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Build as many home sites as you want!!!!
There iss not much point to this cheat except that when one of your members upgrades to a silver member y ou won't have to worry about building the site at that time. What you do is you go to the build facility menue and click between where the facility's are(you will see that in the panel there are facility's click on the actuall panel not on the facility that you wannt to pick. Click on the border) after you fdo this you should have a home site outline on the screen.
more money
to get more money play a regular game and then click on pause.Then press and hold shift and then press and hold =(the button right next to 0)then look at your money and it will be going up!
more money
To get more money play a regular game as usual click on pause then press and hold shift then press and hold =(+) (the botton right next to 0)keep holding it and your money meter will go up FAST
Ways for I Am Picky to play thru for land
I M Picky likes to play thru the course without having to wait to long. In addition to placing a Marshal ahead of him to keep the other golfers moving, one can click on golfers paired ahead and take them to the club house and off the course. But, if this is done to many times, the fun rating will suffer. However, I have used this method successfully to get I M Picky thru the course so he can approve the land I need for expansion. Fun rating will go back up.