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SimCoaster review
A super fun business game!

The good:

From the view casual gamer who plays a few games from every genre, this game, the one of it's kind that I've ever played, is really really cool! First of all if you play PC strategy games like the AOE games, and enjoy watching your economy thrive, or get a thrill from working on your economy to perfect it, balance, stabalize, and control it, then you'll love this game. Also I love rollercoasters, and I've been visiting and revisiting themeparks since I was a tot, so I love them too! You get to play as manager of three different parks of different themes with their own rides, and their own look to them. You can hire, boss around, and fire the various people that work at your park, and you can build, edit, control, and destroy rides of your choice. designing the perfect park, where none of your visitors are upset or angry is the key! You need to have all the facilities, stores, rides, and minigames at the right positions so no one leaves unhappy. Making money is very important, and progress requires that you meet lots of challenges and standards.

The bad:

the only problem I've ever had with this game is that for some reason my copy is always going berserk and stops working on me, if you don't save alot, and you have a problem like mine, you'll get frustrated fast.
Also, keeping the theme parks successful is harder than it sounds, and that can also become frustrating.


In total it's not a perfect game, but it's fun if you like it's kind.

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