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SimCity 3000 review
Entertaining and Simple

The good:

Graphics and gameplay are both simple enough, and after playing Sim City 4, it really seems a whole lot better. For instance, you can place landmarks for free here, and the zoning process is just much more enjoyable and simple. THe news reel seen at the bottom of the screen is also quite entertaining.

The bad:

It doesn't always run that great, being somewhat of an older game. There's not much more to put forward to talk you out of this, unless you really don't like games where you are in charge of creating and maintaining a community.


Public offices are kind of poor, and it doesn't seem like many essential things that pop up in cities are present, once it had developed. From your position, you don't really exist so much either. You are referred to as the mayor you signed up to be, under the name you typed in, but it really isn't the position that matters in the end. Land modification, however, doesn't seem to have any limits. You can raise all the land hundreds of feet above sea level, and top it off as a flat, deadly steep plateau. Forget that.

So yes, my main bone to pick with SimCity 3k is that it doesn't live up to, nor seem to be actually based off of, the real thing. I would much more like to play an unpredictable game with political scandals, or actual issues that just show up once and a while.

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