The Simpsons: Hit & Run review
Grand Theft Simpsons.

The good:

Funny quotes.
Umm, err, hmm, you get the cops to chase you.
Smashing cars are pretty good.

The bad:

The peoples you kick don't die.
The missions at the last few levels are too hard.
This is pretty short.


Lastability: 6/10.
Good replay value, although there are no rewards for finishing missions.

Graphics: 4/10.
Looks weird for PS2 but still okay graphics. Then, I guess it was okay.

Sound: 8/10.
THANK YOU! The Simpsons' actual voices are in this. And I like the sound of a car blowing up and some other stuff.

Gameplay: 5/10.
What it simply is is Homer has to go to work and finds out about the Fly Cameras. Then Bart, with Professor Frink's help, gets the Truckosaurus living but Bart gets invaded by aliens. Then Lisa has to rescue Bart. Marge tries to make Bart speak normal. Apu then tries to find out who abducted Bart. Then Bart tries to get Krusty to stop making Buzz Cola (the Kang and Kodos type) and finally, Homer kills Kang and Kodos.

Overall: 2.8/5.0
Okay, it's obvious you might want to rent this first, if there's still something left to do after the rental then rent again or buy it.

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