The Simpsons: Hit & Run (Xbox) Cheats

The Simpsons: Hit & Run cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Special Drivers
In some cars in certain level, a Simpsons Character will appear, driving the chosen car. Here are where they will appear
UnlockableHow to unlock
Homer (2)70's Sports Car, Levels 3 and 4
SnakeBandit, Levels 1, 3, 4, and 6
MargeCanyonero, Levels 2, 5, 6, and 7
Lisa (1)Electaurus, Levels 4, 5, and 6
Homer (1)Family Sedan, Levels 3 and 4
Bart (2)Ferrini - Red, Level 7
Bart (1)Honor Roller, Level 7
Professor FrinkHover Car, Levels 1 and 5
Comic Book GuyKremlin, Levels 1, 4, and 5
ApuLonghorn, Level 7
Lisa (2)Malibu Stacy Car, Levels 4, 5, and 6
SmithersMr. Burns' Limo, Levels 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7
CletusPickup Truck, Levels 1, 5, and 6
Chief WiggumPolice Car, Level 1
OttoSchool Bus, Levels 1, 4, and 7
SkinnerSedan, Levels 3 and 6
GrampaWWII Vehicle, Levels 2 and 6
ZombieZombie Car, Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6


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Alien Auto Topsy II
Okay on your way to the Power Plant you will encounter a Alien Car. Well when
it comes at you it shoudl miss you for some reason giving you a perfect
opportunity to accelerate off as fast as possible and get away from it. On
your return to the school with the Chemical Waste in the car use all known
shortcuts and basically do what i said in mission 5 to avoid hitting things
and to use the shortcuts. If you are having problems going through the
Cemtary cos you keep hitting the side i say go slowly up the hill / ramp and
just clear it, this will give you enough time to control your landing and
get through the gap.
Alien Auto Topsy III
As you start
you should find it quite easy to get to the Power Plant first just avoid a Hit
and Run cos they are a pain in the ass. Read the hint i wrote above about the
Chemical Waste and when you are all ready to set off then go. Go through the
little farm and then over the mud hill to the Flames of Death. Go through the
caravans and over the Cemtary and when you go past the Simpsons House a Alien
Car will appear. Go right and through someones drive where the tool [wrench]
is. Actually go around the Krusty Glass and not through it cos you will crash
into the Alien Car if you do so i advice not too. Its quite simple to lose the
Alien Car but once you have done that you only have 30 seconds to get to the
School Playground, You might want to delibretly let the Alien Car follow you
for a bit so you can drive closer to the school and still ahve 30 seconds. When
the Alien Car is gone drive like crazy to the school and try your best to avoid
traffic. When going up the little ramp to the School Playground go slowly or
you will lose control and crash into the fence. Good Luck.
Calling all Cars!
Here is a list of all the cars in Springfield

Level 1:

Family Sedan (Default)
Plow King ($150 from Barney)
Pickup Truck (Bonus mission from Cletus)
Electarus (From winning all races)
Surveillance Van (Purchase from Gil for $100)
Duff Truck (Purchase from Gil for $125)
Rocket Car (Bonus Car, found in front of Gold House down the road from Mr. Burns Mansion)

Level 2:

Honor Roller (Default)
Mr. Plow Truck ($200 from Homer)
World War 2 Vehicle (Bonus misson from Grampa)
Moe's Sedan (From winning all races)
Limo (Purchase from Gil for $150)
Fire Truck (Purhase from Gil for $200)
Monorail Carriage (Bonus, found on broken monorail line near the Googolplex)

Level 3:

Malibu Stacy Car (Default)
School Bus ($300 from Otto)
Principal Skinner's Sedan (Bonus mission from Skinner)
Book Burning Van (From winning all races)
Nerd Car (Purchase from Gil for $300)
Donut Van (Purchase from Gil for $250)
Night Boat (Bonus, found in a crate on the C-Spanker)

Level 4:

Canyonero (Default)
Tractor ($400 from Groundskeeper Willie)
Kremlin (Bonus mission from Comic Book Guy)
Clown Car (From winning all races)
Curator (Purchase from Gil for $400)
Krusty's Limo (Purchase from Gil for $350)
ATV (Bonus, found between 2 of the end trailers at the Royal King Trailer Park)

Level 5:

Longhorn (Default)
Car Built for Homer ($500 from Homer)
Hover Car (Bonus mission from Professor Frink)
El Carro Loco (From winning all races)
Police Car (Purchase from Gil for $500)
Cola Truck (Purchase from Gil for $350)
Monster Truck (Bonus, found outside the Springfield Stadium)

Level 6:

Ferrini-Red (Default)
Globex Super Villian Car ($600 from Kearney)
L'il Bandit (Bonus Mission from Snake)
36 Stutz Bearcat (From winning all races)
Chase Sedan (Purchase from Gil for $450)
Armored Truck (Purchase from Gil for $600)
Pink Cadillac (Bonus, found on the side of the Planet Hype)

Level 7:

70's Car (Default)
Zombie Car ($500 from Zombie at cemetery)
Mr. Burns Limo (Bonus mission from Smithers)
Open Wheel Racer (From winning all races)
Hearse (Purchase from Gil for $750)
Hover Bike (Purchase from Gil for $1000)
Remote Controlled Car (Bonus, found on top of the Krusty Burger next to Lard Lad Donut Shop)

Hope this Helps!

Coins For Objects
This is how many coins you will get for destroying certain objects. It doesnt include everything though.

Lampposts: 1 coin
Bins: 1 coin
Trees: 1 coin
Gasoline Pumps: 1
Pumpkins (level 7): 1 coin
Graves (levels 1, 4 and 7): 1 coin
Living Chess Pieces (levels 1 and 4): 1 coin
Studio Equipment (levels 2 and 5): 1 coin
Telephone Booths: 2 coins
Krusty Glasses: 5 coins
News Stands (levels 2 and 5): 5 coins
Other Cars: 10 coins
Wasp Cameras: 25 coins
Buzz Cola Vending Machines: 25 coins
Buzz Cola Crates: 30 coins

Those are the only things worth mentioning anything else you destroy will probably get you 1 coin.
Destroy Vehicles
In a mission where you are required to destroy a vehicle, one of the best cars to use would be Marge's Canynaro. If however you don't have a Canyenaro car because you haven't beaten level 4, just use a normal car and try to hit them into the sides. Let them go ahead of you then cut around a corner and collide into the side of them and keep driving so they end up hitting a wall. This can cause a lot of damage if done correctly.
Different main screen skins
If you set the system clock's date to 12/25, 11/27, or 10/31 the main menu will have different skins for each holiday.
help in hit and run
in level 1, 4 and 7 you can go on top of the place where you find the RC or on top of the bridge

in level 2 and 5 you can go to where you find the monorail train, up the lift next to the cement mixer or up the dirt ramp

in level 3 and 6 you can go onto the c-spanker or into the observatory also you can go on top of the androids dungeon and also you can go into krustylu studios
Hit and Run Hideaways!
when you get a hit and run, the police cant come inside houses or shops like the Simpsons house or the Kwick-E-Mart!

on the 3rd level,Lisa, at camp krusty,down one of the freeways, you can kill Otto buy kiking him into the river or hurting him and getting a hit and run. before the police come, jump over the rocks around otto and, just to feel safe, you can get onto the chior stage untill the police come, and also behind the chior stage is a portale down the well to a sewer beside a free way!

there are many other places to hide but this one i felt was good
How to get rid of the Police faster!!!!!!!
When you are geting chased by a police car run into your house and the hit and run meter will slow down! its like magic!!!!!

Cheat By Pcfrak
Itchy and Scratchy Movie
To unlock the hidden Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, collect all collectors cards in the game then go to the comic book guy on one of lisa's levels
Level 2 Bonus Mission
Go talk to Abe [Grandpa] he can be found in the area of here the Try-N-Save
is. You have to collect all the blood for Grandpa. Get the first item of blood
then get in a vehicle and go to moes. Enter and speak to Moe. Get the blood
from Moe and get back into your vehicle. Now you have 30 seconds to get to
the Krusty Buger. When you arrive talk to the teenager and get the blood from
him. Enter your vehicle again and return to Grandpa quickly should be easy if
you go by moes instead of following the arrows. Talk to Grandpa and he gives
you the WWII Vehicle which stands for World War 2 if you didnt know.

There is a very little shorcut you can use where you go left instead of right
and get the tool and pop back onto the main road.
monster truck
there is a monster truck next to the water fountain. the water fountain on top of a wall and its where the scientist is at. you could just get it and drive.
Secret And Fun:Sinker Harbor
Want Revenge? Well,you're gonna get some! First,get in the car you want revenge on. Next,stop at The Kwik-E-mart to get some doughnuts(just kidding!!!). Next,go to the bridge to the power plant,BUT,stop on the sandy ground,go of any ledge near the water,stop when the middle of the car hits ledge. Get out and jump onto the car. Wait a while,and wait on the car for a minute. And you will drown along with the enemy,but at least you got revenge!
ultimate duo
on the main menu,go to the OPTIONS menu,hold in L and R then press Y,Y,X,X.Then resume the game,goto level 5 and get the "COLA TRUCK" and hit cars ,you will get money like it is nothing!
Zombies Are People Too
When playing the game, and if you are near zombies, remember that zombies count in hit and run too. That means that if you run one over, that's more yellow on the meter before you get some police cars trying to chase you down.

Easter eggs

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People Run Over
ok. go to lvl 1, 4, or 7 in springfield. go to the country side with the tire fire and farm. go to the corner on the right side of the farm and look for ppl. when you find one kick him. he will run and u will have to chase him into the street. look for a car and try to chase him into it. the car wont stop and the person will get run over. lol.


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1 hit kills
Go to options menu. Hold both triggers and press YYXX (all cars will explode if you ram them or if they ram you, including cops and bosses:-)
All Cheats
Instant vehicle explosions:
Press and hold L + R in the options prompt and push Y(2), X(2). You will hear the sound of a horn if you have entered the code correctly.

Fast cars:
Press and hold L + R in the options prompt and push X(4). You will hear the sound of a horn if you have entered the code correctly.

Very fast cars:
Press and hold L + R in the options prompt and push Y(4). You will hear the sound of a horn if you have entered the code correctly.

All bonus cars:
Press and hold L + R in the options prompt and push A, B, A, B. You will hear the sound of a horn if you have entered the code correctly. Note: You must have first completed all missions.

Red brick car:
Press and hold L + R and press B(2), Y, X at the options menu. A sound will confirm correct code entry. The secret vehicles normally found in each level will now be a small red brick car.

Press and hold L + R in the options prompt and push Y, A, Y, A. You will hear the sound of a horn if you have entered the code correctly.

Super jumps:
Press and hold L + R in the options prompt and push X(3), Y. You will hear the sound of a horn if you have entered the code correctly. Sound the horn to jump extra high.

Display speedometer:
Press and hold L + R in the options prompt and push Y(2), B, X. You will hear the sound of a horn if you have entered the code correctly.

Grid view:
Press and hold L + R in the options prompt and push B, A, B, Y. You will hear the sound of a horn if you have entered the code correctly.

Alternate views:
Press and hold L + R in the options prompt and push B(3), A. You will hear the sound of a horn if you have entered the code correctly.

Psychedelic view:
Press and hold L + R in the options prompt and push Y, B, Y, B. You will hear the sound of a horn if you have entered the code correctly.

Alternate credits audio:
Press and hold L + R in the options prompt and push A, X(2), Y. You will hear the sound of a horn if you have entered the code correctly.

Drive wrecked car:
Jump out of your car as it blows up. Return to the wreck and press Y. You will be able to drive around in the wreck, with no weeks.

New Year's theme:
Change the system date to January 1st to see various things in the game change to a New Year's theme.

Halloween theme:
Change the system date to October 31st to see various things in the game change to a Halloween theme.

Thanksgiving theme:
Change the system date to the last hursday in November to see various things in the game change to a Thanksgiving theme.

Christmas theme:
Change the system date to December 25th to see various things in the game change to a Christmas theme.

Itchy And Scratchy cartoon:
Collect all cards in the game then go to Lisa's level. Go to the Android's Dungeon. Talk to the Comic Book Guy and buy a ticket for the cartoon. Then, go to the Aztec Theater to watch the cartoon..

Alternate character reactions:
When you purchase different costumes, in each level the character you select will react differently when you allow him or her to remain idle. For example, choosing Bartman will have Bart jump up and fly around for a few seconds.
apu the fly man
go onto the 5th level with apu then just stand still and he will hover (you cant move while floating)
Bye bye cops
When you have full hit & run and the cops are on your tail go to the options and hold down left and right trigger and hit Y,Y,X,X let go of the triggers hit B and pull up (WARNING NOT NEAR CARS OR WALLS
all the police cars will blow up. But Cars/Vans On The Road Give Cash!!!!)
Different Scenery
Boot up your game and go into system settings / options. Now go to the time settings and change the date to various special days of the year. Like 25th December or 31st October or to 31st December and you should see some suprising features changed in the game.
grid mode
In options menu hold the let and right triggers and press B,A,B,Y. and then everything will be in a grid.
Hiddin Characters
Cleatus-Beat the mission "This old Shaty"
Bart-Beat the mission "The Fat and Furiuos"
Abe(Grandpa)-Beat the mission "Dial B for Blood"
Lisa-Beat the mission "cell outs"
otto-Buy the school bus
Pricipal Skinner-beat the mission "Prince-pal"
Marge-Beat the Mission "Old Pirate and Sea"
The Comic Book Guy-Beat the mission "Beached love"
Apu-beat the mission "From outer Space"
Chief Wiggum- buy the police Car and go to level 1
Professer Frink-Beat the mission "Kwinky Frinky"
Snake-Beat the misson "Milking the Pigs"
Waylon(Mr.) Smithers-Beat the mission "Flamming Tiers"
Zombie-Buy the Zombie car(He Dosen't talk Much)
Invincible car
Go to options menu. Hold both triggers and press YAYA.
Jump into river
Wanna have some fun?

First put your car on the jump cheat, then go to level 1 and drive on the bridge and face the water. Press the horn and go flying through the air, you should land in the river!!!!

Note: You can walk or drive in this area!!!!!!
Level 1 Bonus Mission
Go over the bridge from the Krusty Burger where the garage is and talk to
Cleatus. He needs help with his daily chores and if you can bring in the
harvest he will give you his ride. You have 2:30 to collect the carboard tubes
and to do some other stuff. So get into oyur vehicle and spin round. Head
towards the bridge and the first item will be on the right next to a tree and
the second one will be over the bridge and next to the garage station. The 3rd
one is next to a tree outside the cemtary which you should see as you go along
the road and the 4th one is next to another tree just down the road from the
3rd. The final one is next to the Simpsons House, once you get them all drive
to the tomacco field with the tme you have remaining and collect all the items
there. Once done with the few seconds you have left go back to Cletus and be
rewarded with a new vehicle which is Cletus' Pickup Truck.
Level 5 Bonus Mission
Talk to Professer Frink at the Java server(It's near the hospital)to start the Mission Kwinky Frinky for this mission your have to destroy the Hover Car which is weak but very fast so I suggest you use a fast and strong car like the car built for homer. once it's destriod return to the Java Server and talk to professer frink you should have unlocked the Hover Car
Level 6 Bonus Mission
Talk to Snake near the Gas Station this will start the mission "Milking The Pigs" use Marge's Canynearo
for this mission first you have to destroy Chief Wiggum's car and colect the evedence then talk to snake he will the you to destroy milk trucks so go to the bowl 'O' Rama and Destroy the Milk Truck then talk to snake you should unlock Snake's bandit
Quicker ways!
On Lisas level where you keep bumping into milhouse to try and find out where bart is, because the time does not start untill you are in your vehicle, before you talk to him park your vehicle closer to the location you need to get to therefore you have more time to get there!!!
Hope it helps!
Show speedometer
Go to options menu. Hold both triggers and press YYBX
Toxic Waste carring car
Ok first this cheats only works on Alien "Auto" Topsy Part 1 and Second you CAN'T use a bonus car for this cheat to work.

First start the Mission then keep on continue it untill the part when you get the Toxic Waste then grap the toxic waste and quickly cancel the mission. There is a chance your car may Still have the Toxic Waste. (note: DO NOT drive the car with the Toxic Waste in the Tracter Beam because that will deactivate this effect Permanently)
Go to the tire fire in level 1,4 or 7, walk over and jump into the fire. It should come back away from the fire right!!! If you\'re standing in mid air jump and you should go through the ground. You will be standing on a blue circle and the town should be above you and vanish into thin air. Totally Weird!!!!!!

Note: The only way to get out of this is to either, turn it off or do mission select!!!!