. what\'s really annoying about that you ask? click on it under relationships and click on all to all-loves. wait for it to kick in and you\'ll hear harps for about 5 minutes. Mine did anyways.
How to get as many days off of work as you want. no cheats
Have you used all off your vacation days? or were you stuck home calling the nanny for your toddler? If you missed the carpool and are now late for work just go to the phone, and click "call..." then "work..." then "call in sick" or something like that. your sim will get to watch TV or something while everyone at work thinks your sick in bed!
How to get badges without having to work for them
Ok first of all make sure you have seasons,
Then you hold shift+Ctrl+C and a white bar should appear at the top of the screen.
Type in BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true
then hold shift and click on your sim. It should say spawn.
Click on Spawn and then go more and then click on badge juicer
Click on badge juicer and then a little boat should appear on the ground
Click on the boat and go Set Badge
All of the badge names should appear
Click on Flower arranging for example and go Gold and you should have the gold badge for flower arranging. You can then do that for every badge and you should end up with 9 badges, (If you want them all)

Have fun xx
How to get Bella Goth without cloning!
Ok, so the thing is everyone goes to the WRONG TOWN to find her. go to STRANGE TOWN. make a family and move them somewhere, now give them a phone. Ok, open up the cheat window (ctrl+shift+c) and then type in "boolprop TestingCheatsEnabledd true" JUST like that, but no quotation marks. no hold down shift and click the mailbox, go to neighborhood, then make me know everyone. now look through the relationships section of your sim she will be there. Now use the phone to manage groups and make a group with you and Bella in it. then invite the group over, and she will come.
NOTE: she has no memories but the standard "mystery sim" stuff.
still don 't Believe its true? on that picture you see on the town story, the picture with the alien making BBQ? there is a girl, with brown hair, and brown eyes and a face, JUST LIKE Bella does when you see her pic in her husbands relationship section. TRY IT!
Happy simming!
How to get fit without working out
What you do is type in
BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true - to get the cheat bar up type shift+Ctrl and C then a white bar should appear at the top of the screen.
Then hold shift and click on the sim you want to be fit/muscly
It should come up with *Change fit
Click on that and then it should say get thin or get fat
clik on get thin and then your sim should be muscly

P.s Make sure that your sim isn't doing anything at the same time you click cos it might not work.

Happy Simming! xoxo
How to get just teens with no adults and without killing anyone or moving anyone out
make an adult sim move them onto a lot then open up the cheat box ( ctrl + shift + c ) then type in Boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true then shift click on ur sim. then click spawn then keep looking until u find 'sim modder' click it. then you just look at all the different options you have click the one, i think it says, age or something like that, then click me(simsname) then click teen elder child or toddler
How to get teen sims pregnant
The first thing you need is an adult sim and at least two sims on your lot. (don't worry your sim will be a teen when we're done with them)

First get up the cheat box and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
After you've done that press shift and click on your selected sim and find spawn, click that and then find the sim modder, click on it and you should see a dummy of a baby on the floor near your sim appear.
Using the adult sim you want to be a pregnant teen, use them and click on the modder and press set age and then teenager, your adult sim will then digress into a teen.
After this bring up your cheat box once more and type in move_objects on once you've done this go onto furniture mode and delete your now teenage sim.

DON'T PANIC! Your sim will be deleted, this is why we need that other sim I was talking about. Use that sim to press shift and click on your bin outside your house.
There'll be a few options but you need to click reset age duration, this will bring your sim back, but with benefits! When your sim returns they'll look like a teenager but the computer will think that it's an adult, the timeline will even say they're an adult, that means a teenage sim that won't go to school, can get married and best of all, can get pregnant! (NOTE: unless you do the same thing with a male sim your sim can only hit on adults.)

ENJOY your teenage pregnancies!
how to get your sim back if u accidentally force error and have to delete it.
I found out that you can get your sim back if you accidentally delete it from force error. Just goto the cheat box, type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" without the quotes and then shift+Click your sim and goto spawn. Click tombstone of L+D. Once you have that click it and click add family member. It should have your deleted sims name as an option. select it and voila! your old sim is back
How to get your sims cleaning skill up(NO CHEATS)
First make lots of sims go to the toilet(makeing a big family helps)
Stop them about half way through
Make sure they don't flush otherwise it won't work(its why you stop it half way through)
Get the sim that you want its cleaning skill up and clean it or unclog it

If you do it with rich sims with big familys it will work better

By Jess :-)
How to get your sims good grades without doing homework

First,send your teenager, or child to school and when they get back they will carry a notebook with them. Go to buy mode or build mode and click on the jackhammer, then click on your sim's homework with it and it vanishes forever, and the next day when your sim goes to school it counts as finished homework!!!!
How to give your sim a makeover
If you want to give your sim a complete makeover, first get the Dr. Vu's Automatched Cosmetic Surgeon career reward to re-make your sims face.(To get this reward quickly, hold ctrl+c+shift and type unlockCareerRewards into the cheat box.) Then make your Sim go up to the mirror and click 'Change Appearance' to change your sims hair, make-up and facial hair. Then go to the wardrobe, click 'Plan Outfits'.(You can go to the tailors to get new outfits.) Then type boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true into the cheat box, hold shift and click on your sim. Click 'Set Aspiration' and choose a new aspiration. Then click on where you want their sims personality to be and what their interests to be and ta-da you have a whole new sim!
How to have a ghostly haunted cemetary
Firstly have the boolprop cheat enabled so you can kill some sims.

Make a family (toddlers dont seem to be able to go and one person has to be able to return).

Make a comunity lot and place a few creepy looking trees and stuff.

Bring the family to the creepy community lot and kill them in whatever way you want to.(different deaths make different coloured ghosts)

And after a few deaths (of course have a good sized community lot) you have yourself a haunted cemetary.

P.S. with the same death cheat you can make a toddler die of old age and it's ghost floats.
Okay so first go into the neighbour hood and do.

Crtl,Shift and C at the same time.

Cheat bar come up type in

boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true

(Just like it is)

then go into your lot/commuinty whatever and wait for a stray,when you get one shift click on it and click

Make selectable...

I think you can keep it...Works with sims to lol

Have fun xx
How To Kill Your Sims
Have you ever wandered how to kill some of your sims? Well now you can find out. I know 2 ways of killing a sim

1. Buy a swimming pool with a ladder, put the sim you want to kill in the swimming pool, once they are in the pool delete every ladder and diving boards,leave the sim in the pool. This way it can't get out. The energy of the sim will go so low after a day or two that the sim will drown.

2.pause the game and put a wall around the sim you want dead (without a door) just leave them there and they will grow so hungry they'll die of hunger.

have fun =) MURDERER lol
How to make a child or toddler in university. Sims 2 university life needed.(cheats used.)
First make a toddler, kid or teen, and send it to a home. then if it is not a teen open the cheat window, (Ctrl, shift and c at the same time.) and type boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true and press enter, then hold shift and click on the sim you want to send to collage. then go to "spawn..." then go to "more..." and then on the second page at the very bottom it says
sim morph or Moore, or something like that and it will show up as a random baby doll standing in front of you. so if it is a toddler or kid, while on desired sim click on the baby, (don't worry its not alive.) and press set age, then me and after "me" it should say your sims name, so click on the me section and then it says a bunch of different ages, press teen,then put the baby in your inventory, and click on the phone, then "university" and then "move to university" so then after your sim is gone, save, and go to the university that your sim will attend, and he/she will be in the sim box. put the sim in a household or dorm. Now you remember the baby thing right? put it down from your inventory and click on it with your sim, press "set age" then "me" and click on your sims original age (toddler or a kid.) and now you have a kid or toddler in university!
Happy Simming!
How to make makin out wierd!
Right ya got ur too sims in love, make them make out on a sofa.pause the game then type in move_objects on in the cheat menu. clik on one of ur sims in buy mode and put them anywhere(same with te other one)play the game and if thier in thin air they will still make-out even with thin air, this is just an a amusment not really a cheat.
How to make sims actually notice other sims making out.
Kinda funny...

Step 2: Have the sim that you want to notice stand in front of the two sim about to make out and do nothing. It has to be doing nothing for this to work.
Step 3: Have the other two sims make out.
The sim watching will have an awestruck expression on their face.
How to make your Sims really SMART!!
First you have to be in neighbourhood veiw and then bring up the cheat box ( ctrl + shift + c ) then type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true.After that go on to a family and look at the skill points. You should be able to just drag them up. You can also do it with the energy bar. etc. If you are not able to it's probably because you don't have a certain expansion pack.

Have fun!! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
how to make your teen sim have a baby
I havent found out yet how to make teen sims pregnant, but i did figure out how to get them a kid, without adopting or anything. (to do this you have to have already put in the boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true code)
1. grow your teen sim into an adult
2. make them pregant, however you want use a cheat or do it the regular way. (its funnier if you use the tombstone of L and D, because since they were a teen they have in their memories that they had a baby but havent wohooed)
3.(optional) click on tombstone of l and d and press speed up my pregnancy
4. when the baby is born, turn your sim back into a teen by pressing set age... teen on the sim modder
and voila! your teen sim has a baby! the only evidence they were ever not teen is the grew up thingy in their memories.
how to move pics/decos up & down walls!
when placing a picture, for example, I was getting annoyed at the fact I couldn't put the pic (or decors) at the height I wanted on the wall, but after basically pushing every key on the board, I found a way, when you have the pic or object highlighted with the hand tool, push these [] to go up and down! Now you can place a pic or deco at the height you want on the wall!
How to not get rejected for a marraige and stuff
Make sure dat da sims are in luv before you make them propose. Also, you know if they're going to say yes because they'll have a smile on their face when you ask them. If they look dead puzzled, then they're going to say no. If you don't want that wedding video clip, click on the sim ur engaged to and click <propose-marraige>. Make sure they in love. Also, never make teenagers go steady unless they are best friends. Otherwise your sim that asked them will start crying at odd moments and that gets irritating. And, for people who have nightlife, if you want a nice family tree, don't do blind dating (that's only good for teenagers). And if you want your sim to like getting married, DON'T make them have the romance aspiration. Then it comes up in red and they could get left at the altar.
How To NOT get your kids taken away when the social worker comes!!
1. boolprop testingcheatsenabled true (write this in the cheat box Ctrl+shift+C)
2. Shift+Click On The Social Worker. Click "MAKE SELECTABLE" Keep Her Your Active Sim.
3. Let Her Put The Kids In The Car.
4. Shift+Click Her Again And Push "Force Error"
5. Push Delete. And Poof!!! She Gone Forever!! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
6. A Toddeler/Child/Teen Will Be In The House. A Baby Will Be Laying On The Road For An Awkward Reason :/

(I Have Double Deluxe, So I Dont Know If It Works For Any Others :/)
How to paint something amazing!
First go on to the Buy Mode and then click on Hobbies and then creativity buy the Easel and then put it where you like.Before you start make sure the Sim has 5 or more skills on creativity.Then click on the Easel and it should come up with Paint custom painting,Paint,Paint still life or paint portrait of.... you choose who.Then if you go on your documents on your pc click on EA Games then The Sims 2 then go in the paintings folder and save any photo,Then go back on The Sims 2 and get your Sim to click on Paint custom Painting and then choose the photo you want and there you have it your Sim will paint an awesome picture.Or you can get them to paint a portrait of a family member or guest.Also you can paint still life which is where you take a picture of anything on your Sim game and they can paint it!

Enjoy Painting;)
how to potty train in one time
When ur potty training a toddler just enter boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true which lets ur move the needs, skills, and, other things on a sim. in order to drag the needs and skills and relationships, you still need to type the cheat TWICE in neighborhood view or mode before you enter the home. Well after u enter the cheat make an adult potty train a toddler an when there doing there bussiness before the bladder need goes fully green pause the game an drag bak to red the toddler will remain an the skill will increse keep doing this until the toddler ir fully potty train an also pause an raise all the needs of the adult so they wont starve to death or pass out while potty training the toddler. This will help alot
How to remarry the tricou family from ts2 nightlife
After you have resurrected the tricou family enter boolprop testingcheatsenabled true into the cheat bar and then, make sure they are all on the same lot (this is not essential but it makes it easier). Then select one of the family members that was formerly married, eg Kiernan, and then shift+click on the mailbox. When you have done that there should be a list of options. Click on "prime for romance with" and then nylissit. Once you have done that look in the relationship panel, and you should see that the family icon has disappeared from it. Then perform a romantic social to become lovers, and then click on propose engagement, and then propose marriage (might want to wait a sim day before you do this, I did it too soon and got rejected), and then repeat with the other couples.

P.s you may want to change kiernans aspiration using the re nu u senso orb thingy, so he doesn't get a negative memory of it.

This cheat does not work for Jon smith and Jennicor though.
How to rotate your furniture, pics, etc. so they can be placed on or along a diagonal wall!
This cheat really really helped me out and so I wanted to pass it on!
Ok, make sure you've entered
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
code on the cheat window (ctrl+shift+c), then enter this cheat
boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true
now when you highlight and rotate an object, you get the diagonal angles, too! Great cheat for wanting to place objects along a diagonal wall. Hope this helps!
How to Skip Nightime!!!
To skip nightime, or go to any hour of the day you want, open the cheat box and put setHour, and then whatever hour you want, in milatary time. Such as, if you want 7 o\'clock AM, it\'s 07. So setHour 07. Make to capatilize the H!!! Happy gaming!
How To Tell If Your Sim's Pregnant.
1.Well first off after the male and female have tried for a baby you will hear part of the rock - a - by baby song [a lullaby].

2.On the first day the pregnant sim might get morning sickness [my sim didn't so I don't know if they do].

3.Each day the pregnant sim's stomach will grow bigger and she will change into maternity clothes.

4.After the 3 days are up the sim will hold their stomach and start complaining then the diamond above their head will split into 2.

[Note.Males can get pregnant to , stargaze into the telescope and aliens will abduct him he should come back pregnant with a alien baby.]

Happy Simming ! :L
How to tell whether it is a boy or girl that you are giving birth to?
You dont need no cheats for this just as they are giving birth and it does that whole scene when the mother or even the father is holding the baby look at the eyebrows if the eyes brows go thick to thin it is a boy if they are just thin then a girl easy as that
How To Woo-Hoo w/out getting Caught
Okay we all know that whenever you woo-hoo and another one of your "lovers" is around you will get caught right?... Well here's an easy way of woo-hoo ing w/out gettting caught. There are two methods both work but one is faster.

Fast Method:
1. First make sure you have the cheat
boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true
2. After that have the couple in a bedroom with a bed. Then have the lonely sim that you dont want to catch you in another room with a bed.
3. After you have done that, pause the game and make the lonely sim's energy really low. And then unpause the game and make the lonely sim go to sleep.
4. Finally the couple can woo-hoo all they want when the lonely sim is sleeping!

Slower Method:
It's pretty much the same except you don't use the cheat to make the lonely sim tired, you just make the lonely sim tired on your own.
How To WooHoo Without Getting Caught
First you take the couple that you want to woohoo, to a bedroom. When they're in the bedroom, go to furniture mode and Delete the Door and windows. If the "lover" is around like in the livingroom or elsewhere in the lot, they wont notice your sim is woohooing with another sim. : )
i think this is the easiest way. well i hope you have fun : ) .

dueces !.. ; D
How you can tell if a woman's pregnant
Before the bump appears, there are two ways that i know of to see if a woman's pregnant. One of them i think everybody knows about, morning sickness, but that doesn't always occur. The way i can tell is after i make my sims 'try for baby' I listen for a lullaby after, if it doesn't play, your sim's not pregnant, if it does, she is.
Huge Eyes/Nose ect...
No cheat box needed...

In creat a family, make two adult sims with the eye size (or nose size) all the way up. Then make a child from those sims, the eyes will automaticly be bigger that normal, then put the eye size all the way up. If you wish to make the eyes even bigger, make the child whom you have just made an adult. If you are lazy, like I am, you use the sim you just made and make it have a child with one of the adults (whom were it's parents) or just make the two have another child and put it's eyes all the way up and delete the parents. Continue untill eyes are big enough for you.

For other body parts:
Same as above... just with the feature chosen. You can make things smaller as well.
It's REALLY funny to have sims with eyes as big as cars walking around.
Invisible, but alive!
Here is what you do.
You type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" without the marks into the cheat box. Then hold shift and click on a certain sim. Then click Rodney's death creator. Then click die by flies. Make a teenage sim who isn't related to them beg the grim reaper. After the Grim Reaper goes, click some other way of dying. Let the teenage sim beg for them again. When the Grim Reaper begins to go away, click die by fire. And because it is so fast, the Grim Reaper won't come back and they will dissapear!
You can't take care of them any more, but if you go out to neighborhood view and look at the family photo, they will still be there!
Happy Simming!
Is my woman pregnant?
To know whether or not your woman is pregnant, and there have been no tell-tale signs as of yet (morning sickness, baby bump), there are two sure ways. One way to tell is to listen for a lullaby after you try for the baby. Another is to relax both Sims as if to woohoo or try for baby. If your woman is pregnant, try for baby will no longer be an option.

Hope this helps!
Just A Few Usuful Things You Should Know If You Dont Already[!]
When your in the neighborhood If You Tyoe In
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
And then go to the make a family screen, youll find you can get all sorts of wierd clothes skins hair styles etc.

Also With boolProp testingCheatsEnabled entered in the neighborhood then you go onto a lot, If you right click onyour sim you get lots of uber kewl optionss =]

Like if you wanna change your sims lifetime want, Right click on your sim, go to Spawn, then look for Sim Modder. A baby will then appear near your sim, click on it then go to Umm..Aspiration i think..then wants and fears, then life time want then cycle through all lifetime wants you can get.
If i said anything wrong there its easy enough to figure it out yourself.

Some idiot on here said you can try pressing Force Error and see what it does...DONT! It will delete your sim! Unless you have clicked on something like a chair then press it, but it will still delete the chair.

Depending on what sims 2 gmaes you have there is this groovaay thing that the grim reaper does now, if you kill your sim or it dies itself, if it has a white aspiration meter then these cool hula zombies come and its cool =] and you get like a marble/gold gravestone. Dude, make sure your sims aspiration is high before they die.

I know alot of cheats but now im sick of typing, you want to know anythingg moreee email me.

Have funn[!]
Just relax.
Ok, so you're tired of ALWAYS doing homework rght? Well, no more! Just bring up the cheat box tipe in Boolprop testingcheatseabled true just like I did, then press SHIFT click on your sims homework and select FORCE ERROR. A block will apear with three options, select DELETE, and your homework is gone AND you get full credit for it. Do it evey time you get homework and you're good for all you're teen child and teen years.
keeping it in the family
Make a sim, whos parents are related , genetically! this may be twisted and sick! but its fun for me who enjoys playing god. the method is this - go to create a family, create a mom and dad, create a teen boy and teen girl from make a baby, link the teens as the parents children, delete both parents so you are left only with the teens, edit each teen into adults. create a baby from the adults and link the baby as their child. theoretically the child is of incest! do not make the child older than a teen, he will then no longer be the child of the brother and sister! hope you enjoy this twisted trick.
Kids getting bored of Homework?
If the Kids/Teens in your family are struggling with homework do this....

Once they put their homework down after school go to Build catagory. The click on the Sledge Hammer. Hit the Homework book and it goes away! No more homework, AND your Sims grade goes up!
List of all the Sims 2 cheats I know!
Opens the cheat bar. You will need to do this before every cheat (unless otherwise specified)

2. BoolProp testingcheatsenabled true
Turns the game testers on (lets you click and drag skill points and needs. To use other functions you SHIFT+CLICK objects in the game (including other Sims)
NOTE: To use all the functions of this cheat, you will need to enter it while you are still in the neighborhood!!

3. BoolProp testingcheatsenabled false
Turns off the game testing cheats.

Turns on debug mode in create a Sim. This means that you can use hidden clothes, hair and skintones!! You do not need the cheat bar for this. Enter this into the individual sims name bar (not the family name bar).

Turns off debug mode. You do not need the cheat bar for this. Enter this into the individual sims name bar (not the family name bar).

6. motivedecay off
Makes ALL your sims needs stay at whatever level they were when you entered the cheat. (you don't have to make them sleep, eat or pee anymore!!)

7. motivedecay on
Causes ALL your sims needs to start decaying again. (you will have to make them sleep, eat or pee again!!)

8. expand
This causes the cheat bar to expand to show the cheats you just entered. type it again to shrink the bar back to normal size.

9. stretchskeleton XX
This cheat will make your sims taller/smaller! to use this replace XX with numbers. a normal adult Sim is 1.0 so if you want your sim taller, you might try 1.05 This can be a lot of fun but be warned, changing the heights will put the animations out. For most this is not a problem particularly but things like kissing can look odd. For this reason, big changes in height are not recommended.

10. BoolProp allow45degreeangleofrotation true
This cheat lets you set items such as tables and chairs, and, well, everything on a diagonal (very usefull if you want to build diagonal walls) The only problem is sometimes it means the Sims can't use them poroperly. You use the < > keys to rotate the objects with this cheat on.

11. BoolProp allow45degreeangleofrotation false
Turns number 10. off.

12. moveobjects on
Lets you move and delete sims, I also lets you place items out of bounds. Sorry, walls still need to be 2 squares from the edge to build... <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

13. moveobjects off
Turns off move objects cheat.

Thats all tthe ones I can remember for the moment!! HAPPY SIMMING!!!
Listen To Your MP3's On Your Sim's Radio
First get whatever Mp3's you want to put on the game, then open up MyDocuments/EAGames/TheSims2/Music/(whatever RadioStation you want your song on). Then, Drag your MP3 into the folder. Now, start Sims 2 then go to options menu, then music settings, then the Radio Station, then pick witch songs you want the radio to play. You can now listen to your favorite songs in your Sims game.

Have fun! =)
Loads Of Cheats
There are loads of cheats and i can not write all of them because there are so many that the list would be really long. Some of the cheats will not work if you don't have the expansion that you need for it to work.
The cheats are:
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
agesimscheat on/off
aging on/off
stretchskeleton (#)
There are more of them. If you want to know more you can look at them if you type in ,,help" without the ,, and the ".
lots of things
so many people have been writing this cheat rong the correct was of writing it is this... BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true (the capitals are important) also if you want this cheat to work its best then you must do it while in neibourhood mode.

the rest of these cheats need BoolProp... to work apart from the last one.

With this cheat you can put you sims needs,interests,personality,skills and relationships up just by clicking (holding down the button) and moving your mouse up the bar.

Also you can make your sims grow older by pressing shift while clicking on the sim you want . now press ,set age, and press ,set to birthday, then click on them again with out shift and press ,grow up,

If you sim is lonly and needs some friends just press shift and click on the letter box(make sure they are doing nothing else at this moment and make sure that it is NOT on pause) now press ,make me know everyone, Once you've done that hld shift and click on the letter box again(the same rules aply) now click ,make me friends,
Now five of the people you know are your friends(this works better if there are more people in your neibourhood).

Heres another thing when you are making a new family, while it is loading hold down ,shift & n, and it will go into debugging mode and you can use different things on you sims. for example you sims skin tone can be not only the normal colors but green and porcelin, you can have wierd hair styles, you can put different clothes on them they can wear the socail bunny's clothes or the grim reapers and much,much more.

this is how to get upducted by aliens first hold down shift and click on a telescope then press debug-get ubducted (or something like that) (you wont miss it) then your sim will be ubducted .if you get a male ubducted then most of thetime he will get pregnant and have an alien baby.

if you are poor then do this cheat. first you must NOT be in neibourhood or menu but in live mode or buy mode or build mode you must just at you house.
this cheat does not need BoolProp... first you open up the cheat box by pressing ctrl+shift+c and type some random letter or press the button on the left of number one with these simbles on it ` ~ it is above tab... any way once you have done that type in motherlode then press enter then press the up button ,motherlode, will show up again so press enter again and repet prosses

THis cheat. move_objects on can sometimes make your game mess up and this box may appear .it will have three options they will be ignore, reset, and delete i recomend you press reset because preesing delete can delete family members and other things and pressing delete just usaly makes the box appear again

there are alot more things you can do with BoolProp... but you will find them out just NEVER press forse error and be careful.

Make a NPC Sim!
Ever wanted to make a family full of Social Bunnies? Or maybe a Bigfoot family? (vacation only) Well now you can! Just type in 'boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true' (without the dashs) then go into Create-a-Sim, and when you come to naming your first Sim, Just type in the letter N and you'll have loads of fun making Grandma into Mrs. Crummplebottem and dad into Bigfoot. Also cheak the skin stiles, the * will be avalable to click and you can have alien, vampire and zombie skin tones! (it might not come up straigh away, so keep checking after looking at other stuff)
Happy Simming!
Make a Total Freak
To make a total freak, you will need;
Sims 2 nightlife
Sims 2 pets
Sims 2 seasons
Sims 2 Open for Business
and plenty of time.

Start by getting a Servo-Bot (build or use the boolProp spawn.. method), then find a werewolf and have the servo savaged by them. Find a vampire, do the same, and then buy tonnes of trees, use boolProp to infect them all, and keep spraying them. Repeat until your a plant sim. And then your done!

*note!: you can download things such as potions to transform your sims instantly, saving you loads of effort
Make Looooove in public!
If your Sim wants to Woo-Hoo in public, go to a community lot (make sure it is a clothing store!) make one of your sims try on clothing, and when the sim is in the changing room, make your other sim join the changing sim in the small room and do woo-hoo! (click on changing room and choose Woo-Hoo)
Make Sims die!
u can make sims die easily by:
1. in the exterior of your house/lot, make a small room that's not connected to your house.
2. put a door in the room
3. choose the sim that u want to make die
4. make it go in the room
5. wait for at least 4 seconds and go to build mode
6. delete the door
7. now your sim will not be able to get out. his/her hunger will suffer and they will eventually die. it takes about 1½ - 3 sim days depending on how high the hunger bar was when you put the sim in the room.

option- put a window in the room. the sim will occasionally look outside the window. the expression on their face is funny! XP
have fun...
Make Teenage Sims Do What Adults Do!
Make an adult or 2 or whatever amount you want. move them in a house or on land. pause the game so it can work a bit better. now get the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c) and write boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Now Hold "shift" and left click on one of the adult sims. click spawn... and click the body modder thing. Now click play. now click the baby that apears and click make me (NAME)... (Name being your sim's) and click teen
Once you click that they should become a teen. now go in buy mode and delete that sim. go back onto live mode and shift click the trashcan (ye, the bin) and click the one in the bottom right hand corner. and voila! they can do what adults can!! how grouse...
Making a man/woman pregnant:
1) Type "boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true" in the cheat window (without the ")
2) Shift-click the sim and choose "Spawn" and then "Tombstone of L & D". Click the tombstone that appeared and choose "Make me pregnant with ..."
3) To speed up the pregnancy, click the tombstone and select "Speed up my pregnancy"
4) To make him/her have twins, select the sim and type "forceTwins" in the cheat window.

Have fun <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> with your babys lol
Making money the easy way(with pets)
1.Make the man get skills (cooking) make him work
2.The women help out the kids
3.Kids help out dog/cat
4.Get the pets to have jobs and then ur all set
Married/Engaged Teenagers
First, type the boolprop testingCheatsenabled true in the cheat bar. Then shift and click on a Sim and click spawn. Click on Sim Modder, and there should appear a little statue of a baby. Turn your teenager/kid/toddler into an adult by using the Sim Modder (if it's not one already) and also the Sim you want them to marry. Then get them to fall in love and get married (you can do this quickly by shift-clicking the mailbox, clicking "set pregnancy relationships with" and clicking on the desired Sim's name). Then use the Sim Modder to turn them back into a teenager or a kid or a toddler, and they will still be married! Have fun with this!
Money trees in an apartment? so what. Oh, look the door is open.
ALWAYS LOCK YOUR DOOR if you live in an apartment and have money trees. OK,we all love them, but if you don't lock your door, there will be nothing to love. since your door is open anyone can walk in, so soon after the money starts growing on it, your land lord will walk in and take all of it. and also, calling the cops DOES NOT HELP they come, say that nothing is wrong than make you pay them.

Of course, you can stop this, if you want to use cheats, if you don't, then you'll just have to watch him/her take your cash. if you DO use cheats open the cheat window (Ctrl+shift+c) and type in "moveObjects" (no quotation marks) and go to buy mode, and move or delete the trees.
money with no cheat codes
make families with one person in them and move them in with a family of your choice you gain 20,000 each time!!!
MONEY!!!!! the easy way
Like most cheats type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true.then press shift, then click on the newspaper(still holdin shift)and choose the job u want and wat level u want.
this does work i have tried it myself.
if u do have any problems (u probally wont,but just incase) my email adress is
more money using spouse
make a family WITH A SPOUSE and move them into a house then move them into a house that they can afford then move a spouse out and put them in an empty lot and give them a table and put a phone on the table then go into the other house and phone a sim click on that sim then click "invite over" then when they come over clic "propose" and "move in" and 20,000 will be added to family funds !"!"!"!"!"!"!"!"!"!"!
Motive slider
on the create a sim screen click on any tab except tab1 then open the cheat box (ctrl shift c) type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true. go onto tab 1 and in the name box type the letter N (make sure its a capital). when you move that family into a house you can then slide the motives around! hope it helps <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

by the way this may work on any version :-)

Happy sliding <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
motivedecay off/on
If you're anything like me, after hundreds of hours of playing the Sims 2 fulfilling wants and life aspirations, fulfilling basic needs can become tiresome (specially as this seems to take 24 hours a day just to keep your Sims alive!)The first cheat I discovered to combat this chore was
BoolProp testingcheatsenabled true
but even that, with the constant need to click and drag needs was annoying. THIS CHEAT HALTS THE DECAY OF ALL MOTIVES!! (even environment!)
1. I would first, in the neighborhood screen, open the cheat bar (CTRL+SHIFT+C) and type in (minus ' ') 'BoolProp testingcheatsenabled true' (if you want to turn this off after replace 'true' with 'false')
2. Enter the family you want to play and click and drag all their needs to the maximum With the game paused.
3. Re-open the cheat bar and type in (minus ' ') 'motivedecay off' (if you want to turn motive decay on again replace 'off' with 'on')
4. TADA!! You're all done. Your Sims Needs will remain in the green till you shut down the game.

I'm fairly sure this cheat still works when you switch families but I could be wrong... <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

NOTE: you will need to do this again if you shut down the game!!!
Move your family to another neighborhood
Is you neighborhood getting too filled with the family you started with? Well you can move to another neighborhood. Go to the neighborhood view, and put the house that you want to move (With the family in it) into the houses bin then go to the neighborhood you want to put it in where you ever you want it. I havn't tested this but I imagine this will break up the family unfortunatly so this should only be used in despirate situations.
Name A Lot with No Name
When it asks you for the name, hold the space bar until the blink line stops then press enter. YOU MUST PRESS ENTER FOR IT TO WORK.
Need more money?
(this only works for sims 2)

1. Make a person however you like
2. Move them into a house.
3. Go back to the neighborhood
4. make anouther sim
5. move them into the same exact house
6. move the sime you don't want out (or keep them both)
Then you have 20,000 $ more
Need to see a ghost?
If your Sim needs to see a ghost to gain an asperation or you want to see one use these steps:

1.Find a victim(either a family member or someone you invite over)
2.Build walls around the person.
3.Wait... and soon they will die and your house will be haunted.

****To bring a person back****
Have your Sims go to the the Grim Reeper and Beg for the person's life...

****To stop the ghost from coming to haunt you just delete the urn or tombstone***
Fed up of building house, after house, after house in your custom neighbourhood? Well, you an make your own surbian neighbourhood by simply,
1)Making a lot and building a house in that lot.
2)Go to your custom neighbouhood once you have
finished making the house and put the EMPTY
house in the house and lot bin.
3)Put your hosue wherever you want in the neigh
bourhood, and in the house and lot bin, the
house you built will be in there forever so you
can use it as much as you like!

this cheat WILL work!
never do homework and get great grades!!!
when you sim comes home from school, go into buy mode, click on the hammer thing, and click the homework. the homework will disappear, and your sim will get credit as if it was tuned in!!
Never miss the bus again
Open the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c) and type in: moveobjects on
Then when the bus comes to your house, if your kids aren't ready to go to school yet, go into buy mode, pick up the bus, and stick it in your yard somewhere. Eventually, it will fade away and you'll have missed the bus. If you don't want it to fade away, pick up the bus driver and stick him or her somewhere in your house (like the basement or attic)-- somewhere that they can't leave. When your kids are ready for school, put the bus driver back in their drivers seat and let your kids get on. Then put the bus back on the road and voila.
Never run out of food and turn Pleasantview into a soapie.
1st Cheat: <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Ok, this cheat isn't much good if most of your Sims need to order groceries. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

NEVER CHECK THE FRIDGE FOR FOOD. If you don't, you'll have a never-ending supply of food!<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

2nd Cheat: <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

If you want to turn Pleasantview into a soap opera, go to the Goth's house, marry Cassandra and Don, then make Cassandra talk to Darryn Dreamer on the phone. If you don't, then DO NOT marry Cassandra and Don. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
First, open the cheat box and use the Boolprop code (Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true) n then go onto create a family. Then use SHIFT and N. This goes into de-bugging mode! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Now create a family, make sure you choose the best clothes. For me, it was my mommi in a NPC maid dress and my daddi in a mad scientist uni.

When u have your family, make sure you can spell their last nme. Then use the family funds cheat (familyFunds(familyname)+xxxxxxx). Make sure the amount you type in is 9999999.

Now choose a blank lot. The smaller one is best but you can go ultra large if u wanna!<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Make the house REALLY ultra cool. Keep the families aspirations in mind. You need books for nerds, beds for Romeos and cribs for parents!!!

Move the family in and press SHIFT and the mail box. Select MAKE ME KNOW EVERYONE and then click MAKE FRIENDS FOR ME. If you don't wanna feel guilty about all the money u have, then use the same cheat, but like this familyFunds(familyname)-xxxxxx

Now, when you don't feel guilty lets proceed.

Have a baby. The easiest way is to use the tombstone of L and D cheat.

Continue and may u have happy siming!!!


No cheat way to make sims die!!!!
Really funny, actually. Invite a sim over(mayb 1 u h8)
to invite a sim (incase u dont know)
go to phone
call sim
then when they come wait them go into a big empty space
pause then build walls around them (dont let them out)
then wait a while and they will die!!!
haha hilarious
No homework
After the child/teenager sim has placed down their homework bring up the cheat box and type in "moveObjects on" (no quotes). Go to Buy Mode and pick up the homework and place it in the sim's hand by putting the cursor on the sim. Go back into Live Mode. When you start playing the homework should disappear. Schooling goes on as if they have completed their homework.
to use this cheat you have to have "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" on.
YOU DONT NEED THE "!!!! when you get your bills place it on the ground DONT PAY THEM! Click shift on the bills and press force error. a box will pop up saying reset delete and cancel hit delete and your bills will be deleted. you can do this with homework and other useless items.
No more visitors!
If you do not want visitors, and you don't want to delete your mailbox, then there is another way. Open the cheat box by pressing Control + Alt + Delete, and type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true in neighborhood mode. Now load your family, and then click on your mailbox while holding shift. Now click "More..." and click "*Disallow Visitors".
I hate it when something brakes and you have to pay for the damages when you DONT HAVE TO !!!

all you need to do it sell the item that is broke, then buy a NEW ONE!!

Not going to School
Type in move objects in the cheat box, then shift click on the school bus or any type of transport and then click force error and then dlete. Then you kids dont miss there grade at school. lol <3
Nude Sims with out a cheat code!!
It's really, really very simple. It can be done in 5 easy steps. Open the sims 2 body shop to begin.

1. Choose Create parts and then clothing.

2. Choose the Gender/age of the sim you want. Lets do a female adult.

3. I usually choose "Undies" cause for this
trick to work you need something flat like underwear.

4. Export it. Give it a name, let's call it "Nudetest". Then, it should be in C:\Documents and Settings\Owner [name]\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Projects\nudetest.

5. Open that folder. Now there should be 2 pictures that look all wierd. one thats all colorful like the clothes exported, and one thats black and white. Open the black and white one with paint or something. Delete all that's in it and make it all black. The whole picture must be black. Then save it. Now go back to Sims 2 body shop (You didnt close it, right??) And press refresh (A little swirly arrow thing at the bottom of the window) And your sim should be nude. Then you can chose how many categories you want it in. i.e. everyday, undies, pjs ect. Have fun.

Tip: Only use this trick if you have absoloutly no life. Or just want streakers all over. XD
No cheat required. If you want your parents gone, all you have to do is wait for a newspaper to come to your house and click on it. Click on find own place. You can't do this with teenagers or younger though.
When it snows, build at least one snowman, the more the better. Then just wait and watch, a penguin will eventually appear and start talking to your snowman. You can pet it or shoo it. If you build a snowman where access to it is via your house, the penguin will walk through your house to get to it.
Pet's Skills
For you guys that have The Sims 2 Pets, it takes a really long time, and effort for the pets to get all it's, potty training skills, clean skills. But, if you enter " boolprop controlpets on " and " boolprop petactioncancel true " then you can do this to get your pet's skills WAY WAY faster. Once you have enterd those in the cheat box, then become your pet and make it scratch something.(this one is goood for not destroying the furnature.) Then become your sim and rush over and scold your pet. Do this repeatitly until the skill is complete. Or the eat pet food skill, make your pet eat pet food then call your sim to praise it. Again, do this over and over until the skill is done. This works for all the skills.
Happy Siming!
if u wanna stop pets from againg click ctrl + shift + C then type againg off its the same 4 sims.
Potty Training
Well do you want to potty train you toddler in ONE USE?
(Read steps BEFORE you do it! Or you might mess up!)
1. Buy a red potty for your toddler
2. Have them use it
3. WAIT! BEFORE they are done pause the game and pull up the cheat sheet and type(motiveDecay off)
3. Unpause the game now and wait for the blue bar over the toddlers head is full
4. Once full pull up the sheet again and type motiveDecay on and wait for them to get off the potty
Preview Paint !
Hey !
Fed up of having to paint the whole room in a house by clicking every tile? Well by pressing shift you can preview the paint/wallpaper and then while holding shift and clicking it paints the whole room for you ! A simple easy tip with no hastle !
Enjoy <3
Private School!!
If you want your kids to get into the private school all u have to do is this:

1)Get an adult or teen to call the headmaster over. He should tell u a time remember the time.

2)Once you have called him go into build mode and pick four rooms and decorate them like crazy. Make sure you have enough chairs at your table as well

3)When there is 1 hour before he comes get your best cook to cook something good to eat.

4)Next the headmaster should come to your house and your food should be cooked or nearly cooked. Welcome him inside and call him over for diner.

5) Once he and an adult sim have finished get your adult sim to give him a tour of the 4 rooms u decorated like carzy.

6)Once u have showed him them click end tour, then keep shomozing with him.
and your DONE!!

Please make sure your kids/teens have good grades <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Thanks please email me if you need something at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> thanks!!
Quick N' Easy!
If your house has a dining room get rid of it- just make your kitchen larger (if needed) because then you just put the dining table in the kitchen and that makes it faster for them 2 clean up their food
Quick Skill Gaining for Toddlers
First, you must have at least one toddler and an adult Sim. Using the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true cheat code, Shift-click on your adult Sim, and set its aspiration to Max 3. Then do the same to the toddler. Then get the adult's aspiration points up to around 7,500. Then get the Smart Milk and a counter. Put the Smart Milk on the counter, and choose "Make Smart Milk for _______" when you click on the milk. The adult gets the milk for the toddler, and leaves it to drink it. Before it drinks it, buy a potty, baby xylophone and a shape shaker. When it drinks it, it will glow an alien glow. Get the adult to potty train it (drag the toddler's bladder need down to the lowest and keep it there, that is how I do it) and it will be potty trained. Then teach it to walk and talk. And VOILA, YOU WILL HAVE LEARNT TO BE POTTY TRAINED, LEARNT TO WALK AND TALK QUICKLY!
Random Stuffs
Here's some random stuff I've found out. Some you've probably figured out already, but whatever.

One thing a lot of people have submitted is the thingy where you type in all these things that give you all the aspiration rewards. THESE DON'T WORK. If you want all the aspiration rewards, the quickest way I know is to put in the boolprop cheat and ctrl-click on the wants. This will make your aspiration meter go up and give you more points. Don't click on the fears otherwise your sim will loose points and it'll make them really surly for days. Then once you've ctrl-clicked enough you should have enough points to get all the rewards you want.

I've been hearing the same thing about the job rewards and how to get to the top of your job. NOT TRUE EITHER. The way to get to the top of your job is to put in the boolprop, shift-click on a newspaper, get the job of your choice, then shift-click again and choose "set job level". Level 10 is the best because you get paid the most. To get all the career rewards, shift-click the newspaper, click "carreer rewards" or something of the sort, and click the job reward you want, such as "criminal."

This isn't a complete cheat and most of you probably know this, but for the new players, here's how to get your shabby sims into millionaires. First make the sims you want and move them into an empty lot. Then pause the game, open the cheat window, type in "motherlode" as many times as you want, save, go back to the neighborhood, and make the mansion/castle of your choice. It really saved my life

One more thing is never under any circumstances attempt to repair your computer without full mechanical experience! There is a VERY high chance that your sim will get electricuted and die. If you like your sim, call a repairman.

Something that's fun to do is make say, four teens, two boys, two girls (let's name them Bob, Doug, Lola, and Edith), and four adults to be each of their parents, one adult per teen. Make sure you use Romance as their aspirations otherwise there's no point to this. Move into a house of your choice with TWO bedrooms with a hot tub or couch in each. Get rid of the adults however you want to (kill them, delete them, move them out, etc.). Then type in the boolprop cheat and make the sims all like each other by dragging up their relationships to 100. All you have to do then is put say, Bob and Lola in one room, and Doug and Edith in the other. Have both pairs do first kiss with each other and fall in love and stuff. Then switch the boys so Doug is with Lola and Bob is with Edith. Do first kiss AT THE SAME TIME so they're not caught or anything, then your sims each have two loves. If you want to be really sick and get three loves, put the boys in the room together and the girls in another This works with adults and elders too.

Another nice thing to do is when you click make a new family DO NOT CLICK MAKE NEW SIM but press shift-n and debug mode will have unlocked. I like makeing a grim reaper replica sim by not worrying about their face (but make their hair black, as a bit of the hair shows out the back) and putting them in the grim reaper outfit. It comes with the hood and everything. Once in live mode I click on the stairs and do walk... like ghost and then my grim reaper floats too! It's really funny if you kill your reaper replica and there's another reaper who looks exactly alike exept for the black smoke coming out of the real reaper. You can also make sims with skeleton bodies, no bodies at all, or bodies (and hair) like you get after you're shocked. Oh, and you can also make social bunny replicas, but they scare me

If you have any questions, email me at
Really useful cheat
Hi all,
Umm i found these cheats out ages ago, but i couldn't submit it.
so here it is...

Well bring up the cheat box (Ctrl+shift+C)
and type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled on" (without the " marks)
and press enter,
Then just about on every sim and object you can bring up various
options and click whichever one you want.

And also you can put the cursor on motive and relationship bar and
dreg them up to what you want.

And one more while you are making a sim in create a family you can
press Shift+N and you will be able to get various bonus options and things

To me these cheats are VERY useful
and the only thing required to use these cheats is the "boolprop testingcheatsenabled on" cheat.

Restocking fridge without picking up the phone or deleting the fridge
If you have no more food left in your fridge - you should no when a little box appears at the top of the screen.
Type in "BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true" (Without the ")
Hold shift and click on the fridge and it should come up with
- Restock
-Force Error

Click on Restock and the fridge will be restocked with food!!
Have fun !! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> lol
Richest Family Alive!
So here's watcha do. First, make a family, like mom,dad,sis,and bro. Make sure every body is related. then, move thm in somewhere. next, make 4 sims, as sperate familys, and move each of them in with your first. now, click on the house and click the move thingy. build a mansion and the move them all in. get a computer and make one of the unwanted sims click "find own place" when the take somone with u thing pops up, pick everyone you don't want and all done! you now have ur very own snobby rich family to do ur bidding! ( u could also just move a normal family in with 1 of the ritch onesalready on the game, but your sims take that last name evan after the others move out.
If you do this you will find a super secret basement under one of those houses that the game has already built for you! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
1. Make sure you have a family in the family box that has at least 90,000 simoleons
2. If not just use the "motherlode" cheat
3. Go Downtown
4.In the far upper corner of downtown there is a HUGE mansion house.
5. Make your sims live there.
6. Keep clicking on the lower level button to go down as many floors as possible in the house.
7. Then click on the bird's eye view tool.
8. Walah! You can now see the secret basement! It's pretty epicly creepy, I think... and check out the stairs that lead down there...
See Infants needs
Just in case you need to know your infants needs,(requires no studying parenting!) check this out:

1) go into neighborhood and pull up cheat box (crtrl+shift+c) type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' (without the quotes, duhh)
2) go into household and shift click on the infant. Click:
make unselectable
3) shift click on baby again, click:
4) go to the left side and click on the infants picture

there are her/his needs!
Select A Baby/Toddler
Sick of guessing what your baby wants? I can fix that! First, go to your neighborhood. Then, bring up your cheat bar (ctrl-shift-c together)and type "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" into the bar.Go into the lot with the baby/toddler. Shift+click the baby/toddler. Select MAKE SELECTABLE or make unselectable whatever's available. Your baby/toddler's face should disappear from the bar in the bottom-left corner. Shift+click the baby/toddler again and click MAKE SELECTABLE or make unselectable. Voila! you should be able to click on the baby/toddler's needs and bring them up or down. you can bring up children's,teenager's,adult's, or elder's needs, skills, and relationships without making them a selectable.You can shift+click them too for a cheat menu. Hope this helped. Happy Simming!
Selectable Babies
First type in ''boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled true'' (without quotation marks), then hold the shift key and click on your baby. A list will come up and click on ''MAKE SELECTABLE'' the picture of your baby on the left will then disappear as if they are not in your family. Hold shift and click on your baby again and click ''MAKE SELECTABLE'' as before. Now when you click on your babies picture you will see what it needs.

Note: the babies do NOT have wants and fears.
Shift Cheats
Hi sorry if this has already been posted, but a lot of people don't know how to use the boolprop cheats. For beginners, you just hold down ctrl+shift+c (without the +), or mac users press command+shift+c (once again, without the +) or ctrl+shift+c (no +) or if you are a windows user, some of you will need to press ctrl+shift+windows key+c (no +) or ctrl+windows key+shift+c (no + again) and a white box will appear at the top of your screen. type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" (without the "") and press enter. now hold down shift and click on things. like, for example, if you hold down shift and click on the fridge, there will be an option called "force error". (not with the "")if you click on it then it says at the top what it is. ALWAYS READ THIS I ONCE DELETED ANGELA PLEASANT I DIDN'T KNOW IT SAID "ANGELA PLEASANT" INSTEAD OF "BABY BOTTLE" SO I CLICKED DELETE AND SHE WAS DELETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "cancel" doesn't do anything mostly. but i got her back by not saving my game but if you reset your Sims then they just stop what they're doing. if you hold down shift and click on a Sim them then heaps of options come up. click "more" then "more" then you should find "force error". if you see a cheat and dont know what it does just save your game BEFORE you try the cheat, then if anything goes wrong exit without saving your game. shift click on the mailbox and trashcan and newspaper and shower/bathtub/shower-bathtub and they have some cool options. also go to a Sim, do the boolprop cheat and shift click on a sim (may be your current one) and find "spawn". click on it and click on anything (except NPC killer), let's say Rodney's death creator. click on it and a grave will be there near your Sim. click on the grave (with out shift this time... yay!) and pick a way to die and that Sim (not you LOL) will instantly die that way. okay, let's pick makeme sick tester. a weird looking yellow box near your Sim will appear and you click on it without shift again and pick something and you Sim will be sick! (i don't know what "make me immune" does so be careful) happy simling!
silver aspiration forever
Ok so some ppl don't like to help there sims w/ there aspirations, well I found an easier way. first while your in the neigborhood press CTRL+SHIFT+C. a little box should pop up. type in BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true. then go into the family lot you choose. hold SHIFT and click on your sims, this will give you a hole buntch of options. Click on the one that says aspiration on it. Here you can change the sims aspiration to romance, knowledge, even grilled cheese. there should be an option that says min or max, click on max. then use the SHIFT+CTRL+C again and type in lockAspiration on. this will make your sims aspiration stay maxed out makinging it easier to be promoted in jobs.
Sims 2 Double Deluxe and Sims 2 University
I think this only works if you have these installed together. Do you hate when your loved sim dies, you bargain with the grim reaper, you lose and can never see your sim again? That sucks. Open the cheat ctrl+shift+c box and type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" BEFORE YOU ENTER A LOT, all lowercase and without the quotes. When you are in a lot, open the cheat box and type in "unlockCareerRewards" and all the awards for careers will be available. The first award is a creepy phone to call the grim reaper, click it and you will own it.It costs 10,000 dollars to bring your loved sim back to life, if you pay less than that, your sim will come back as a zombie. ENJOY!!! :-)
hey guys, i figured out the best freaking way to train your toddler to potty since i only use the basic cheat codes like motherlode, aging, motiveDecay, maxMotives and so, no true or false whatsoever.. lets do this.

first thing you do is to click on the specific toddler. watch him/her as his bladder motives goes down (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT). then when it somehow decreases, type the cheat entry. (Ctrl+Shift+C) then type (motiveDecay off) no parenthesis guys.. this will permanently stop the motives from moving. then train the specific toddler. AGAIN, HIS/HER BLADDER MOTIVE SHOULD AT LEAST DECREASED (even a tiny bit). then the toddler will potty itself until the blue bar is full. then back to the cheat entry then this time, put in on. (motiveDecay on) then it'll be back to normal.

your toddler is trained to go potty 24/7! hahaha.

Hope this helps guys. =) enjoy playing!

if there's any problem. contact me guys, im willing to help. =)
Skipping Teen Years!
First of all... you must have the Sims 2 University. When your Sim is a teen, click the phone. Choose college, then move to college. Go to the college and move them into a dorm. When they are moved in, click the phone or computer and click college, then drop out. Your teen will be an adult in the town they were first in.
Sneaking Out
(No expansion packs included)
First,you need a teenager in your family and your family must be sleeping or the parents are at work. Once they are, have YOUR sim teenager click on the house phone and it will say "sneak out". I havent tried it myself but I asure you that you could get introuble if your caught(so you should find out what time the parents come back from work or be lucky enough to come back home while they are still sleeping!!)
Stop death
If a sim is dying of anything but old age and the grim reaper comes, have another sim click on the grim reaper when he first appears and chose "plead for loved one" THe grim Reaper will then hold out his hands and your sim will chose one, either the one that the sim dies, or the one that it lives. If he picks the right one your sim will not die!
Stop Secret Society from kidnapping your sim
The Landgabb Secret Society handcuffs your sim , and puts him/her into their limo. The first time it happened to me it was quite funny but after the second and third time , it got really annoying. So I found a way to stop them from kidnapping my sim. It's very simple. Basically when you see the limo drive up, pause the game. Go into the buy mode and press shift ctrl C and type in moveobjects on and select and delete the limo. Or if you want to have a little fun. press shift ctrl C and type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true , when the secret society guy comes out shift click on him/her and select make selectable to control him/her. Then shift click him/her again , select spawn , then rodney's death and kill the sim. Have fun
Stop using maxmotives
Ever found you're getting addicted to maxmotives? Well, I have a tip for you. Use the energizer instead! It's just like maxmotives.
Strong Sims
Ever wondered how you can get your sims strong. Buy a treadmill. Don't get the thing after it. It dosen't work. Get your sim on it. put the game in super fast mode (what ever it's called)! Wait until their fitnes is all the way up, them stop. It easy to get them back in a good mood. Get the cheat bar thingy up and type in maxMotives.

Happy simming!!!!!!!!!!
swimming 24-7
Do you want your sims to be working out 24-7? First make a pool somewhere in your yard. Put in a ladder. Then press Ctrl+Shift+C and type in: moveobjects on

Make one of your sims go into the pool. Once they're in, delete the ladder. Then, while in buy mode pick up the sim in the pool and put them on the ground or a floor. Then they'll be swimming in the ground 24-7. They can still do other things like cook and sleep and eat, but whenever they walk, they're swimming.

I'm not exactly sure how to undo this. You could try putting them back in the pool and make them get out normally. That would probably work but I would reccomend not saving after you do this to your sim.
Teaching the toddlers to walk corners
Build a small maze fence.
Then use move_objects on to place both teacher and toddler to one end of the maze.
Get the teacher (can be teen/adult/elder) to teach your toddler how to walk. Don't move him/her or the toddler yet.
When the teacher begins to crouch down to coax the toddler to walk over to him/her, go onto Buy Mode and move either the teacher or the toddler to the other end of the maze.
Now go off Buy Mode, play the game and sit back to watch your toddler sim walk corners to reach his/her teacher.

Repeat this but have the toddler retrace his/her steps.
Repeat this but make the maze bigger.

Have fun teaching your toddler to walk corners!
Teen family
To create a teen family, create the teens you want and a parent for each one. Once the family moves into a house, have one of the adults click on the computer or newspaper and "find own place". Select the rest of the adults in the family to move out with them. Then you have a family of just teens. You can probably do this with children and toddlers also, but toddlers would be impossible to maintain without help.
Teenage Family with loads of money!!!
The easy was to make a tenage family is to make a normal fami;y with as many teenagers as you whant you must add at least 1 adult if you whant to on the family tree make them so they are NOT FAMILY apart from 1 who is family to the dad or mum when you have made your family pick a cheep house
and then use the motherload cheat (Press CTRL+SHIFT=+C at the ame time and type in motherload do this a copel of times then bye a big house and moderfie it if you whant then when all your house is fine ask the adult to go outside now frezze the game and build a brick wall around her/him with no doors then waite for her/him to die and take away the brick wall then wala a teenage family of mates with loads of money!
3<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Teenagers Live Alone
I found an easy way to allow your teenage sim to be able to live on their own without parents. It was always annoying trying to create a teenage sim, but you'd have to create an adult before you could continue. Well, I have the solution to that.

First, create a family and just make up some weird adult sim, because you won't be needing them anyway. Spend more time on your teen sim, because this is the one you'll be using. Move them into a house in a neighborhood and then follow these directions:

1). Open your cheat bar using (ctrl+shift+c)
2). Type in (boolprop testingcheatsenabled true)
3). Press shift and click the adult sim
4). I believe you select (Spawn...) next but all you have to do is look for (Kill...) and then (Death by flies). Your adult sim will then die. But you must wait for the Grim Reaper to come and do his business before you can continue.

After you let your teenage sim to grieve, and the headstone for the adult sim is visible, you will notice that the social worker never comes for the teen. I don't know why, but I thought this was cool! So I moved the teen out of the house and into another by themselves. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> I even did this a few more times and I now have three teenagers living alone in one house.

Hope this helped! It sure helped me!
The Good Cheats
already, becuase it is one of the best cheats. Ok, so hold down CTRL AND SHIFT AND C to bring up the cheat box. Then, type in the boolprop code above. Hold shift and click on a sim. Find Spawn and go near the end to find Sim Modder. Sim Modder is great, try it out to find out how great it really is. Also, there is Tombstone of L and D. L and D stands for Life and Death. This can kill your sims, add new sims to the family and get your sims pregnant. What I find fun is adding the Grim Reaper to the family and quickly pausing the game. Then, I make one of my sims pregnant with him. The child doesn't come out looking like the GR, but I like naming it GR Juinor or something.
The Readme File
After you install a Sims 2 Pack (or the original version) if you open the "Read Me File", (this is an option on the pop-up after it is installed) you can scroll down and find a list of simple cheats with a mini explanation for each one. You may find it beneficial to save the file after you deleted the information you do not want.
*Note1: This does not contain all in-game cheats.
*Note2: The cheats may be hard to find because of the variety of the information in the Read Me File.
*Note3: The latest additions to the packs will have the most cheats (such as the "Unjversity Life COLLECTION", the "Best of Business COLLECTION", Apartment Life, etc.)
The Throwaway Adult
Have you ever wanted more money for your Sims without having to resort to cheats or Boolprop? Well, here's the solution for you: the throwaway adult! Just follow these easy steps:

1) Make a Sim in the Create-a-Family program. Since you might not want to keep this Sim in your bin after getting the money, you can make them look however you want!
2) Move the Sim into the lot where you want the extra 20,000 Simoleons to go. Note that this won't work if there are already eight people living on the lot.
3) Go to the lot. As soon as possible, have the throwaway adult move out using the newspaper or computer (if one is available).
4) If you want more money for your Sims, you can repeat these steps as many times as you want - there's no limit!
Things in your way?
We all know that the cheat box can sometimes become annoying. Here are some cheats to stop you from smashing the computer:

Press "ctrl" and "c" to opent he cheat box
Tap in "clear" to clear the text of your cheat screen
Tap in "exit" to close the screen
Tip for making a tree house
First enter the move_objects on cheat. Then buy a tree (large or tall one)
then build a small square shaped house on the ground of course then again for the second floor (maybe up to the third floor) then leave 2 floor spaces at the third floor then buy stairs (make sure it's not the 2 floor stairs) then connect it with the floor spaces in the third floor. Now add a door (always at the third floor) after that add tiles (full the room with tiles or any other floor coloring) then erase the second floor walls and the first floor walls.... THEN THERE YOU HAVE IT!! YOUR VERY OWN TREE HOUSE (make sure your move_objects on is still there or else furniture won't fit there)Happy SIMMIN
Tips and Hints
How to increase your chance of twins! Make a sim pregnant and then keep making out and woohooing, your sim will probably have twins.
When you run out of stock in your fridge, don't buy groceries, delete your fridge and buy a new one, no loss of money and full fridge!
When making a family, press shift+n to activate hidden clothings, skins (Alien etc.) and hairstyles.
How to be able to cook all items, type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" click on a sim (must be adult, elder or teenager.) and drag up your sims skill bar for cooking to maximum, you will now be able to cook things like, omelettes, pancakes and salads.
Tired of taking care of your baby?
If your tired of taking care of your baby or toddler because they're always up crying? Here's what you should do. Go to the phone and click services. Then click on Nanny. Call a nanny and tell her to come over just for now. You can rest and she will watch your kids.
To Much Room!!
If you enter motherlode in the cheat code box and move into a really big house you have a lot of room...right? Well lets say you have to much space. Go into the buy or build section. Under the hand there is a hammer. Click it. Than click on the floor,walls, or just anything and it will delete it!!!

P.S It will even work on swimming pools.
Torch your annoying Sim
THere's always that one Sim who never does what you want when you want, and is never happy. Get rid of it by the other easy tips posted, or use this one.

You just build a tiny space with four walls, put a door, and a fireplace. Place plants next to the fireplace. Tell the Sim to go inside and light the fire. Pause the game and remove the door. That way the firemen can't get in. It may take a while, but eventually a fire will start. It's kind of funny to watch, too. I've only tried this on the first Sims, but I'd assume it woild work for Sims 2 as well.
Torture your sims!
To torture your sims ( kill them ) First make them walk into an empty room with nothing in it. Go into buy mode and delete the door. (Note: you can not delete the door if it is open) If the door is open make your sim walk out of the room and try again. If your door is gone then they can not get out of the room and they will DIE!
Have fun!
Trash can inside the house
If you don't have enough money, or just don't want to expend money in a trash compacter, you can put the trash can-outside, INSIDE the house! Use the cheat: moveobjects on, go to the buy mode, pick up the trash and put it anywhere you want, better if you put it in the kitchen, the Sims will throughout the trash right there.
no cheat needed. Just put a bunch of pillars at the bottom of a floor, then take away the pillars. add foundation stairs wich dont look good but if there is an expansion pack with ladders that i dont know about try that. then add a tree to that and then do watevr u want to it.
I am sure all of you know about the money trees and how to get them so I'm not going to go over that, but did you know that you can EASILY make a living from them?

It's very simple infact. Over time get the money trees. The faster you can the better. Now to decide how many trees you need you need to know what you need to make. Each tree gives about 200 Simoleans a day (Pending on your attentiveness). I would like to make about 1000 simoleans a day. So I neef 5 trees, which will cost 15,000 Aspiration points.

After I get those 5 trees I must set them all. I must go in a line, harvest them all at once, make sure they are all ready to be harvested. Then after you harvested them water them. That sets it so that they will all get the money around the same time.

The harder part, you MUST keep your aspiration in the gold. If you don't then you may only get 1 simolean which will not get you anywhere near the money you want. I suggest that you do the skills, by the time your skills are done you should be close to death, by then it's time for the next generation.

Note: Only the person harvesting the money trees needs gold aspiration.
Upload to
Sims: Don't start up the sims game. GO to start + programs + sims + eagames+sims2(latest expansion)+ sims2 body shop. Create sim or pick sims from sim bin then click upload.

Lots: Start game, and go to neighborhood. Click on lot then info button (circle with "i" and "...") then upload.

Stories: Go to your sim family's story then the edit mode (where you write) then go to the bottom of the "window" and you'll se an arrow with a "*" behind it. Clickt that.

Use Knoledge Aspiration
The best aspiration is clearly Knoledge, this is because you have tons of choices, and it also has the biggest paying aspiration want (30,000 points) as well as other large bonuses. Since there are 7 different skills amd each has 10 points there are 70 things right there, each with a few thousand aspiration point rewards, and if you master one you get 8,000 more, if you master them all then you get 30,000 and like the fortune there are quite a few that give you aspiration for buying things.
Vampire Robot!
Hehehehehe, this one was a good look, seeing your robot become a vampire.....
You can make your robot transform into a bat! Freaky huh? You can do these 2 ways, -(First way) enter the boolprop cheat and then shift click on either of your robots and then find the "Make Vampire" option(without the "'s) then walla!! A robo-vamp- -(Second way-you will also need to enter the boolprop cheat-*this will take longer when you do this*)
Let your robot go to downtown(anyplace in downtown) then wait until a Vampire comes, then greet him/her and then drag your relationship to 100 with him/her(in the relationship bar) then shift click on the vampire then chose MAKE SELECTABLE, then also drag the vampire's relationship with yours to 100 too(relationship bar) then let your robot talk to the vampire, until they become best friends, then control the vampire to bite the neck of your robot..... Walla!! A robot Vampire too!!

Vampires go out into the sun now
To let vampires go out into the sun and have the perks all at the same time. It's so easy, bring up the"cheat bar and type "maxMotives" then type "motiveDecay" off and you can go out side, wach clouds, play tag, jump rope, etc....
Walking like a ghost
If you use the debug "walk like a ghost" which is located on the grave of any person, Your living sim will start to hover around when he or she walks. If you do not like this there is only one way that I know of to get your sim to walk normal again. (other than exiting the house without saving, but if you have already saved, please keep reading)

First you must kill your sim using the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true cheat and select kill death by flies. Once the Grim Reaper has taken your sim use unlockcareerrewards to get the phone to call the grim repear and resurrect your sim. Make sure you dont pay too much or too little just enough so it says your sim wont come back completely as you remembered them but at least they are alive. They should be walking normally then.

Happy Simming : D
Wall Covering
If you want to use the shift click to cover the whole wall, you can just put the wall piece where you want it to end on either side, and then do the shift click. Really does help!
Wanna lose the parents?
Alright if you made at least one teenager w/ or w/out other kids or teens, make them with one or 2 parents. don't matter. then when you move in either make another sim or 2 for the parents to fall in love with and move in with, or just go to the newspaper and select find own place. then there are no more parents and your teen is free!!
" This is the closest thing to legally having people for pets." lol
Want a better relationship and fast.
to do this you must have the sims2 seasons this can get you a solmate friends and money without gardening you start out opening the cheat box (capslock+shift+ctrl)then you type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' then click enter if you want to you can exit the cheat box by typing 'exit' tenpress enter now you will hold down shift while while clicking on a sim there will be a pie chart of things click on 'spawn' then another pie will show up click on 'more' until you reach the pie that say 'wishing well'
when you click on it you will get a wishing well and do that numourous times because you cant wish in the wishing well again for the next 24 hours if you do it will back fire with the rain of fire and the rain of fire is bad so just click on the wishing well and you will kow what to do from there for other useful infomathion go to
Want NO parents??
If you just want to have teenagers,kids or toddlers in a house together and want the parents out... then all you have to do is: first you need to create a family with the teens kids or toddlers that you want in the house. then create TWO adults and relate them to the teens,kids,or todds. then move the family into the house and wait for the paper boy to deliver the paper and when it gets there have one of the ADULTS click "find own place" and then it will ask you move out with who? you need to click the other ADULT!a taxi will come and pick up the two adults and they will be gone from the house.
P.S: the family will not delete from the game they will only move out of the house.
Want to see what your baby will look like when it's born?
If you want to see what your baby will be like before they're born, follow these steps.
1) Hit Ctrl+Shift+C. Type in, "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true". With out quotes.
2) Select the sim that is currently pregnant and hold the shift key and click on them.
3) Click on spawn. Then click on Tombstone of L and D.
4) Click more on the tombstone that pops up.
A baby will pop out of no where and you can see what it will look like. REMEMBER TO SAVE BEFORE TRYING THIS BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY TO GET RID OF THE BABY.
To change your sims wants make them go to sleep. then wake them up and the wants should change!
If you use bool prop........ well you know, never click on "Make Me Know Everybody"! If you do, you will be constantly pestered with phone calls from random people, such as matchmakers, social workers, and pesty neighbors you don't even really know! So, all I can really say is BEWARE!
If you have the cheat which lets you move the 'feelings' bars up and down to what you want, make sure you dont so this all the time for hunger, because I had a really big family and didn't feed them, I just used the cheat and always just dragged the bar up, but after a while the all died! The grim reaper came because even though I had kept moving the bar up, technically the Sims never ate! So remember FEED YOUR SIMS! hope i've saved ur Sims, have fun!
When it won't work
When you do the 'boolprop testingCheatsenabled true' cheat, and you hold shift, click the mailbox and do 'Make me know everyone', try and ring Don Lothario or Mary-Sue Pleasant. The bubble will come up and it will say "You have reached ....'s answering machine. Please try back later". It will do this every time.
White Eyes!
Put on the boolprop cheat in the neighborhood screen then click the create a family tab press shift+n(or Caps Lock then -n-) create a sim, then put his or her skin into an alien, color her Eyes pure black(Alien Eyes) then change his or her skin into a mannequin, then Walla! White and beautiful eyes!

Witches are us.
Here is a tip (you need the sims 2 appartments) that will help. Go to belladona cove (Use it as your nabourhood)and play as the cordial family. They know a witch. Well each person knows either a good or bad witch. (Kimberly knows a bad whitch and samantha knows a good witch.)Using the phone, invite them over one at a time or they will fight. Become best friends with a witch and and then click on the witch and then click on teach me the path of darkness(kimberly-bad) or teach me the ways of light(samantha-good) your sim then becomes a witch. Then go to your sims inventory and you will find a spell book and a caldron. Put them somewere and then click on the spell book and click on study the ways of light, path of darkness or neutural. When your witch starts to sparkle, you can do the same prosess with other sims you want to become witches. There is a harder way to become a witch. You need to find a witch when tou are out and about and do a similar prosess. The thing is that when you become a witch, your every day outfit is set. (You may like it) Also, the bad witch is green!Then create an army of witches!(only joking
Your own music
Do you hate all that simlish music? but want your Sims to be able to dance? If yes then this is the cheat for you. Go into the file EA games, from there go to Sims2. Click on music, and open the genre you want your song in. Then open another box and go into your music. Just drag and drop the song you want into the Sims and tada, it will play your song. You will need to go to the last song if you want to hear yours. (file must be a mp3.)


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A Fun Glitch!
I don't know about you but I like to have my Sims neighborhood cool, organized and preppy. If you change the basic neighborhood "Veronaville" into anything like "BLAH TOWN" (It doesn't matter) and make a new Hood called "Veronaville" when you come into it, you will get that mini movie of the old base town! It's really nice!
A no work baby!
So you know how babies are a ton of work? Well here is a good glitch type thing that will help you out so you don't have to do anything with that baby!
O.K. so first buy a pet bed (if u have sims 2 pets) if not get a bed or something to put the baby in a lot of things work so try a lot of things. Next bring up the cheat box and put move_objects on, then go to buy mode and put your baby in whatever you bought to put it in. And after you do that just check on it after a little while and put in the cheat box, maxMotives and that will bring up the baby's mood! so now when your sim puts the babies on the floor all you have to do is put it in the whatever you got! so now the baby is comfortable when on the ground! Can be undone!
A) How to get invisible sims!
First, get the cheat bar up by pressing (Ctrl,Shift,C), and type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true.
After this, zoom out so you can see your whole house, and speed up the time as fast as it goes. Wait for a neighbour to pass by, and when you see one, slow the game down to normal speed. Wait for them to walk along the path, and just as they are leaving, pause the game, so they are transparent. Hold down 'shift' and click on them, and press MAKE SELECTABLE. Then bring up the cheat bar again, and type in move_objects on. Then go into buy mode, pick up the neighbour, and put them in your house. Go back on to live mode, and they will be invisible, AND you can control them!
Bubbly Sim!
This is a funny glitch! Ok, so first make sure that you have "boolProp testingcheatsenabled true" without the ". Next, Shift click on a sim, select spawn, then tom's clothing tester. A clothing rack should pop up. Next step, make your sim get in the pool, and when they're floating straight up in the doing nothing (not even floating on back) click the clothing rack, and select force redness. This will only change them into their everyday clothes. Get out of the pool, and now you should have a bubbly sim! It will wear off eventually.
Clone your Sim
Go into buy mode and type in move_objects on into the cheat menu. Pick up the sim you want to clone and hold down shift. Without letting go of shift, put your Sim back down and you should be holding a clone of your Sim.
Note: You cannot control the clone, but it is still really fun.
Do Homework INSTANTLY & Get an A+
Tired of waiting for your sims to finish their homework?
1) While your child/ teen is at school, click on the "Go To School" icon for that sim (in the top left corner where the current action or string of actions is showing) to make a red "X" appear on it.
2) Then click on a bit of ground and choose "Watch Clouds".
3) Then when your sim gets home, puts down their homework, and sits on the ground to watch the clouds: pause the game and press "CTRL SHIFT C" to open the command prompt window at the top of the screen and type in the cheat: "moveObjects on".
4) Go into "BUY MODE" and use the hand to pick up their homework and place it on the exact same square of ground your sim is sitting on.
5) Press "CTRL SHIFT C" to open the CMD prompt window again, then type in "moveObjects off"
6) unpause the game and have your sim stop watching the clouds.

When they stand up, the homework will be in the hand and they will put it in their pocket, thus making it disappear.

The next day when they go to school, the homework will be completed and they will get good grades for it.

I accidentally discovered this and after I found it, I went and tried it on 7 other sims on different lots to make sure it works. It does.
Easy Training!
Instead of having to permanently buy a bookcase to help raise your sims intelligence level, buy the bookcase and have the sim read a book. If you sell the bookcase back to the store the SAME DAY, you can sell it for exactly the same amount, not losing any simoleons, but instead gaining intelligence.
Family with Just Toddler/Kid/Teen
Have you ever been annoyed by the fact that you can't have a family of teenagers? Do you want a bunch of little kids running around? Do you cry because your toddlers depend on adults to have a house?

No longer! With only the moveobjects on cheat you can make your adults disappear! (Try having a gang of teenagers- tempting!) Here is a step-by-step guide from the very beginning of how to make your adults disappear from the face of cyberspace!
1. Press Ctrl+Shift all at the same time
2. There should be a white box on your screen at the top. Type moveobjects on in that box (include spaces, caps don't matter)make sure you include the on part!
3. make a family and move them into a cheap house (Ranch Retreat works well)
make sure you have one adult and whatever kids, toddlers, and teens you want
4. In the house go to buy/sell mode and click on the adult
5. put the adult directly on the same square as a kid/toddler/teenager
6. Watch them disappear!

Happy Simming!

NOTE: Be careful. Sometimes you can't save after you do this!
NOTE: I've only tried this with a toddler created from the Tombstone of L and D, so it might not work with any other age or a custom toddler... Try it out!
Gardener Apocalypse
So, I don't know if this works every time but here goes. My sim called a maid, gardener, then a taxi all at the same time. The maid came, then the gardener, then the taxi. The game got really laggy, and 10 gardeners came out of the truck. Soon, more and more gardeners are piling out and I have about 60 of them in my house! When I came back from a community lot, they were still there. So I used the moveobjects cheat and locked them in a room to die. (I know, violent) After that, when I tried calling a gardener, they didn't appear on the service list! *Warning: This will make your game very glitchy so if you try it make sure you're on a bad family one*
How to get a wishing well
just bring up the cheat box. if you don't know how, just hold ctrl, shift, and c together, and there should be a white box come at the top. then type this exactly!!: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then press enter. if you did something wrong, then the white box will get bigger and say invalid cheat... or something. ok! moving on. then go to a family. make a person go outside. then shift click the person. then press the button "spawn" it should come up with a whole bunch of stuff. click more until you have found the wishing well. click on it. it SHOULD have a wishing well. HINT!!! YOU NEED OPEN FOR BUSINESS TO GET THE WELL!!
How to get free pizzas!
All you have to do is order a pizza, then as soon as the person steps by your house (don't talk to them) Then go onto buy mode and click on the pizza from the pizza person and put it in your house. Then go outside and get them to dismiss them without the paying x
How to Get onto the Sims2 without Updated Version of Windows.
What I recently found out is, despite not having the updated version of Windows7 I can still go on the Sims2, it may say 'Unspecified error' when you try to go on Sims2 without the updated version of Windows, most people don't want to bug there computer or laptop up by downloading the 'latest' version of Windows, Like me. So all I did was click the button on the CD opener on my laptop, then close it again, and it will come up with a link saying 'do you want to launch the Sims2. All you do is click on the like 'Launch Set up' and then it will start loading it, but this time it will go straight on it, you will have to do this every time, but it it a quick and simple process.

Note:This may not work on all laptops and Computers, as I have a HP laptop.
Note2:This can only work for Sims2.
How to have a Floating Roof
I came over this by accident but i think it should work...

1. Make a 2 or more story house.
2. Then make a roof (any kind).
3. Take away the walls just below the roof.
4. Lastly to actually see it you have to go to the top floor and click on the button that lets you see the whole house with the roof!

Thats it! IT LOOKS REALLY AWESOME! Kinda unnecessary but cool.
How to make your sims act as a different age
I've tested this on lots of people and it works like all the other cheats!

Open the cheat box (SHIFT C) type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then press ENTER. With this cheat you do anything like pull up needs, add want slots, kill people ect ect but I want to show you something funny... Open up the cheat box again and type in moveObjects on. Then SHIFT click your sim and press SPAWN then press more until you find SIM MODDER if a baby appears (dont worry its fake) you've done it right then press the baby and press set age. Then press Me (and it says your sims name) then choose what you want your sim to look like. Go on buy mode and sell your sim then go on a different sim and press GET FAMILY MEMBER (on the tombstone of L&D) and click the one with your sims name and if it appears floating you've done it right.

You need atleast 3 family members.
How to make your sims paint custom paintings (eg celebrities) :)
What you need to do is go on google images and find a picture then save the picture to the file Sims 2 Paintings then wachow go on sims type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true drag your sim skill points on creativity to the top make them paint a custom painting and it should be there! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

(I forgot the folder names so just search your doccuments until you find the file Sims 2 Paintings)
How to swim in the GRASS!
Its a total fail, but you can make your sim swim in the grass by putting in the cheat "moveobjects on" and placing pool stairs in the ground, make a sim use those stars and eureka, a sim swiming in the grass!
Never do this, it's a pain!
There's a certain cheat that comes in handy: agesimscheat on, I use this cheat a lot and for some stupid reason I used it on the maid and turned him into a teenager. Not a good idea, not only did he put up a fight to leave the house but he kept turning up to other houses that hire him as a teen. I wouldn't mind that, however he didn't clean, he just sits in his car looking around like he's waiting for someone. I had to use 'move_objects on' and move him out of the car, then I deleted the car and turned him back into an adult (which took a long time as he wouldn't move, he just floated - looking around like he was in the car) but eventually he turned back into an adult but now he has no maid's uniform and he's acting like a family friend, not a maid. So the moral of the story is: don't follow my stupid example because, well - it's stupid.
Normal Looking Vampires!
Ok so here is the dialema, Vampires are cool right? But you don't like the red eyes and grey skin. Well in order to have the sims origonal eye and skin colour follow this! Have 2 adult sims, type in Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true, now click spawn and click sim modder. click set age (somthing like that) and set ONE adult to a toddler. (if you do them both at the same time the social worker comes) then make the toddler a vampire, and seen as they can't be vampires they have the abilitaies but not the looks! Now set the toddlers age back to adult and you have a normal looking vampire!!!! Its just the same as an ordanary vampire just looks normal. Happy simming!!!
Standing on Water!
this is really simple, turn on move objects then plce some water. go into buy mode and put your sim on the water!
sorry 'bout the boring cheat but it looks realy cool.
Walk under the water!
1. Open the cheat box and type moveobjects on.
2. Then create a water like a lake.
3. Go to buy mode and select the sim you want to go under the water and place the sim on the water.

With this cheat, you can also delete your Sims and move objects. Like a painting, you should place it on a wall but by this cheat you can place it without a wall.

Easter eggs

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Boost your Mood!
If a sim has a lot of "out there" aspirations and is in a bad mood, this is an easy trick. Hold down the SHIFT button and CLICK on the aspiration and it will come true. But, if you really do want to complete that aspiration yourself then don't this. Also don't do it with FEARS!
Grim Reaper Outfit
Ok, so this usually works. First do the boolprop testingcheatsenabled thing then have 1 sim in the family die. After the Grim Reaper leaves add him to family. He will show as family for a few seconds then he will leave the family. After he leaves look in your sims outfits and at least 1 sim should have the Grim Reaper Outfit.
indoor pool
1. You build a pool outside.
2. Make a ground level pathway 2 or 3 squares wide around the pool
3. Then comes a 1st story floor.
4. Put a half-stair leading from the floor to the ground by the pool.
5. Then make a wall around the floor.
6. BAM! Indoor pool! No cheats involved. (try not to make your pool too large for the roof wont go on if it is!)

If you don't get this just try to figure it out. Sorry, I have a small problem with fine details but I have done it many times. Enjoy!
Werewolves, zombies etc
You can get different kinds of Sim like zombies, vampires, robots, plantsims and werewolves without downloads, it's really easy <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Werewolf: You need Sims 2 Pets expansion to do this. When you're in a Neighborhood, press ctrl, shift and c at the same time. Type in:
boolProp testingcheatsenabled true. Click a lot that a Sim lives in. When you go to the lot, play as the Sim you want to turn into a werewolf. Shift-click on the mailbox, then click Make NPC. Then press 'more' (I think) and click Leader of the Pack. It might take a few minutes but a wolf with glowing eyes appears. Make your Sim pet it. Then drag the relationship between your Sim and the wolf up to 100 on both bars. Shift-click the wolf and click Make Selectable. Go to the wolf's relationship panel and drag up the relationship with your sim. Make your sim pet it again, and after a few minutes, it should 'nibble' your Sim. If it's after 8pm, your sim should transform immediately. Sims are only werewolves between 8pm and 6am.

Vampire: You need Nightlife for this. There's a cheat to do this. Do the boolProp cheat that was mentioned above and Shift-Click your Sim. Click 'more' and click on 'Make Vampire'. Then it should become one instantly. (Make sure your sim is inside when you do this, or if it's daytime, it'll burn)

Zombie: You need University for this. Make sure you have at least 2 sims- you'll see why. Kill ONE of them and wait till the Grim Reaper goes. Then press Ctrl, shift and C at the same time. "Type in UnlockCareer Rewards" without the quotations. Go to your Career rewards and they should all be unlocked. Click on the weird phone thing from the Paranormal career. Place it somewhere and call the Grim Reaper. Select your dead Sim's picture. Now's the important bit. Pay the Grim Reaper around 1000-3000 simoleons. Your sim is now a zombie.

PlantSim: You need Seasons for this. This is kind of difficult. Do the BoolProp cheat (you should know it by now haha) and buy loads of apple, lemon or orange trees. Shift click on ALL of them and click 'Infest with Bugs'. Turn off Free Will and make your sim spray them all. After about a day, smoke will form around your Sim and it becomes a plantsim.

Servo(Robot) : You need Open for Business. Do the BoolProp cheat, shift click on your Sim, click Spawn and click 'New Servo'. Click on the weird silver thing that appears, and you can choose whether it's a boy or a girl and name it. (Warning: Don't ever, ever, ever make them go swimming, they WILL explode).


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.x. career/inspiration awards .x.
it is very quite easy. when your in the neighbour hood get the cheat box up (ctrl+shift+C) and type in the cheat \"BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true\" and go into your house. when your in your house be the person you want to give your awards to. hold shift and clik on the mail box. click on career awards and clik on the award you want and when you see a picure of a letter box on the top of your screen and it dissapears again go into your career awards and your award should be in there. for inspiration awards hold \"ctrl\" and clik on all the boxes i your \"wants\" column. it will increase your inspiration points and give you the chance to get ALL your inspiration awards. (for other things you want shift clik on various objects such as trash cans,mail boxes,news papers,people ect. and a variety of options should come up but you must have the cheat in to pull this stunt) any problems then e mail me at
50,000 Simoleons.
Open the Cheat Box (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, C) And type in motherlode. You will then have recieve 50,000 simoleons.
6 babies!
it's a really funny way of getting 6 babies all in one day. Type in "boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true" (without the ") and shift click on the sim u want to get pregnant, click spawn, get me pregnant with or get me alien pregnant (if you have a spouse have them do that too) then after click speed up pregnantcy. you can also type in forcetwins if you want, repeat until u have SIX babies!
Floating Heads! x
To get floating heads, you have to:
Go onto neighbourhood, then onto create a family, then:
Type in: boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
then press enter.
After that, type press SHIFT=N.
(this will come out with new outfits, too),
then make your sim as normal.
when you get to the number five,(the clothing section) the first thing (as you probably know) is casual clothing.
scroll though the clothing, and when you've found the invisible top half icon thingy, click on it, like you do with normal clothes. This will make your sims' top half dissapear. Do the same with the pants.
And there you have it, a floating head person!!


Hope this cheat helped, Abii xx
A Few Cheats =]
hey everyone i got a couple of cheats for you i have only made 2 so far but i will add some more l8r

Grim Reaper Statue Easy
Go into buy mode or pause and Ann Press ctrl,Shift,C type in move_objects on into the cheat menu.Kill One of your sims that you don't want if ur killing a sim that you wanna keep make sure that there is someone very close to them that can plea to the grim reaper then as soon as you see the grim reaper Go To Buy Mode Pick Him Up Make Sure You Have Done The Cheat in the cheat box you must do that for it to work pick him up and hold down shift. Without letting go of shift, put your Grim Reaper back down and you should be holding a clone of your Grim Reaper then place him where you want him then plea to the real grim reaper to save ur love one u better hope that they love them as much as you think they do otherwise ur sim is gone. Or a better way kill a neighbour walking past. But sometimes if will be one of your other sims from a different family so be carefull there.?Note: You cannot control the grim reaper, but it is still really fun and like i did i made two of them and put them as stuates at my sims house really fun.

I Want a Teenager With NO Parents(No Cheat Required)
Who said we were to young to be on our own without our parents now we'll teach em. Make your family or if you already have a family you want no parents with then do this You family must have one parent and at least one teenage coz that is how it works and You kill the parent (Which is Always pretty fun) or force them to move out pretty simple. Hope You Like Enjoy
A nice easy one
Im probably pointing out the obvious but the majority of the cheats listed on here can be found in the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c)type in help lower case and a little list of cheats will appear most of them have an explanation at the side of them and the ones that dont are fairly self explanatory.
A Night Full of Howl ( How to become a Werewolf)
Do you want your sim to be a Werewolf? If so, KEEP READING. First, type in BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true. Make sure you include all capitols.
Then, hold down the right shift button, and click on your mailbox. There will be a selection called "Make NPC..." Click on it. There will be a whole mess of thing's, but you are looking for "Leader Of The Pack". Once you find "Leader Of The Pack" click on it.
If you not already near you mailbox, make your sim move over by it. Don't pause, but just keep waiting and looking down both sides of the street. Eventually, there will be a dog-like-looking animal. But it really is a wolf.
Click on the wolf, and greet him. Once you've greeted him, go to your relationships. Go through your relationships until you find the wolf. Click and hold down the left mouse button, and drag your relationship with the wolf all the way to 100.
If it doesn't work, save your game, go out into the neighbor hood, then go back into the house you were just in, then drag the relationship with the wolf to 100. After that, Shift-click on the wolf. Remember, while your doing this, it has to be with the same wolf. After you shift-click on the wolf, click on "MAKE SELECTABLE".
Then, click on the wolf over by the thing where you can pick a family member to play as. Then, go to the wolf's relationships. Find your relationship with the wolf, and then boost that all the way to 100. After that Shift-click on the the wolf and then click on "MAKE UNSELECTABLE".
Then after that, just have you sim stand near the wolf. Don't pause just keep waiting. Watch the action queue while you waiting. Eventually, the Action queue will have the wolf's picture, and if you hold your mouse on the action, it will say "Be nibbled".
When that happens, Your currently selected sim will bend over to pet the wolf, and then the wolf will bite him. Your Sim has just been infected with Lycanthropy. At 8:05 p.m is when your sim will transform. And then their hunger will go down.
Then at 8:05 a.m. in the morning, is when they'll transform back into human. And at night, if there are any more sims that you want to be a Werewolf, just click on them with your werewolf, and select Savage. Your WereWolf will attack the sim you chose, and at the end of the fight, after your sim beats the tar of them, the other sim will come flying out of the dust, and then they will be a WereWolf. Good Luck With Your Creation!

MOD NOTE: You need the Sims 2 Pets expansion pack for this to work.
A sim or 2 to die married well look here!
If you have a married couple and they die of old age or something and if you like looking on there family tree you will see to dead sims not joined if you want them to be joined follow these steps:

1] Bring up the cheat box by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C.

2] Type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true.

3] While your sim is going to the afterlife you MUST pause the game when the sim is nearly gone then SHIFT while clicking on your sim then press force error it will say 3 options choose delete and your sim is still married in the dead, if one of the married couple is still alive make sure you do atzactly the same and tada! Two dead sims married to look on your family tree!
Hope you love this cheat!

By the way the game may not save so becareful!
Alien Baby Cheat
Ok get the cheat box (Ctrl+shift+c) and write boolprop testingCheatsenabled true (note capitals and spaces) and click on the sim while holding down shift and click more till you find spawn then click tombstone of L and D (life and death) then a tombstone should be in your house (somewhere) find it and click on it the click more until you find make me alien pregnant then click on the tombstone again and press speed up my pregnancy (if you want it in one sim day) and your done

Happy Siming


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All Kinds Of Different Exciting Cheats
So you want the cheats for THE SIMS 2?!

This is a lucky entrance for you!.

I know all sorts of Cheats for The Sims 2, I\'ve been getting all the versions of The Sims and The Sims 2 ever since it came out.

A couple of good cheats I got.
AgeSimsCheat = turns on/off
disablePuppyKittenaging = (on/off) turns puppy / kitten aging on or off.
exit = closes the Cheat Window.
Forcetwins = Have twins when giving birth.
unlockCareerRewards = Unlocks all job career reward objects for the selected sim.
motherlode = $50,000
kaching = $1,000

Some other cheats
Do you want to make you\'re sims taller?
There is a cheat for that.
Open the cheat window and type in StretchSkeleton ?.? but replace the first ? and the second ? with a number. You can make them giant, you can make them a midget you can make them any height.
The average height for an Adult is 1.0, so the best height if you want to go taller, is 1.1
The average Teenage size is 0.9
And the child? I think 0.8
With Toddlers, 0.7 and with New-Born Babie\'s 0.6.

How to look at a baby\'s needs
Open the cheat window, type in boolprop tesingcheatsenabled true then hold down the shift key and click on the baby. (This MUST be YOUR Baby!!) Click the option Make SELECTABLE and then the baby\'s picture on the left should vanish like there is no baby in your family.
Then hold down Shift and click the Baby again, choose the option that should be there, Make SELECTABLE click on the Babys picture on the left and you should see all her/his needs! the Baby does not have any wants/fears.

Make All Happy
There are two versions I know.

Version 1 ; open up the cheat window and type in boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true shift, and then click on the letter box. There should be an option saying House, click on that and then you should see the option Make All Happy at the top. Click on that and EVERYONE in the house even visitors, can get happy.
Version 2 ; open up the cheat window and type in boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true hold down Shift, click on any of the bars in the Sims needs, then simply drag it up. If this doesn\'t work, click at the bottom of the bar and drag it up, if it still doesn\'t work, then you have to exit the house and go in the house again or restart the game.

Get No Homework
Simply everyone gets sick of Homework once in a time, so why not get rid of it in The Sims?
Type in the Cheat Box, moveobjects on buy a table, and then put the homework on it.
When you click on the table [must be in Buy Mode] it should say [where you can sell stuff] "Sell Table" yadda yadda yadda, sell it for how much it was and then it looks like the teen has done the homework already!

For now, that's all I'm saying because I wrote down all the Cheats somewhere in a notebook but I can\'t find the notebook it was in.. oh well.

Good luck with your sim lifes!!


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An easy way for getting twins!
You first have to get the mom pregnant. Then when she's about to have the baby you click pause and then you open the cheat box by pressing "ctrl shift C" (without the "") at the same time. After that, type "forcetwins" (without the "" and NO spaces) you can do it several times to make sure that it will work but you can't get more than 2 babies at a time. After that, to close the cheat box just type in "exit" (without the "") and then you're getting twins! Congrats to the grandparents!
Another Way To Get More Money Faster
1) Ctrl+Shift+C
2) Type in "expand" (without ")
3) motherlode then hit enter
4) repeatedly, press the up arrow and enter back and forward. This allows you to place motherlode in the space without you having to type it over and over again.
5) repeat until you have $9,999,999!
Another way to kill Sims!
Its kinda complex, but not too hard.
What you do is, go to any family, but not expect to stay long. type in (boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true) code
Then leave the family. After that, go to a family where you want to kill a Sim. Once it has loaded, you select the Sim you want to kill, and drag his/her motives down. You can watch your Sims suffer, by making them hungry and such. But if you want them to not try to take care of themselves, then you can turn off free will.

NOTE: After you enter the SECOND family, enter to the "boolProp" code. Then, you should be able to drag the Sim's motives down.
Anoying baby bottles!!!
When the baby has finished drinking the mum/dad somtimes leave the bottel, you can just simply delete. Easy!
To access the 'Cheat' window press Ctrl + Shift + C then enter the following codes:

List cheats:
Help -all

Expands or contracts Cheat window:

Closes Cheat window:

Clears all cheat codes on the screen, but codes are still in effect:

Increases game performance but lowers graphics:
Vsync (on/off)

Windowed mode:

Start with desired resolution (in pixels):
-r(width) x (height)

Fullscreen mode:

Disables sound:

Get 1000 Cash:

50,000 Simoleans:

Puts the game in slow motion. Enter any number that 0 through 8 (0=fastest and 8=slowest):slowmotion

Makes your Sims larger or smaller:

Allows you to change elevation of floor tiles:
Boolprop constrainFloorElevation false

Disables the ability to change elevation of floor tiles:
Boolprop constrainFloorElevation true

Turn on aging:
Aging on

Turn off aging:
Aging off

Turns off facial bounding limitations. It prevents the normal corrections the game will make for two parents with very different facial structures:
FaceBlendLimits (on/off)

You can invite more people to your parties:
IntProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 8

Takes off censoring:
Intprop censorgridsize 0

You can tell what social reaction will happen before you do it:

Turns Postprocessing on:
BoolProp enablePostProcessing true

Turns Postprocessing off:
BoolProp enablePostProcessing false

Set to true and cars will have more detail in neighborhood:
Boolprop carsCompact (True/False)

Set to true to show lot information:
Boolprop lotInfoAdvancedMode (True/False)

Set to false to place floor tiles outside lot:
Boolprop locktiles (True/False)

Set to false to remove removes water (ponds) from lots:
Boolprop lotWater (True/False)

Set to false to remove floorpainting on lot:
Boolprop lotTerrainPaints (True/False)

Set to false to remove props like rocks and towers from neighborhood:
Boolprop displayNeighborhoodProps (True/False)

Set to true to light up objects continuously instead of only when used:
Boolprop allObjectLightsOn (True/False)

Set to false to remove roads from neighborhood:
Boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoads (True/False)

Set to false to removes trees/plants from neighborhood:
Boolprop displayNeighborhoodFlora (True/False)

Set to false to remove water from neighborhood:
Boolprop displayNeighborhoodWater (True/False)

Set to false to removes house graphics from neighborhood:
Boolprop displayLotImposters (True/False)

Set to false to remove bridges from neighborhood:
Boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoadsWithModel (True/False)

Set to false and lots will not light up when highlighted in neighborhood:
Boolprop lotTerrainLighting (True/False)

Set to false to remove removes shadows on objects outside house:
Boolprop objectShadows (True/False)

Set to false to remove shadows on objects inside house:
BoolProp guob (True/False)

Set to true and walls will no longer cut away from selected Sim:
Boolprop renderSelectedSimLevel (True/False)

Set to true to see the path where the selected Sim walks to:
BoolProp displayPaths (True/False)

Set to true and blocks appear on Sims faces and on parts where Sims look at:
Boolprop displayLookAtBoxes (True/False)

Toggle shadows on/off for Sims:
BoolProp simShadows (True/False)

In neighborhood, shows filename of house when lot is highlighted:
Boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename (True/False)

You can place objects outside the grid:
BoolProp snapObjectsToGrid (True/False)

Moves objects and deletes you couldnt before:
Moveobjects (on/off)

Lets you know if theres a patch:
Autopatch (on/off)

Sitcom flashback blur effect (# = 0.0 to 1.0) (require postprocessing on):
Bloom rgb #

Blurry bits at the edge of the screen. (# = 0.0 to 1.0) (require postprocessing on):
Vignette # # #

Makes the screen grainy. (# = 0.0 to 1.0) (require postprocessing on):
FilmGrain #

Adds a letterbox effect to the view. (# = 0.0 to 0.4) (require postprocessing on):
LetterBox #

Remove every Sim from the neighborhood (neighborhood view only):

Toggle between the two terrain types (neighborhood view only):
TerrainType (desert/temperate)

Debug Mode:
Press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the Cheat menu then enter the following:
BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled true.

While in Create-a-Sim press Shift + N before creating your first Sim to enable skintones, clothes, and hairstles that would normally be used only by NPCs.

Press Shift + M to disable it. Bring up the Debug menu by presssing Shift + Click on a Sim while in Live mode.

and all these cheats shuld work (i think) hehe
Are you tired of making house after house? look no further!
here's my idea, you need these material's:
1. Any version of Sims 2
2. Lots of free time
3. A custom neighborhood
4. A toilet

It's quite simple really, go to the neighboring neighborhoods, Vernoaville, Pleasantview and Strangetown, go to lots and houses option and get all the houses in the world! Even the ones with people on them. Sure they wont know anybody anymore, and all relationships will vanish with the wind, but you won't have a ghost town

Bald Sims
Activate the cheat 'moveobjects on'. Buy the Noodlesoother or Thinking Cap from the Aspirations Rewards. Get your Sim to put on the item. Then, go to Buy Mode and take off their caps. You will eventually take it off, ven the hair too. As a result, your Sim will get bald!
To cancel this glitch, do not delete the cap and put it back onto your Sim.
Be a Vampire
The Sims 2: Nightlife introduces NPC Vampires and allows your Sims to turn into Vampires themselves. By befriending the "Grand Vampires" (also known as the "Count" and "Contessa") who hang out in the downtown area at night, the player can persuade a vampire to bite their Sim. Once a Sim has become a vampire, it receives the characteristic sharp teeth, red eyes and pale skin. Vampires will die life. Beware you might not find them!!!!!!!!!!!
boolprop undiscoverd feature
boolprop constain floor elevation true/false
use this cheat wisely.

false alows you to rase and lower terain even when there are things on it
Buy a BIG house with a Little budget!
When you create a new SIM move them into a house that they can afford.

Then pause the game, Press Ctrl + Shift + C to bring up the cheat console and run the Kaching or Motherlode cheat (type in either Kaching or Motherlode and then press Enter).

Once you have enough to cover the cost of the BIG house move your SIM back to the bin(the money will stay with them). Then you will be able to move your SIM into that BIG house they always wanted!

Happy SIMing =o)
Change wants and fears without fulfilling them
I have a mac, so I don't know if this works on PC s or not...

Press ctrl and click the want or fear you want to change TWICE. It will change the want or fear and if you do want, it will make your aspiration meter go up!
Clearing All Your Cheats.
If you want to clear all the things you typed in the cheat box just type in "clear".
Cloning your Sims.
Go into buy mode and type in moveobjects on into the cheat menu. Pick up the sim you want to clone and hold down shift. Without letting go of shift, put your sim back down and you should be holding a clone of your sim.
Note: You cannot control the clone, but it is still really fun.
Control the neighbours..!
Okay...first you need to do the boolProp testingcheatsenabled true cheat in the cheat box
Then you need to shift-click on the neighbour you would like to control and click make selectable. You may have to do this a couple of times in order for him to be fully in your will know when his icon comes up along the side! If your sim wants to cheat on someone/woohoo with so many people then this cheat will really work
Custom Painting
To decorate your house with custom artwork, first your sim must have a creativity level of 5 and be able to paint a still life.
Have your sim paint and a frame will appear that you can center on whatever you want to paint. If you want to paint a picture of something outside the Sims 2 game, just press C anywhere at this time. This will pause the game.

Use Alt + Tab to exit the game, then open a picture program such as Paint and open the snapshot you just took, it will usually be in the folder: C:\My Documents\EA\Sims2\Storytelling\Snapshot.bmp

Then, you also have to open the picture you want to have in your game. If your picture is too large resize it so it will fit in the original snapshot from the game.

Copy your custom picture on to your snapshot from the game, then save the picture. Use Alt + Tab to get back to your game and your sim will start painting your own custom picture.

Using this trick you can put pictures of your friends or family, web pictures, or anything else in your Sims 2 game.

Dead Pigeon
If you want a pointless dead pigeon appearing on your floor then read ahead...
Type in "boolprop (yada yada yada)" and left click on any sim, spawn, then more and then "learned behaivours cheat object" and a dead pigeon will appear on the floor. Sims can do nothing to it or with it but I think it has something to do with pets. It's really pointless but it's funny to look at.

death and the gold gravestone
if ur sims apiration metter is the highest it can go when they die of old age they will get a gold grav stone but only if their aspiration was the highest it could go
Debug Mode
Open the cheat menu by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C, then entering the following:
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true

While in Create-a-Sim, press Shift + N before creating your first sim to enable skintones, clothes, and hairstles that would normally be used only by NPCs. Press Shift + M to disable it.

While in Live mode, Shift + Click on a sim to bring up the debug menu.
Debugging Mode
While in neighborhood mode, type in the cheat:
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
and then enter create a family. After it loads, type in a capital "N" and something about you activated debugging mode should pop up. Now you get new clothes to make them look like a bunny, a robot, a maid, a mad scientist, etc. Also, you get new hairdos like braided pigtails with a sidebang and the abililty to make aliens and mannequin sims. If you choose to make an alien, you can give it black eyes as well.

*If you type in a capital "M", it will take you out of debugging mode, so be sure to try not to name it something that starts with an "m". If you simply must create a name with an "m" as the first letter, either wait until you finish to name it or type in a capital "n" afterwards.
Die By Deleting
If you don't want to watch your sim die, just move them to another lot, (doesn't have to be a houes,) and then save and go back to the neighbourhood, then delete the lot they are in, this way, you don't watch your sim die, but they stay in the family tree, but you don't get those simoleons they give you when they die.
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true cheat,
a sim you want to dispose of,
a toilet,
move_objects on cheat,
rodney death creator gravestone.

you see that this is a funny way to die first pause the game so you can grab the sim and put him( or her )on the toilet then go to spawn after you entered the cheat and held shift on the keyboard look for the rondey death creator then click on it pops up a gravestone click on die by drowning then resume the game and watch the sim drownd in the small toilet HAHAHAHAHA!!!
this is dead on funny!!!!
Earn 1,500 $$$ by KILLING a Sim!!
Do you want to know a very useful cheat? Then I've got just what you're looking for! I have a cheat, where you can earn Sims cash in a matter of seconds, by killing a Sim! These are the steps:

1.) Press Shift/Ctrl/C to open the cheatbox.

2.) Type in the cheatbox 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' and press ENTER.

3.)Then pause the game and click on the Sim of your choice, while holding Shift. There should be all kinds of extras there.

4.) Choose 'Spawn' and then click Rodney's Death Creator.

5.) Next, click on Satelite and press the play button again. A Satelite will fall on your Sim and he'll be dead.

6.) Get the cheatbox again and type in 'moveObjects on' and press ENTER.

7.) Go into Buy Mode and pick up the Satelite. It should say, you can sell it for 3,000 Sims cash. Sell it and Tadah! You just earned money!
Easier (and funnier) way to kill sims
First put up the shift+control+C box. In it type boolProp testingcheatsenabled true. Then shift+click your Sim and go to spawn. On spawn you should find, "Rodney's Death Creator" Click that and be the Sim you want to kill. Click the tombstone that appears and click any of the ways to die, if you do satalite you can sell if for money! But anyways, the death by flies one is fun to watch!!
Easy Customer Stars
You NEED The Sims 2 Open For Business!!!
To got customer stars ALOT quicker, find a sim/employee with gold sales badge, control the sim/s by using the Boolprop Cheat(BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true) without the (), find a sim that is easy to sell stuff to, while he/she is buying, click the sim, find "sales" then "dazzle" & keep doing that until you can't do anymore.

NOTE! If you do it seperatly it WILL NOT work, so pause the game, then do it

Easy way to build Daily Relationships!
does your sim have trouble making friends?
WELL look no further, we can get those daily relationship bars up no problem
first do the 'boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true' cheat, and then shift-click on your own sim, and go to spawn, and then more and then memory manager. after that then click on the sim you want to be friends with. there will be an option saying Talk* (with the star.) your sims will then proceed to have a very strange talk, but your friendship will most likely be going up!!

WARNING: doesn't work for children, only teens and up.
WARNING2: sometimes the friendship will go down when they do this. if this happens cancel the action and make them do it again untill they get a positive reaction.
Extra Clothing
Press shift+ctrl+c and type "boolProp Testingcheatsenabled true" (without quotes) while in the neighborhood screen.

Then go to create a family.

Create a new sim and name them something starting with a capital 'N'.

The screen should then say something about debugging mode

The extra clothing will be at the end of the scroll list for clothing.

Some of the options are really cool like having military wear for your everyday option and others are funny like having a skeleton, robotic, or invisible body.

Naming the sim something with a capital 'M' will turn off the cheat, so name your sim for real after getting the clothes you want.

Please note the clothing options available also depend on which expansion packs you have.
if you want to buy a big house without moving in and out of a house first,
get up the cheat box by Ctrl, shift & C
type in:
familyfunds(Surname)(amount up to 9,999,999)
and press enter
this will then allow your sim family to buy a really big house
happy simming
Fast Money$ and Disapearence
If you want money fast, then all you have to do is press 'shift + ctrl + c' all at once, then type in "motherlode" this will give you 50,000$, repeat the procces as many times as you want, the money will just keep coming as long as you do exactly what i told you.

DISAPEARENCE: first you have to make your own SMALL room by using the same tools as you would to make a house, then put the sim* inside the SMALL room, make sure to put nothing inside the SMALL room, especilly don't put any windows!!! If no one talks to the sim, then the sim will disapear.

P.S: the disapearing sim may cause mailmen to run away and get scared!!!
FAST potty training
to make your toddler learn potty training fast:

1. make your adult sim's aspiration gold or higher

2. make your adult sim wear a thinking cap

3. feed smart milk to the toddler

4. take the toddler to the potty and it should learn to be potty trained fast
Fast track your potty training!
use the 'BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled true' cheat and direct an adult sim to potty train a toddler sim. While the toddler is on the potty continue to drag down the bladder needs for the toddler so that it doesn't become full till after the toddler has learned to use to potty! The toddler will continue to sit here if the bladder need is not met. I also speed up the time so it doesn't take long. No more dirty nappies!
fill happy bar!!
Simply open the Cheat Box by pressing "ctrl, shift and c". Then type in "maxmotives", with no capitals or anything press enter and all your metre bars apart from enviroment will be full, your aspiration metre might go up as well!!
Floating house
go in to an empty land and click buy mode. get lots of pillars and put them any shape you want such as:
ok some thing like that then you click that second story button. put a wall on top of the pillars. now
put tiles/carpet/watever sort of floors they have in side the building. then you click the first story button and delete the pillars.

now you should have a FLOATING HOUSE:)
Force things
To force a burgalar, the mail or any other kind of thing, press ctrl, shift, c then type into the cheat window, boolProp testingcheatsenabled true and then press enter. go to the mail box with your cursor and press shift and click on the mailbox, you could force a burgalar or the paper delivery service.
free $20,000 and free pets
create a family with only one sim in it. also create pets, you can have as many cats or dogs as you want. then move the family in with another family who you want to have one or more of the pets. then make the sim 'find own place' on the computer or in the newspaper and move any unwanted pets out with him too. you can then move the sim into another family to give them free pets too and every family you move him into gets a free $20,000 aswell.
Fulfill Needs,fulfill aspiration level, and fulfill aspiration Points
Needs: ctrl.+shift+c. type maxMotives. Done.
aspiration level: ctrl.+shift+c. aspirationlevel 10. Done.
aspiration points: ctrl.+shift+c. type aspiratinPoints 9999999. 9999999is as many as u can have. it will only be like 179,000+. so...Done.
Full aspiration level
When your sims are about to grow up and have a low aspiration level use this cheat or if you just want them to have a full aspiration level use it...

1st: Open the cheat window (ctrl, alt, c all at once)
2nd: Type in aspirationlevel(0-10 0 being the lowest, 10 being highest) and watch the level go up!!!!!!!!!!
Full mood bars!
follow theese instructions for your sims to be 100% all the time!

1. make sure you are on the nieghborhood screen
2. get up the cheat bar Ctrl Alt c
3. type in:- boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
4. press Enter
5. go on to any one of your family's
6. hopefully you should be able to drag up your moos bars!
7. have fun simmin!!!
fullfill sim needs make a sim like a sim and full personality points in the same cheat!!
get up the cheat window (ctrl shift and c)
and type in boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true" ("not in cheat)
now click on pause and click and drag one of the sims needs to where you want it and when you click on play they will stay there
eg. to put your sims hygeine level up without them having to have a bath
to make to sims like each other
go to the picture of that sim along the list of where the sims are and click on the bar you want to increase and drag it to how much you want the sims to like each other
click on the personality point and drag them to how much of a certain personality you want that sim to have.
fun with moveobjects
right 4 all these cool cheats u must have moveobject on

1. for this get a hot tub and get a married couple into it together. get them to w/hoo and just when there leaping out the water go to buy mode and move the sims apart the go to live mode and thell be doing it in mig air. this cheat is hilarious espesially put one on a chair LOL

2.get 2 sims to realy hate each other just keep one irritating the other youll unlock more things and then fite. keep doing that untill attack will come up as an option under fight.then a huge cloud of dust will come covering the 2 sims. now go to buy mode and move one away from the fite and go to live mode and theylle be fighting air

get the electrodancephere and have someone on it. whilst there spinnin go to buy mode move the SIM away go back to live and thell spin in midair

hope they work happy simming!
Get 50,000 Aspiration Points!!
After typing boolprop testingCheatsenabled true, hold shift and click twice on 5 wants. You will automatically get 50,000 aspiration points.
Get all skills fast
If you want to have your sims to haye Max knowledge this is wat you do. go to a family and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true (press enter) then go back to the neighborhood. go back to any family and have a sims read a book or anything to gain a skill point then have it where it shows the points and while they are learning just pull it up all the way to the end and done. plus you can do the same thing to those green bars. that show how your sims feels and walla perfect Health
Get All Types Of Clothes:NCP Career clothes etc.
1.Open the cheats box by typing Ctrl shift (the up arrow) and c.

2.When the box is open,type boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true (exactly like that)

3.Press Enter

4.Go to the selected Sim and press shift and click the Sim while pressing shift.

5.Select the option more... and look for spawn.

6.Look for a option called clothing tester.

7.A rack of clothes should appear.

8.Now you can have any clothes you wish!
get free $20,000
a) move an adult family member out of your house and he will recieve $20,000 to buy a new house with, just move him back into his old house with the rest of your family. you can do this as often as you like but it has to be an adult that moves out.

b) create a family but only make one family member, move this person into one of your houses, then move him back out again and your family will recieve $20,000 for nothing. you can do this as often as you like because every time the person moves out, he gets another $20,000.

c) if you are creating a family with two or more adults, make them in two seperate families with the same surname. move both families into the same house or lot, when it asks you if you want to combine the families say yes, and you will have $40,000 instead of $20,000 to spend on your new house, or you can move them into a bigger house.
Get free Deliveries
When you struggle with funds and you need food, call up the delivery dude and when he arrives. Type ctrl+shift+c and bring up the box and type move objects on, and then enter buy mode and take the delivery and place it in your house and you will not need to pay.
Get Rid Of Repo Man
Ok, so if ur behind on ur bills (or just cant be bothered) a repo man will come in a van with an unhappy smiley on the side. He will walk towards the house. you cannot enter buy mode so DON'T enter ove_objects on, it wont work. simply pause. then bring up the cheat bar and press the ` button (above tab next to 1). then type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true, then press the 'esc' (no ') key. shift-click on the repo man and select MAKE SELECTABLE. then click on the repo mans picture. he should have an action with a picture of his van on. click it and that will cancel his action. then play. the repoman will stop, then turn and get back in his van and drive off. this can be done even in ur only have one sim and they are at work.

This should work.
Get Sims Back From The Dead..x
If U Want A Loved One Back From The Dead Then Follow This:
1.Hold Down Shift,Ctrl & C
2.Type In The Box: boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled true
3.Shift&Click On A Sim (Any Sim)
4.Click On Get Family Member And Pick A Member Of Your Family You Want To Get Back..X

Happy Simming..
Get the green diamond off the sims!
1. Type in boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true. (capitals included)
2. Shift + click the diamond
3. Click force error
4. Click the choice "delete"
5. Viola! The green diamond will disappear on the sims!
Get the leader of the pack as a pet!
First thing you need to do is go to the neighborhood. Enter "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" into the cheat box. Go to your sims house, and shift click on you sim. Click on spawn... then tombstone of L and D. While the leader of the pack is at your house, click on the tombstone, and something should say add to family. Click on that then select the name of the wolf. Then he will be in your family.
He can still turn people into werewolves, so you might not want him if you dont want a werewolf sim. One fun thing to do with him is get him to know a neighbor. Drag his relationship with the neighbor to a high level, and he will eventually nibble them and turn them into a werewolf. This keeps all of the neighbors from hating your sim for turning them into werewolves.
get to know and make friends in less then 3 seconds(not in sims time)
to get to know alot of people and to make some friends in very little time get the cheat box up(shift+ctrl+c) and type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' (w/o quotations)no capitals like other people say to do because the capitals don't work! Then hold down shift and click on the mail box and click on make 'me know everyone'. then hold shift down again and click on the mail box but this time click on 'make me friends with everyone' it doesn't make you friends with everyone but most of the people
WARNING:if you do this so many people will phone you and you won't be able to phone anyone! it get pretty annoying...if you do this and you get annoyed you can email me telling me what happened and i won't say i told you so.

Happy simming!
Get To The Top Job Really Quickly!!!...x
First type in the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true cheat (to get the cheat box = ctrl+shift+c) Hold shift click on the newspaper select adult job choose your job. Click back on the newspaper and click job level and there will be level 1-10.

thank you others for all your really funky cheats.
Getting Twins
I found out a different way to get twins than typing forcetwins or twinsrcute in the cheat box. What you need to do is, after typing "boolProp testingCheatsenabled true" (minus the quotes, of course), you get your sim pregnant (by either woohooing or using the tombstone of life and death), and when your sim is about to have the baby, shift+click on them and click more until you see an option that says force twins. Click on that, and your sim should have twins.
Ghost aspiration.
All you need to do is type in:
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
Note: the capitals and spaces.
Then hold down the shift key and click on your victim the select Kill....and options come up like death by satelite or death by flies. Once the Grim Reeper takes them away their urn will stay at your house and now your Sim can see a ghost.
Glitch:Ufo from the aliens!
there are 2 cheats activated for this glitch.
type exactly the same:
1. boolProp testingCheatsenabled true
2. moveobjects on
you need 2 or more sims for this, get the big
telescope, you know the big one! set it on the
ground, ok now: first select a sim then hold shift and click on the telescope, then select
get abducted, let your sim be kidnapped by the ufo, now this is the difficault part, let another
sim be abducted right after 3 minutes and 17 seconds, not in sim time but just a normal clock
time, now 2 ufo\'s will be in the scene, they are
both in that place, let your sim be kidnapped,
then right after the little movie press p! now
you will see one ufo throwing out the first sim
you selected for kidnap, now click build or stuff
menu (you know that chair or saw icon) grab the ufo, now hold shift click with your mouse and clone the ufo, now place it where ever you want!
let the real one fly away.. also you can copy milions! just shift click on the ufo, and mouse click!
got a job and you NEED friends for a promotion or you want to be popular
do the boolprop cheat and then press shift and click on the letterbox at the same time then click on make me know everyone then click make friends for me then you get like 32 friends including social workers, principals, social bunnys ect
Grilled Cheese Aspiration
When your sim has a Grilled Cheese Aspiration, they want to do things like make, serve, or eat grilled cheese.

To do this, get up the code bar (Ctrl+Shift+C) and type in: boolProp testingCheatsenabled true. Then right-click your sim and look for the grilled cheese aspiration.

It seems pointless, but it's funny! ^^
Grow from baby to adult in one day
When you get the warning that its the babys birthday buy a cake and take the baby to it. As soon as the baby is physically a toddler stop the game and delete the cake. The baby is now ready to grow up again.
Grow from Toddler to Adult in Two Minutes
For thoses like me who just want to get a couple of memories and then move on, this is probally the cheat for you. First off, you are going to need a L and D Tombstone. For those who don't have one, this is how you can get it. Bring up the cheat box and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Then click enter. Hold down shift and click on the character that you are currently playing with. You should see a realm of new options. Click spawn. You should once again see alot of new options. Choose L and D Tombstone. A tombstone will appear in front of you. Now choose the toddler (or child or teen or adult) that you wish to grow up. Click on the tombstone. (BE SURE THAT YOU ARE NO LONGER HOLDING DOWN SHIFT!) Once you have done this, choose Age Transition or Age Transition Cinematic. This will send the chosen character to the next age. You can use it all you want. Have Fun!!
Have more than 8 in a family!!
If you want to have more than 8 people in a family, it's really easy!
-first activate boolprop
-get the tombstone of L and D (shift+click on person, spawn, tombstone of L and D)
-a tombstone will be somewhere
-click on it (DO NOT shift+click)
-options come up, like new (age)(gender) (in the game it will have one of every choice.
-choose an age and gender for the Sim you want, and click on that option (example: new adult female)
-even if there are already 8 people in a family another one will appear

-they don't go away after you quit and come back

-you can have as many as you want but after a while the sidebar with everyone's thumbnail images goes off the top of the screen
havin a bby w/o the pregnacy
all u have 2 do is put the "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" (w/o the ") in the cheat box then click on spawn then get the tombstone of L&D then click on "CINECAM BABY" and then the screen will come up saying u have a new family member on the way. but u cant rename the baby. so make the baby selectable by shift clickin on the baby then goin on MAKE SELECTABLE i find u have 2 do tht twice then make the baby clik on the tombstone of L&D and then clik "rename sim" . now u have a bby w/o goin thro pregnacy.

i hope this works

happy siming x__Baby_cakes__x
Having Trouble Designing Houses?
This is a really easy way to design rooms that MATCH.
•Go to either buy mode, or build mode.
•There are options (two buy mode, three build mode). Click the button that looks like a folder.
•You have a bunch of cool selections to choose from. I like quaint, colonial, central asian, and luxury bedroom, dining room, and living room.
Having trouble making friends?
If your having trouble making friends, try this.
1) Hit Ctrl+Shift+C.
2) In the cheat box, type in, "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true". Without the quotes. Hold shift and click on one of your sims.
3) Click on spawn and then click on Tombstone of L and D.
4) Click on the tombstone that pops up and hit more.
5) Click make me friendly with everyone here.
This will bring your relationship with everyone in the room to 90.
Home Alone Sims
Did you know that teenagers can live alone.
make a family with as many teen sims as you like and at least one adult. Move them into a lot. When your family has moved in and they paperboy/girl has delivered the paper take the adult sim/s to the paper and click on it. Select 'find own place' then a box will appear. Click the tick at the bottom. DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING ELSE and a carpool will arrive and wisk your adult sims away. No cheat needed. Have fun. x.
you put 4 pillars up, one for each corner, then
put the floor on top. now build the rest of the
home from this, and put stairs going up to it.
now go into buy mode and delete the pillars!
voila! a floating home!!!
How 2 make babies selectable
All you have to do is enter the boolProp cheat(boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true) and click on the baby while hitting shift....Then,press 'Make Selectable',but,it will make the baby's picture dissapear on he sim thing(on the left side going up and down),so,then,press 'Make Selectable' again,now you can click on the baby...(*note*The baby will not have an age meter at the baby age!)
How to be a Vampire
Allright #1: type in :boolprop testingcheatsenabled true #2: Hold down shift then click on one of your sims.#3: a whole load of options will come up but click on More... #4: One of them will say Spawn, Click on that and you may have to click on more but it might be there on the first options.#5: Then click on Make Vampire. If you have a vampire make sure you take your windows out because they burn in daylight, also when your sims are in the house take away the doors because they try and go outside and toss a football or play red hands etc. Then you are all done!! Note:make sure you have Sims2 Nightlife.
How to become a millionar quickly!!!
1. get the cheat box up bye going: ctrl+shift+c

2. type exapnd in the cheat box

3. then type in motherlode then press enter but then all you have to do is keep pressing up and enter really fast so that ur money will go up and you can become a millionar (p.s the highest amount of money you can get is $999,999,999 unless u sell something then it will go even higher! oh and dont go out of the cheat box or it wont work !!!
how to build yr relationships up really fast
1) when u load the game & u go to the neighbourhood, hold down ctrl+shift+c at the same time.

2) a little box should come up & type in, boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true.

3) then enter the family that u want 2 get yr relationships up with other people.

4) save the game, and then go back to the neighbourhood.

5) enter the family again & click on friends & u can simply drag yr relationship bar up to 100.

6) save the game & then go to the other family that u want to be friends with.

7) then just drag their relationship bar up to 100 that the person wants to be friends with u & then give that person a quick call and when they are chattin on the phone, they will suddenly become best friends.

hope it helped.

u can also do this for other things like, personality bar & all the skills like cooking & mechanical & stuff like that.
How to change the LIFETIME want
Do you feel as if you cannot possibly achieve your sims lifetime want? Well all you have to do is.
1. Get the cheat window up.
2. Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
3. shift and click on the sim you want to change.
4. find spawn on the sim.
5. Then in the spawn section find sim moddler.
6. The a baby standing up should appear near you.
7. Click on it.
8. Find want and fears.
9. click on lifetime wants.
10. Then just click on either option does the same thing.
11. Then look at your lifetime want it should have changed.
if this is not a lifetime want that you would like just keep repeating this process.
How to earn money easily!
For this cheat, you need to have the Sims 2 Seasons expansion pack! Okay, here are the steps:

1.) Open the cheatbox with Shift/Ctrl/C and type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' and press ENTER.

2.) Then click on the Sim of your choice, while pressing Shift. There should be many extras.

3.) Click on 'Spawn' and keep clicking on 'More...' until you see 'Wishing Well'.

4.) Next click on 'Wishing Well' and it should appear in your house (near your Sim!).

5.) Open the cheatbox again and type in 'moveObjects on' and press ENTER.

6.) Go into Buy Mode and click on the Wishing Well. Sell it for 2,000 $$$ and you just earned Sims bucks easily! Have Fun! =]
Sorry if this is long. So you probably already know this, but here it is anyways. Get the cheat box up ( ctrl+alt+c ). Type in boolProp Testingcheatsenabled true and then press enter. YOU MUST DO THIS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD! Then go to your house and invite over the friend or whoever you want your sim to fall in love with. The second you greet the person go to Relationships and the two green lines, bring those up to 100 on the person you want to fall in love with. The hold shift and click on the person you want to fall in love. Click MAKE SELECTABLE. The person will then appear on the family people list. Click on them and bring the two green lines up to 100 on your sim. Then have them kiss or flirt with each other and wala they are in love.
How to get a floating head (Male and Female adults)
First, when your in your neighborhood, type in:

bollprop testingcheatsenabled true

Next, you go in to the "Make a family" thing and you type:

Shift + N

And you can delete it after!!

Then, a bubble should pop up and say it's now in debuging mode. Now you can go into clothing (#5) and go to the end of list.

Then, go back a few pages if you have to, and when you see an empty box, then click it.

Now you should have a floating head!!

If you have any questions, just emali me at:
How to get a plant sim easily.
First of all you will need Sims 2 Seasons for this cheat. So how to make a plant sim first of all press Ctrl Alt Shft and n toghether to open a cheat box then type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then exit out of your house that your playing on or go to a house if your on the menu then a little code will apear in the corner YOU HAVE DONE IT! now you will activate all sorts of things. So now onto the plant sim get a fruit tree from the gardening menu then press shft on the tree there will be 2 things that will apear first. debug make harvestible and then debug make infested. click the infested one. then once you clicked on it bugs will apear. spray them. if they dont come up click on shft then the tree and click debug infest again. then keep doing the method making bugs apear then spray them and they after a wile you have turned in to a plant sims. DONE!
how to get full skills in 10 minutes or less!!!
first get the cheat box up bye going: ctrl+shift+c then type in
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. then all you have to go is go to a communtily lot then go straight back home then you will be able to "drag" your skills up and also ur huger and everything!
how to get married in 5 seconds
do CTRL+SHIFT+C to get the cheat windo. type 'boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true' just like that without the '. Then when u see the person u wanna marry, shift click the mail box and select 'get me a pregnancy relationship with...' and choose their name. u won't get pregnant, but just click on the person and select kiss, romantic or make out and they will be in love. Next propose. then u can marry on the spot or have a party or buy one of things and marry there.

How To Get More Money While In The Neighborhood (it really works!)
Bring up the cheat box. Type in familyfunds . Space.Then type in the family name you want. Space. Then type in the amount. Hit enter.

familyfunds Avoila 200000

If this doesn't work, contact me at

Happy Simming!
How to get to the top of a career in just less than 2 sim days!
This is spectacular because if you want to get to the top of the career just follow these easy steps:

1] Type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true then press ENTER.

2]Press SHIFT while clicking on the newspaper even if it is an old newspaper it will come up with Adult Jobs or Career Rewards but press Adult Jobs thena big list of jobs will come up click on the one you want.

3] Once you clicked on the job click on the news paper again by pressing SHIFT while clicking on it and it will come up with Set Job Level to it goes up to 10 so click on that but I would go for level 9 because you can see which skill points you need and it will be a memory in the memories when you get to level 10! Hope you loved this cheat!
How to Get Top Job Level
If you ant a certain job,and the top job level,AND the rewards 4 it,if you have the boolProp cheat in,press shift while clicking the newspaper and it will have selections like 'Adult Jobs' and 'Aspiration Rewards'.If u want the Certain Type Of Job,go to adult jobs...Then,hit the type of job you want for your sim....If you want the job level,just go to job level...Then,you can get top level without even doing hardly anything!(If a story comes up,you can win,or lose a lot of money!)Aspiration Rewards,just hit aspiration rewards then get the type you want....
How to get twins!
Instead of typing in a cheat to get twins, you must first have the woman (or man) pregnant. Then you must have one person (the one who is not pregnant) to have a lot of cooking skill points. If you don't have a lot already and the child will soon be coming then simply delete them and if you save the game they will come back. Get one of the people (with a lot of cooking skill points and who is not pregnant) to make a cheese cake. and make the one who is pregnant to eat some of it. It highers the chance of getting twins to like 99.9999... and so on. If you have any problems with this please email me at If you do send me an email then please tell me why you r emailing me and who you are. Thank you!

Have fun simming!
How To Get Your Sims Abducted by Aliens!!! haha
When you go into your neighborhood, such as Veronaville, Strangetown or one that you've made on your own, Open a cheat box by holding down " Ctrl Shift C" (without the "). A white box will pop up at the top of the screen. Put your cursor in the little white box and type in, "Boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true" (without "). After typing that in, click enter. Then go to the house of the sim that you want to have abducted by aliens. When you get to the house, buy a telescope. You can buy a cheap one or an expensive one. It doesn't matter which one you buy. Select the sim that you want to be abducted by aliens. Hold down the Shift key and click on the telescope. Then click on Debug-Get Abducted. Your sim will look through the telescope and in a few seconds, a blue light will appear and your sim will disappear. Don't worry, your sim is in the process of being abducted! Soon that sim's motives will start spazzing but don't worry that's normal. In about 2 hrs. (sim time) your sim will come back from being abducted by aliens!

P.S.- Now after coming back from being abducted, your sim can become pregnant with an alien baby! Select the sim that you want to become pregnant with an alien baby. Hold down the Shift key and click on that sim. Click on the button that says "Spawn..." after that more boxes will pop and you want to click on "Tombstone of L and D". A tombstone will appear in the room. Click on it and select the button that says "Make me Alien Pregnant". You might have to click on the More.. button to find it. Your sim is now pregnant with an alien baby. A little green boy or girl will be born in about 4 days (sim time)! GOOD LUCK! Oh, and by the way, a man or a woman can become pregnant with an alien baby.
How To Grow From Toddler To Adult In Just 2 Mins!
1. You first get up the cheat box (Crtl Shift C) then type in 'Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true'
2. then click on a toddler (holding down shift) the go on 'set to birthday'
3. the age bar should go up and the sim should grow up in 5 secs or more.
4. keep repeating until your sim gets to the age you want.

Hope this cheat becomes helpful. Happy Simming!
How To Kill A Sim In No Time!
Make sure you have atleast 2 sims and a pool. Get The Cheat box up and type: moveobjects on. Then go on buymode and hold downshift , keep it held down and get the sim you want to kill and move it ontop of your other sim that is on the pool until it is lying in the air. Then let go of shift and go on to livemode and your sim will vanish

have a nice life. x

How to look at the baby's needs
Make sure you actually have a baby. You need one for this cheat.
1. Open the cheat box (Ctrl + Shift + C)and type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true"
2. Hold down Shift and click on the baby (You can be on another person)
3. Choose Make SELECTABLE. The baby's picture on the left side of the screen should disappear.
4. Hold down shift and click on the baby again. Choose "Make SELECTABLE" again.
5. Now you should be able to look at the baby's needs, relationships, and personality. (They don't have any wants)
How to make a man have a baby!
Enter the cheat "boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true" (no punctuation marks required) and press the shift button whilst clicking on your sim. Go into the menu titled Spawn. Now click on the title "tombstone of l and d "(life and death) and click on the tombstone when you have a male sim in control. Click the "make me pregnant (with)" and click on the sim you want to have a baby with. Now go back to the "tombstone of l and d" main menu and go to "speed up my pregnancy " and your male sim will have a baby in a matter of minutes!
How to make a quicksand pit (sort of)
I found this out the other day. It's a fun way to kill your sims. Okay, so bring up the cheat window (Ctrl-Shift-C) and type in the boolProp... blah blah blah. Then type in "moveobjects on" and build a pool for your Sims. Then find a space of land on the lot and, using the grass tool, turn the ground sandy. Then suround the sandy area with a wall or fence. (BUT DONT ADD A DOOR OR GATE) Have the Sim you want to kill get in the pool. Then go to Buy Mode and use the hand tool to pick up your Sim and put them in the enclosed sandy area. You will notice that where you put them only thier head will show. NOTE:This doesn't always work. If it doesn't, just repeat until it does.
-Happy Simming!-
How to make a Zombie. (Beware of side affects)
First, kill a sim that you absolutley hate, and want to make them suffer. Or just kill a sim that you want to expirement with. Or, just kill a sim. Then type in
BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true with all of the capitols and spaces. Then, type in unlockCareerRewards with all capitols and no spaces. Then, if your not already in livemode, go to live mode. Then, go to where all the career rewards are and all the career rewards will be unlocked.
Select the Resurrect-o-Nomitron and place it somewhere where you think it looks pretty. Then click on it and click on "Call Grim Reaper". Select the sim that you just killed and ressurect them for about, 1,500 dollars. A bubble will appear and the grim reaper will say that you must not be known for your generous exploits, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Any ways, your sim will appear to have blue skin, and they'll walk around like an idiot.

Good Look With Your New Creation!
How To Make Your Sim A Midget
Push Ctrl+Shift+C and bring up the cheay code box and type in stretchskeleton 0.0 through 0.7 and watch your sim shrink! When you shrink your male kids and put there swimwear on them and the swim trunks will cover up there whole entire legs.
How to make your sim a rich sim and how to get that on your memories!
Follow these steps it defenitly works!

1] Get the sim you want.

2] Type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true and press ENTER.

3] Hold down SHIFT while clicking on the newspaper and a list of options should come up click on Adult Jobs then click on the job you want.

4] Hold down SHIFT while clicking on the newspaper again then click on Setjoblevel to and numbers up to 10 should come up click on 10.

5] Keep going to work to earn more money for example like 5,000 simoleons.

6] Keep going to work till you are an elder then retire and eventually you will die which gives money to relatives, you earn alot from retiring which makes you rich.

Hope you loved this Cheat.
How to Maximize skills and make them a memory
From the neighborhood screen bring up the cheat box and type in "boolprop testingCheatsenabled true" twice minus the"". Then go to your family and have your sim do an activity that increases skills and while they are doing click and drag the skills bar in the carreer/skills menu until it's maximized. Then go to memories and it will appear.

You can also raise daily and lifetime relationships like this.
How to move up hunger and all +skills without going to a community lot
ok first thing first type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true but make sure your not in a family you get out of it if you are then type it in press enter and go into your family you can now drag whatever you want well somethings hope you enjoy
how to not go to school FOREVER!
Bring up the cheat box with ctrl+shift+c then type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then shift click on your sims who goes to school. Many options will come up and one of them will be spawn. click spawn, and click scenario tester. (it may be in the option "more") A large yellow box will appear. Click on it. Then choose the option "add to private school" (dont worry it doesnt add to private school) then in the job area of your kid it will not say student and instead have just the days of the week and they have all days off! Wallah!
How to see babies needs
First, get the box at the top by clicking shift+ctrl+c (at the same time) and in the box type in boolProp testinghceatsenabled true. Then shift+click the baby. Find the option, \"make selectable\" the babies icon should disappear. Then shift+click them again and choose \"make selectable\". There icon should come back and you should be able to click it. Choose the babies icon and you will see there needs. If you are the baby, shift+click it, then choose \"set to birthday\" then get the tombstone of life and death (l and d) (go to spawn then choose tombstone of l and d). When the tombstone appears be the baby and choose, age transition. Then the baby will grow up.
First, you must bathe the baby in the sink, then you feed the baby and you type in "Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" ((W/O ")) Then you go "Shit + Click" The child "Make Selectable" Then you select the baby and drag "Energy level ALLLL THE WAY DOWWWWWNNNN" and put the baby back in the crib.
how to throw away sims!
i was playing the game one day with a friend and we used the boolprop tool to put the guys inside of the girls to see what would happen. when we unpaused the game the guy was sticking out of the girl and she walked to the trash can and threw him away!!!! we were so shocked that we didn't say anything for a few minutes. so go ahead and try that. it's pretty funny.
kill a toddler w/o getting it taken away!
you wont be able to save its just fun!
insert "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true"
and then "move_objects on"
now make a 1x1 fence. pick up the toddler or baby and put it in the fence. now as days go by watch the baby cry it eyes out! when the social worker comes because your not feeding him/her, pause the game (safety), and press SHIFT on the social worker, now press FORCE ERROR, and then DELETE. If any other social workers come do the same. now watch your baby die! its so funny because its so helpless and whiney and so its so fun!
Dont do this in real life though! lol!
Kill any sim!
This cheat is super cool because you can kill neighbors and maids too! First open the cheat window(ctrl+enter+c)then type moveobjects on
next have your sim put food in the oven but dont take it out,(make shure you dont have a fire alarm but a phone nearby)once it starts smoking, put the game on buy mode and move the sim you want to kill onto the stove and then put it back on sim mode, after the fire starts you can see the sim in the fire, once he dissappears call the fire department to put the fire out and thats pretty much all!
Kill the whole town!!!!!!!
This is kinda long,but it is *bleep*ing cool!

1.Pick a town (any town) make a empty lot(The biggest possible).

2.Move a sim into the lot(any sim).

3.Open the cheat menu("Ctrl"+"Shift"+"C").Type in
[motherlode] press "enter" (type whats in the box).Do it 5 or 6 times.

4.Open the cheat menu("Ctrl"+"Shift"+"C").Type in
[boolProp testCheatsEnabled true] press "enter" (type whats in the box including Space's & Caps).

5.Build the biggest pool you can.Make sure you only put divingbroads(no Ladders).

6.Hold down "Shift" and click on the mailbox. Select the option [Make Me Know Everyone].

7.Hold down "Shift" and click on the mailbox.
Select the option [Invite Whole Neighbourhood]

8.Wait don't put your sim in the pool until you [Greet Everyone]"(pick on any sim don"t hold "Shift")

9.OOOoohhh yyyaahhh!!!Some of them will get in on there own but if they don't get in and [Ask *SOINSO to join].To ask,click on the sim you want to join.

*That sims name "Ask Jill to Join".

Have FUN



kill your sims
1drowing put your sim in a pool and delete the latter
2lock them in a room
3try fixing somethine like a tv get eltraquted
4getting sick and still going to work
7geting scierd by a ghost
Kills sims.
If you don't want to kill your sims the normal way, do this.
1st, hold down crlt, shit, c. IN THIS ORDER AND DO NOT LIFT FINGERS.
2nd, type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true.
3rd, hold down shift and click on the sim of your choice and click spwan.
4th, while in spawn find Rooney's death creater and click it.
5th, click on the tomb stone that pops up and select the death of your choice. (such as drown, struck by lightning, flies, ect.

any problems or want anyother cheats, you can contact me at
If you want loads of weird extra items read ahead:
( you will need a baby for this )
Open up cheat box ( shift+Ctrl+C ) and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and press enter.
Press shift and click on the baby and click on the one saying spawn the click on the one saying accessories cheat and a toybox will appear. now click on the toybox and click on spawn all.
Now all around the house you have items!
LOVE In 2 mins (literally)
Ok so you want your sims to fall in quick easy love? Put in Ctrl+Shift+C and a box will come up put in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true |then Shift click your sims look for spawn when you see it press Sim Modder then a floating baby will come out. Press it then press relationships then press me to other then find another sims's name and them press it then another list will pop up press love then repeat but put in other to me.

Hope it worked.
Lovely eye colour, Darling
You can have white eye colours which is quite cool(if you look carefuly,it IS difrent from the silver ones).
1 go to your neighbourhood
2 type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true in the cheat bar(Ctrl+Alt+C)
3 go and create a family
4 type in a name starting with N(you can change the name afterwards)
5 click the custom skintoes, change it to alien ones
6 change your eye colour to the alien one(the full black one)
7 change your skintone to the manequin one
8 tada! your eyes will be white!

good luck, sims-players!
Mailbox and Sim CHEAT
First,get the cheat box up (by pressing Shift,Ctrl and c at the same time)and type \"boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true\" (No quotation marks). Then press Shift and 4 at the same time while clicking on a sim. You will be able to change their aspiration,their clothes and a lot of other things. This also works on the mailbox. You can make lots of things appear like wolves or robbers.

Make adult with grow up aspiration and platinum mood
This cheat only works on toddler or kid.
1. First press ctrl+shift+C, and type "moveobjects on" (without quotes).
2. When there's a notification about your toodler only 1 day left to grow into kid and that's a time to make a birthday party, insteadmake a party, buy a table and put a bithday cake on it.
3. Then bring your toodler to blow candles. Exactly when your toddler spin and grow into kid, pause the game. click on the birthday cake and delete it. Then buy a new birthday cake, click your kid and make him/her to blow the candle again. After that, unpause the game.
4. Exactly when your kid spin and grow into teen, pause the game. click on the birthday cake and delete it. then buy a new birthday cake, click your teen and make him/her to blow the candle again. After that, unpause the game.
5. now you have an adult sims with grow up ability. Another step is fullfil this sims aspiration until reaches top, you will see that the aspiration bar will decreased very slow and even does not decrease at all, so you got an adult sim with grow up ability and platinum mood.
Make All Happy
Are you tired of having to fulfill every single one of your sim's needs? Be tired no more! With Maxis' provided mailbox, and a certain cheat, you can max out all your Sims' needs!

Ctrl+Shift+C to bring up the cheat window. Type in the following:

boolProp testingcheatsenabled true

Press Enter.

After this, go to the mailbox, and hold down Shift while you click on it. Among the choices, there should be one saying, "Make All Happy." As soon as you click it, all the needs will fill up automatically.

You can also make yourself known by everyone in the neighborhood, or make friends for yourself. Shift+Click on the mailbox or your sim anytime after entering the boolProp cheat, and be surprised at all the choices!!
Make children live alone
To do this make a normal family but with 1 adult 1+ child then move them into a house and open the cheat bar (ctrl+shift+c) and enter "BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true". Hold shift and click on the adult go to more, then spawn, then more, then sim mooder tester. An object that looks like a baby standing up will appear next to that sim. click on that object and go to set age and click on the age you want k.

lyl x
Make ghosts look like normal sims!
If you have a family with ghosts walking around and you want to make them look like ordinairy sims,follow these instructions

1.As the ghost is walking around,go on buy mode.
2.Click the hand tool and grab the ghost.
3.Move the ghost anywhere you like.
4.Play the game.

You will now have a normal-looking floating sim =)
Make objects not snap to a grid!
Okay first you pull up the cheat box (Ctrl+shift+C) The type in the following: Boolprop snapobjectstogrid false: Then you can put objects anywhere, like in the middle of a square or around a square. WARNING: Do this after you have done EVERYTHING with build mode! Use only for buy mode! then to turn it off type: Boolprop snapobjectstogrid true: Have fun!
Make SURE your woman has twins!
Now, this is pretty straight forward,if you want you female sim to have twins this is all you have to do:
1) Get your female sim pregnant (various ways)
2) Get your female sim's cooking skills fully up (Various ways)
3) make your female sim cook some cheesecake! (Under desserts - I think,)
4) eat some cheesecake! (You need Open For Business!)

(I guarentee this cheat WILL work for you with your sims 2 game - if it doesnt i will personally track you down and give you all my sims 2 games + £100.oo !!! Thats how sure i am this cheat works!)

Happy simming!
Violet xxxxx
Make Your Child older Than Your Parents!!
This I have done olny once before and it was sooo funny!!!!
1. open the cheat box (CTR+SHIFT+C)
2. Type in : "aging off" in the cheats bar. (make sure you are selected to parent or grandparent)
3. Now all u have 2 do is wait for your child, teen, toddler or adult grows up!!

tip: if you change ur mind and want ur sim(s) to grow up, just select them again and type in the cheat box-"aging on".

thanx for reading,
have fun simming and enjoy my cheat!
Make your sim ELECTRIC!
be sure to have the cheat
"boolProp testingcheatsenabled true" without the "
then wait until your trash compacter or your tv blows out, easiest way is to leave your tv running all the time. then when it finally blows out click on it & choose repair (make sure your sim knows nothing about mechanics) then as soon as your sim is being electricuted go to buy mode & delete the tv or move your sim away from it (go to cheat box & type "moveobjects on" to do this) now your sim will be electric forever! enjoy!
Make Your Sim Happy! (the easy way)
Ok, if you want to make your sims happy real fast, then follow these instructions.

2. Type in: "boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true" (without the ")
3. press SHIFT while clicking on your mailbox.
4. press house button that you should see
5. then there should be a button that says make sims happy, or something like that, press it, and watch your sims go from starvation, to bloated!
Make your Sims Love Faster!
Its pretty simple really.
1. Do (Ctrl=Shift=c)
2. Then type in (boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true) code
3. Drag up BOTH Sims relationship bars to 100
4. Make you Sims kiss or interact in any way, and the kisses shouldn't be rejected!
5. This cheat is good for Sims with romance aspirations.
Make your Sims Prosper!!!
This cheat will take some time.
First, you go into a random family, and then type boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true, after you open the cheat window.(ctrl+shift+c)
Then, go back to the neighborhood, (save if you'd like) then pick another family you REALLY want to go into. Once it had loaded, then you are able to drag your sims motives up, or down, improve their skills, and drag up or down their relationship bars. The way to prosper is to improve their skills. Drag em all the way up. Then, you sim can do yoga, meditate, make good meals, and loads of other stuff. This also decreases the chance of having a fire. So if you want a Sim to die, then make sure he/she has no skills whatsoever.

Happy Simming! And I hope this cheat helped you out!
make your sims stick together
you can make your sims stick together so that they walk around with the other sim on there hand! all you need to do is this:

1.put the move objects cheat on by typing moveobjects on in the cheat bar
2.move one of your sims into a large area
3.get another sim, and using the move objects cheat you should be able to pick the up with the hand, when in buy mode, and place them on the body of your other sim.
e.g move the sim where the other sim is standing and he should stand on his head , arm or his body!

another funny bit is is that sometimes, because there is a sim stuck to him, he puts him down like if he was a baby and kisses him on the cheek!
Making a Baby Selectable
To make the baby selectable, so you can view it's needs and relationships (and nothing else, since babies don't have wants or skills), all you have to do is enter the cheat "boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true" (caps is important), and minus paranthesis. Then shift+left click the baby. This brings up a large menu, but you need "make unselectable". This will make the baby disappear from the household character selector. Then shift+click on the baby again, and this time click "make selectable". The baby will reappear, and be playable. It does not change if you change to another player, but I don't know if it changes when you switch households, or enter a different mode. (all this is done in the cheat window, ctrl+shift+c)
Manage Your Sims Easier !
Okay to do this cheat you'll first need to go to the neighborhood. Once their hold Ctrl + Shift +C a cheat box will then open. Type in "boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true" without the " make sure you type it in exactly like that. Next go to your family, go to the mood and you can drag the moods up and down. Say their hunger was low all you have to do is hold and drag the hunger meter up. Or if you want them to be sleepy all you do is hold the energy meter and drag it down. Simple!

Happy Simming!
max motives easy
ok use the ctrl+shift+c the do "move_objects on" then you can either wait for someone to come or invite someone over. ok now pause the game pick every1 u want to get needs up and stick them to the person. (this works with all sims) when the person goes away every one sticking to them will go away as well. Now save the game go to neighbour hood go back into the house and every one will have their needs up. (be carefull, though once with a large family the kid came back as a baby and it wouldn't age and no one could touch them.
Money from death without the death!
1.Get the tombstone of L and D and rodney's death creator.
2.Make a todller from the tombstone.
3.Selcet the todller.
4.Click the death creator and select death by satellite.
5.A screen will come up.Select Restart.
6.The satellite wil crash down and NOT kill the todller.
7.Open the cheat box and type in move_objects on.
8.Go into buy mode.
9.Pick-up the satellite and sell it.

Instant money!
Ok leason up. If your new and say...Don't understand what other people mean by there cheats are easy or don't wanna take a risk, then this is the cheat for you! Ok Make a friend or use a nother friend you have ask them to move in ( you don t have to have any thing but one little pice of wall or anything eales you want ) now keep asking him to move in and out over and over again and if you WooHoo with them you get more money every single time you ask them to move out you get all the money hope this helped!
Motives. this cheat works :]]
Having Problems with getting you movtives high and controling all or your Sims? All you have to do is open the Cheat Window (Ctrl+Shift+C) and then type in: boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true
(just like that). after you type in that you can view where your motives are and drag the bars as high or low as you want them.

NOTE: If this cheat does not work the first time, then go into a differnt house and keep typing the boolprop cheat and try it in a differnt house then save the game and go back into your house and the cheat will work!
move in 2 an expensive house with out working
make your family

move them into a house they can afford

get the cheat box up: ctrl shift c

type in either: motherlode or kaching and then press the return key

go to options and go to neighbourhood (remember to save your game!)

put them in the family bin

then clik on them and wala! they can afford any house!!!
Naked baby
To get your baby naked all you have to do is turn 'moveobjects on' and then select change diaper. Whilst you sim is changing it, go onto buy mode click on the baby and put it somewhere else. If your baby is still smelly then i think you can go (once again) on change diaper, let the sim finish changing it and your baby should still be naked!
Never go to school!
I have not tried this, but I think it works. If it doesent, sorry! When the bus comes, take the bus driver out of the bus. Put him somewhere that he can't get out of. The bus wont fade. the bus wont leave. Your kid does not go to school, but nothing happens! Hope this works, sorry in advance if it doesnt.

NOTE: to move Bus driver, open the cheat box and use the moveobjects on cheat.
New Clothes
When your in the neghibrohood get the cheat box up. And type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and then create a family when its loaded press Shift and N.
And Wolla Youve got new clothes ( their right at the back)
If you want various clothes from Astronought to Scientist and weird hairstyles go into the \"create a charecter\" then when you get to the starting area DO NOT MAKE A SIM! Simply press: shift & n
Then make your charecter and you should get LOADS OF THINGS!!! (-;
1st-put the moveobjects (on) code on.
After that tell one of your sims to go outside and get the bills.
Once the bills are on the table or whatever go onto buy mode and delete the bills. YOu will not need to pay the bills and people can still come over to your house!
No homework
When the kids get home from school and drop the books on the ground, move the homework onto a table. (MAKE SURE MOVEOBJECTS ON IS ON)Then delete the table. Its like the kid did the homework and if they go to school in a good mood there grade will rise.
Yes, you can have no mail, or visitors. Here is how!
type in "moveobjects on" in the cheat box
Everytime the mail person comes by, go into Buy Mode, and delete them! Make sure they haven't put the mail into the mail box!
The same with visitors. Everytime you don't feel like having visitors, click on the visitor and KABLAM! They're gone. No more mail, or visitors!

HaPpY SimMiNg!!!!!
No Mailbox no visitors
Just to let you know if you want visitors you have to keep your mailbox. If you don't like visitors and you never want to get visitors you use move_objects on and delete you mailbox. Just remember No Mailbox No Visitors.
No More Bills!
to get rid of bills, type moveobjects 1 and have a pool, when the mailman/woman comes put them in the pool,they won't die, they'll just keep walking.hope this helped
Painting glitch
This is so funny. First, buy an easel and make one of your sims practice painting. Go into buy mode and move the easel away from your sim. The sim will keep painting in mid-air and the image will show up on the painting.
pregnant without trying for a baby !
first you have to open up the cheat box (you all no how to do that right?) if not here's how

step bye step ...

1. hold down shift,ctrl and c (all at the one time)

2. boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true and press enter

3. click on the sim you want and then hold down shift and click on the sim again loads on options will come up go to more at the top and then spawn then go to tombstone of L and D

4. make sure you are on the person you want pregnant, click on the tombstone and go to get pregnant with... click on it and some names will come up click on the sim you want to become pregnant with and...

walla your sim is having a baby !!

happy simming !!!!
quiker way to get alien babys
ok get the cheat box up and type in
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
in the neighbourhood (this works in any neighbourhood)
go on your house and hold shit and click a telescope click get upducted and when you come back you will be pregnat with an alien baby(this work wether your sim is male /femmale)
Raise Mood, Skills, Personality & Interest
Go into one house and type in the cheatbar boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Go back into the neighbourhood view and go into another house. Click and drag your mood, skill, personality and interest bars up.
Raise skills/moods/interests, etc.
Everybody's heard about the "BoolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true" cheat, right? Well using that cheat, you can also raise your skills, moods, interests, and personality. You have to type in the cheat before you enter the lot, either in the neighborhood window or another house or whatever. Then you enter the lot. Click on the bar that shows the amount of points your sim has for that skill, then drag to the right. The skills/etc. will go up. You can do this for your skills, personality, mood, interests, and relationships!
really cool cheats
bring up the cheat console, type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Hold shift and click on a sim and you get loads of cheats.
Also you you type this in twice on creat a family, hold shift and press n. Then click on the star and click on the green skin, this is alien skin, then go to eyes then theres an extra eye colour at the end its alien eyes
To get relationships really high type in boolprop testingCheatsenabled true. Then, save the game and exit the lot. Then, go back in the lot, go to a sim and click on the relationships bar for a certain sim. and drag up, or down as much as you want.
Rename Cinecam Baby
To rename your cinecam baby (if you have one) you have to type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Then wait until the baby is a toddler. Should be a toddler in about three days in sim time. When it is a toddler, Hold Shift and click on the toddler you want to rename. Go to spawn and then click on Tombstone of L and D ( life and death). Then when the tombstone comes up, click on it and click on more until you see rename sim. Click on that and rename your sim whatever you want. If you want to rename it again, repeat the proccess.

Happy sim naming =-)
Sanity Matere Full
If Your Sim Is DurOf Dying Or You Want A full Sanity Meter

Just Simply Hold Down Ctrl + Shift + C

Then Type maxmodules

This Wil Increase Your Sanity meter And You Want Have TO Eat Ect Ever Agen

(But YOu Need Tooo Kee Repeating The Cheat Everythinme The Sanity Goes Down) =]

Secret Outfits
When you go to Create- A- Family bring up the cheat box. You may have to create a sim before.Type in: boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true (hit enter) now press shift+n. Your game is now in debugging mode! This allows you to acess hidden outfits and hair pieces.

Any questions, please send me a message via e-mail at
See Babies Needs
To do this cheat you have to be in pause mode. You open the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c all at the same time) then you type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then press enter. Then you shift and click on the baby. The babies picture should dissapear. Then you shift and click on the baby again and then the baby pictue will appear again on the side. From then on you can see what it wants.

Hop you have fun with this cheat. Bye
Set the age group of your Sims!
Did your Sim grow up an age group? Want them to change back? Well look at this! Get the cheat box
up and type 'ageSimsCheat on' (no quotations). Now, when you click any Sim, it will say on the pie menu 'Set Age...Adult, Teen, Toddler etc.' Hope I helped!

Please note: If adult is pregnant and you set them to Teen, they will not be pregnant anymore!
Sick of hearing same music and sick of watching same TV?
Do you hate all that simlish music? but want your Sims to be able to dance? If yes then this is the cheat for you. Go into the file EA games, from there go to Sims2. Click on music, and open the genre you want your song in. Then open another box and go into your music. Just drag and drop the song you want into the Sims and tada, it will play your song. You will need to go to the last song if you want to hear yours. (file must be a mp3.)
And want to see yourself on your sims televison?
First make sure you have a digital camera. Take a video. Upload them to your computer and do the same above. When your sims turns on the TV they will be watching your video.

Suitcase Reyob
Simease Twin Aliens!
This can only work with aliens:
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
Now buy 2 BIG telescopes, place them anywhere on the lot. You must have 2 Sims.
Now turn freewill off in the options, also turn off Special Event Movies!
Make you're sims stand directly infront of the telescopes, one square away from the telescope each! YOU MUST DO THIS! IT WONT WORK IF THEY DON'T GET ABDUCTED AT THE SAME TIME!!!
Pause the game, and on Sim 1, press shift on the telescope, and click "DBG- Get Abducted".
DONT UNPAUSE THE GAME! Do the same with Sim 2.
Now you may unpause the game. Both Sims will get abducted at the same time, and return at the same time.
Your Sims will return at the same time, and get pregnant at the same time. They will also become one, you may keep them that way if you wish.
Once the Aliens are born, they will be Simease.
Have fun!!!
simple cheat
simply type in "help" into the cheat box to generate a list of cheats.
Skip childhood!
Okay I just did this today..IT\'S AMAZINNG!! If your toddler has a birthday.. have an adult take it to the cake. As soon as it becomes a child (make sur eyou have moveObjects on) delete the cake (note: do this BEFORE it says \"congratulations! blah has grown into a child!\") after that everyone should just return to normal but if it was the toddlers aspiration to grow up it shouldn\'t have been fuffilled. buy the cake again and have the child blow out the candles again and he/she will become a teengare and skip childhood completely!
Some cheats^-^
Firstly, bring up the cheat console by pressing CTL + Shift + C at the same time. Then you can enter any of the following codes for the corresponding effect:

aging (off/on) - turns again off or on
deleteAllCharacters - Deletes all Sime in the neighbourhood
kaching - get 1000 cash
motherlode - get 50,000 simoleans
moveobjects (on/off) - moves and delete objects that you cannot normally
Some new helpful things I know about this game
Well one is that if you like making basements and stuff believe me it is not that easy but the cheat boolprop constrainFloorElevation false helps you so much and you need to press ctrl, shift, and c at the same time. Also if you have the sims2 pets after you open the cheat window you put in boolprop ControlPets true you will be able to control your animals. Oh and that pesky rule if your house isn't big enough for more then a certain amount you can change it to the max number by of course opening the cheat window and putting this code in intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 8. Make sure you capitalize every thing I did and also space what needs to space or it will not work and that is with all the cheats. I know they work cause i use them personally all the time. Have fun with that sims game of your and may your sim family live a fulfilling life.
steal from the grim reaper!
move_objects on
Now kill one of you're Sims, it doesn't matter how! When the grim reaper comes, go into inventory mode, now click on his ax, or spear or whatever it's called, now put it into you'r inventory.
You can hold it now! But you can only pause the game while holding it, otherwise it goes away. You can get pics and everything with it!
You've just stolen from the grim reaper!
Stickin your Sim's hand in the loo!
This is pointless but looks gross and funny at the same time.

Make the toilet dirty and shut all the sims but one somewhere where they can't get out. Then give your sim something to eat. While their eating get the cheat box up (Ctrl-C-Shift) and type
'move_objects on' (w/o the ') and press Enter. When they put the plate/bowl down go onto Buy Mode and put the plate/bowl in the position of the toilet. Move the toilet away, go onto Live Mode and tell the sim to clean up the plate/bowl. Once you have go back onto Buy Mode and move the toilet over the plate/bowl. Then sit back and watch your selected Sim stick its hand down the gungy, filthy loo to retrieve the plate/bowl.
Stop Aging!
Get the cheat box (Ctrl, Alt, C)

Type in:

Aging Off - Pauses aging
Aging On - Restarts aging
go into the cheat box and type in stretch_skeleton and in braquets type the number you want it to be e.g (0.5) and press enter and the sim that is selected will shrink or grow.
suck my blood!
ok this is so cool! first us the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true coode and things. then press shift and click more on all da options. the click become vampire. ur game will freeze for 2 seconds and then ur sim will turn gray and hiss all the time!!! BUT YOU CANT!!! put them outside in daylight because they poor sim will turn into dust!!! i HAD A VAMPIRE SIM WHAT DIED AND I WAS DEVASTATED!! hope this changes you life on sims! i couldn't stop playing it when i got this cheat!!!!!! :-D lol
you will need your own house to make pool!

go to 1 of the three places with university on it..
type in move object on
make your sim naked by clicking on them..
making them naked..
then go to buy mode and click on your sim
and put them in your pool

you can have all your sims inside the pool naked..
it is good fun..
you will enjoy it..


Swimming with normal outfit!!!!!
I don't no how this happened.Well first open the cheat box(CTRL+SHIFT+C) then get into a pool.Then get a car and put it in the drive way(sims 2 nightlife)and get alarm installed.the sim should float out of the pooland change to normal outfit in mid-air than he/she will drop into the pool, get out of the pool and go get the alarm!

Taking care of things easier
First off, everyone needs to load this code when their in the neighborhood part before you click your house: BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true.

If you have problems in your garden and want to get rid of weeds you can put the moveobjects on code and pick them up to delete them yourself because they are so ugly and sims take forever to do it.

Also i love to press shift and click on the service people (to make selectable) like the maid, garden lady, or random people walking by to have control over what they do

First things first. Make a teenager/child whatever. Kill the adult (unless you have a child. Make the child grow to adult THEN kill your made adult). Make the teenager/child grow into an adult. Then delete him/her. Save, go back to the neighbourhood, then go back onto the family. Next day it should say 'A School Bus will arrive for (Sim's name) in about an hour) and at 8:00am (Sim time) sit back and watch your adult go to school.

Have a little hoot while thinking about your adult doing tests and pressing buttons on a calculator and cheating as an adult student.

HaPpY sImMiNg!

The family with no House
First make a lot with no house and move a family in it.Of course you will need to go to buy mode after the family load.Press CTRL+SHIFT+C and tipe there motherlode for how much times you want.Then type there Moveobjects On.You know that you can't make a toilet or other things on the grass if you don't use moveobjects but now you canI hope this help you to not use any more a house(and if someone has some cheats at Kult Heretic Kingdoms please send them at my
The Game's Help
If you want the cheat window to list a few cheats itself, put it up (Ctrl+Shift+C) and type in Help.

It will list a few cheats you can use.
The Move
Do you find it annoying when you have mess around your house? No need! Simply get up the cheat box, tye in: "moveobjects on" and click on unwanted smells and nasties, tis includes dirty dishes, nappies , bottles, plates, cake , fish tank water, any other water or popped balloons.
this is easy!
when you first move your sim in to your house after a while your mood goes down so heres the cheat: go back to the neiborhood then enter the house again then DRAG with your mouse over the mood and it will go up and a bonus you can do it with your skillz too! so drag that and then you can do it with your personality and your intrests BUT- YOU HAVE TO EXIT YOUR HOUSE WHEN YOU FIRST MOVE IN THEN GO BACK IN AND THEN IT WILL WORK!
This is THE way to kill you sims!
It is so easy to kill your sims this way, all you have to do is open the cheat bar (do this while in the house) and then type [boolprop testingCheatsenabled true] no brackets but make sure all the spaces and capitals are exactly how i typed it. Then you press enter and hold shift down and click on the sim you want to kill. A list of options come up, click on kill.
Presto, your sim will die.
Tired of having kids around the house?
If you're tired of having kids around your house to take care of, try this cheat.
1)Hit Ctrl+Shift+C
2)Type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" (without quotes)
3)Once you have your kid, Shift click on the baby and click "spawn" then click on "set age..." then "Set to Birthday".
4)After they grow into a toddler, keep repeating the process until they are adults.
Good Luck
Want twins? Go into buy mode an enter the moveobjects on code. Then hold shift and click on your Sim. Keep holding shift and put your im somewhere else. You should be holding a clone of your Sim. Put that somewhere and exit buy mode. Then enter the cheat code boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true. Hold shift and click on the clone. A menu should come up. Click 'Make Selectable'. Then Click 'Make Selectable' again, and you should now be able to control it!

Happy Simming.
Twins, this one works.
all you have to do is go to <control-shift-c> and type in "forcetwins" right before the woman gives birth.

1 word, no capitals, no quotes.

i do this all the time, it works!
Want More Family Members
If you want mopre members for your family after you've made the family this is how to do it:

1:Bring down the cheat box, Ctrl, Shift, C, And type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
2:Shift click someone and select spawn
3:Clck on tombstone of L and D and put it somewhere in your house
4:Shift click the tombstone of L and D and select what type of new family member you want!

And the new person will appear next to the tombstone and on the side of the screen with your other people

Want to be happy?
First thing first, press (Ctrl+Shift+C) Then type in (BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true). Capitols AND ALL! Then Hold down shift and press the mail box, then to the RIGHT it says make me happy. Press it. And you can do almost anything with your sim!
What you can do with regular Sims 2
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
Allows you to:
Spawn the tombstone of L and D (Life and Death) which allows you to, have alien baby, have regular baby, add a new family member to your household (Age and gender are Male, Female, Toddler, Kid, Teenage, Adult, Old) and some other things I haven't tried yet.
Rodney's Death Creator allows you to:
Die by shock, drowning, bugs, illness, and pretty much any way a Sim can die without the Death Creator.
Fun things to do with these two simple things:
Create a Sim from the Tombstone of L and D; kill them in which ever way the Death Creator allows you to; place urn in home on table; watch the ghosts come out and jump into furniture!

Creat a female adult Sim; have her have an alien baby; once she does, put the baby in a crib; once the baby is in the crib, have the female adult you spawned go outside; kill the female adult, place her urn in the house, and again, watch her ghost come out and haunt the house!

You can spawn other things, but these two are my favorites. I hope this helped you to have a little bit more fun with this game.