The Simpsons: Hit & Run review
Simpson Hit and Run.

The good:

Most of this game was amazing. The graphics were great, and the missions were fun and challenging. The voice-overs/cutscenes were all funny and the plot was cool.

The bad:

The only thing I didn't like about this game was the multiplayer. The developers could have made the multiplayer a race like one of the races on single player but instead it was this weird top down race that looked like it came from an 8-bit game.


The gameplay was fantastic. I found some of the levels got a bit repetitive but for the most part it was exciting and fun the whole way through. It was challenging enough to be fun and just going around and destroying stuff was one of my favorite parts of the game.
I liked the hit and runs (the cops will chase after you if you destroy too much stuff) but I thought they got a little too hard to escape from in the higher levels. Most of the cars were pretty easy to drive which is a huge plus also.

I thought the graphics were great (for a gamecube game anyways). They were almost too detailed but overall still really good. I could always tell what was going on so I was happy with them.

The plot was hilarious. I won't spoil too much in case you haven't beat the game yet though. There were parts where I actually wanted to know what happened next in the plot, which is cool because a lot of video games have terrible plots, especially racing games.

Easter Eggs
I don't like it when a game has too many things you have to find. Simpsons Hit and Run had just the right amount in my opinion. I enjoyed finding all the collector cards, and I still haven't found all of the gags. There were also a few hidden extra vehicles you could drive (I'll give you a hint, on Marge's level there's a quad somewhere in the trailer park).

I admit, the words didn't always match the character's mouth in the cutscenes, but to me that's not really important. I could still always tell who was talking and what was going on. Other than that, the things the characters said during missions or while just driving around are hilarious and was one of my favorite parts of the game.
The music was pretty good, but it gets a little repetitive if you stay on the same level for too long. A lot of it was just the theme song playing in different ways but it was nothing that had me gnashing my teeth.
Something that was good about the music was that each level had a different soundtrack (except for when you get a hit and run, the music stays the same for that), and the music represented the character. Lisa's level had jazzy music. Bart's had rock music. Apu's level had Indian type music. It was little details like this that made this game great.

The controls for this game were decent. You could use R or A to drive which I thought was really great, plus drifting was pretty easy. Like I already said, the cars were easy to drive too which is really important in a racing game.

Like I said earlier, the game was a tiny bit repetitive, but nothing serious and there were no missions that I felt like tearing my hair out after finishing. If you're the type of person that finds most racing game repetitive this might not be the game for you though.

Replay Value
In my opinion this game has a ton of replay value. I've had it for two years and it's still as fun as the day I got it. It's one of those games that never gets old.

Originally I was going to say that there was only one glitch that I knew of, but I found another one a few days after writing this review. On the first glitch sometimes when you were driving the hover bike it would shoot up into the air and catch fire. You'd wind up just sitting in mid-air on a flaming motorcycle. This has only happened to me twice in the two years I've had this game. I thought this was more funny than annoying so it kind of made the game better. You can just get off the motorcycle to fix it. It hasn't ever happened to me when I was on one of the missions but I imagine that would be the only way it would be frustrating.
The second glitch I found was on Lisa's level. On the mission where you have to talk to Chief Wiggum, he was invisible! You could still tell where he was supposed to be because the giant exclamation mark that meant you need to talk to him was over where his head should have been was there. Even though I could still tell where Chief Wiggum was supposed to be, I think this glitch had a negative impact on the game because it just looked bad and took away from the overall experience.

This game is fantastic, and is probably one of the best gamecube game I have ever played. The only reason I game it a 9 instead of a 10 is because I didn't like the multiplayer. I would recommend this game to any Simpsons fan or anyone who is a fan of the racing genre. Happy gaming!

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